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Monster Boy Release Date delayed to December 4

Dear Friends, Fans and Followers,

this is a difficult one..
Unfortunately the production of the physical card/disc package ran into unforeseen difficulties. This forces us to reschedule the release once again, we're very sorry about that. It turned out that the physical goods manufacturing takes longer than initially planned and we could only choose between rushing out in time or complete the Day-1 edition properly with keeping our promises of its content.

There was no question: we're now reaching a 5 year production cycle of Monster Boy and it didn't make sense to us to have an incomplete physical release so we decided to give the manufacturing process more time so the physical release can shine as the game itself. So much polishing, so much work - we don't want to see a half-baked physical release.

You'll still receive all the goods in the physical package

We learned about the production difficulties yesterday so you can imagine that we had a very hectic 24 hours window to look for a new release date. The next possible and also reasonable date was December 4 so we reserved that one right away. Please understand that digital and physical release are tightly linked to each other so this means the game release will take place on December 4 for both digital and physical release. Again, we're very sorry for the short notice and we can understand that this is gut punching news for some of you but there was no other way. We also wanted to let you know as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
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Dean Winchester on :

I f*cking call it...

Was SO suspicious the game was in the E-Shop yet...

I want this game to play it 1 month before Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on Switch 6th November, and now ANOTHER delay?!, the third just this year...

Sorry, but unless you do a physichal release on Europe of this game, I just wait to this game gets a Sale on Switch, sorry, but you deserve this, you can't play with the wishful thinking of the people like me

FDG, Thomas on :

Sorry about that! We understand your anger and disappointment but this time it was not in our hands. We just couldn't give a pass on a half-baked physical release and unfortunately the releases are tightly linked together. It's not something we enjoy doing and the last thing that would come to our mind is to play with our valued followers, friends and fans.

Josh on :

Umm you do realise that Super Smash ultimate is scheduled for December release and not November as you just said? It’s scheduled for December 7th.

Dogmoku on :

I follow you 100% on this.

I'm really looking forward to play your game, take all the time you need to make it the greatest, the one you're proud to play and deliver to us :-)

I wish more devellopers/publishers had the same moral and quality awareness like you, than there basic standard commercial view, rushing the game thinking they will sell more copies.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Matthew Barrett on :

I'm trying very hard to understand so do you promise us all it will be released then?????

FDG, Thomas on :

You have our full commitment and the physical manufacturing process was the last barrier to take. It was unforeseeable to us that we ran into issues with the manufacturing process.

Matthew Barrett on :

Thanks Thomas I never ever stopped giving up on this game I do have a question though. Apparently you can buy the game on Walmart how did they get the game this early???? It got released September 25th and it's in stock

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks for your understanding. Walmart information is wrong, they need to fix that on their website.

Marco Rodrigues on :

And still no physical support on Europe ?! That would be great to have..

FDG, Thomas on :

European launch was impossible to handle on top of everything else, unfortunately. We don't have direct access to the very fragmented European retail stores and going through distribution partners here is so expensive that we'd actually lose money instead of making it. You need direct channel access to make even slim profits in Europe or release it physical much later when the game already recouped the investment because the margin is incredibly low for games that cost less than €50 in retail.

Marco Rodrigues on :

Maybe after the US lunch. How about to partner with a publisher that already have experience publishing games in Europe, such as Nicalis. They published the game "Wonder Boy" for the switch.

Vincenzo Martella on :

Well, that's quite the disappointment.

Could you explain us how the 2 different releases are "tightly linked together"? To me you're just doing that to avoid people canceling the physical preorder and get the digital one instead... unless you can provide a clearer explanation (not that you need to do that obviously, but it would still be nicer than just saying they're tightly linked)

FDG, Thomas on :

For the purpose of transparency: We're using one ROM version for both the physical and digital release and therefore we need to keep them both in sync for future support, patches and DLC. Also, this is a full release same day digital/physical and it's the definition of the deal with retail partners. Technically and from business perspective they're linked.

Vincenzo Martella on :

Thanks for taking the time to answer and for the transparency, at least that makes light on the reasons behind the delay of both releases.

Moving on to NG+ in XC2 for now then

Logbomb on :

This game has been promising to come out for so long, I am starting to have nostalgia for the original delay announcement:

"Sorry friends, we won't make it in 2015. :/ Monster Boy needs more time and we agreed to give it the polishing it deserves. This means the release has to move to 2016. "

Ramrod on :

Thomas, you say that you need to keep the physical and download releases both in sync for future support, patches etc.

My question is: Do you already have a patch planned? If yes, what will it do?


FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Ramrod, we plan to continue supporting the game yes. There's no specific content update planned at the moment but all options are on the table when the game is out and well received.

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous. Je ne sais pas comment prendre cette info, je suis à la fois très déçu de devoir attendre un mois de plus par rapport au 6 novembre mais d'un autre côté je peu comprendre les problèmes de production pour les éditions physiques. Si je peu me permettre, n'était t'il pas préférable d'attendre que le jeu peu techniquement sortir le 4 décembre avant d'annoncer cette ? Si malheureusement vous ne pourrez pas tenir vos engagements pour le 4 décembre, il faudra encore repousser. J'aurai la chance de pouvoir y jouer à la PGW fin octobre et ça me fera un peu patienter mais tout les joueurs n'auront pas cette chance. J'ai vraiment peur qu'il ne puisse pas sortir début décembre et qu'il soit repoussé encore et encore. Évidemment je reste l'un des plus grand fan de cette licence depuis les 5 ans de production mais je pense que nous serons nombreux à avoir un goût amer dans la bouche. Rendez-vous dans 60 jours pour la sortie, enfin j'espère...

Spidey981 on :

P.S: Pour vous faire pardonner pour le délais supplémentaires ne serait-il pas possible d'avoir un petit pins en plus du manuel et des autocollants pour tout ceux qui on préco ? Merci ^_^

MajorWeirdo on :

Another delay of a month... I understand your décision. I don't understand how this could not have been foreseen...

Someone should have followed the production at close range so to avoid these things...

And on top you can't release the digital edition... Others games have done it.. digital first... Physical later on...

Really disappointed here..

FDG, Thomas on :

I understand your disappointment. However, digital first, physical later isn't common for full release games. There's several indies that went physical a year later or so with very different pricing. Monster Boy is a premium full release game that is synced with retail partners. As for the unforeseen: We indeed have a person who has a close eye on the production and as you can see we raised the red flag one month before actual release which shows how long the manufacturing times are in advance to the release. It requires a planning far into the future and when unforeseen things come up it means weeks of delay unfortunately. Sorry about that!


Hang in there Thomas you have my moral support I'm glad your honest developerwho doesn't want to rush the product until its finish.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for your understanding! ^_^

Sarumaru on :

I run a very small indie-dev suit if my own, and although we are not on the same level as FDG with our release (on classic consoles) we know first hand what it's like to deal with the unforseen. One of the hardest parts about dealing with unforeseen circumstances is conveying to the customer that your company has run into these problems. However, I think many will understand.
I stated something similar on Facebook regarding this but I would much rather the game be delayed and have a product that I will be truly happy with and enjoy rather than a product that may be incomplete because either was rushed. We fell for this pressure from our customers and there were some things I wished we could have fixed before release. I think in the end, everyone will be glad that they had to wait for Monster Boy after they experience it. I have 100% faith that this game will be great and stand behind your decision all the way. Good luck fellas!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for sharing your view of the things and for supporting and understanding us!

Adam Monsour on :

Take all the time you guys need. It's just another month, and will go by like that.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Adam. It means a lot for us to get this kind of support in rough times

Matthew Barrett on :

Theres one thing I sadly don't understand why are there not games like this out to buy anymore it puts a tear in my eyes

Stefan on :

Hi Monster Boy Crew,

I am very sad to read this.

I am from Germany and because of problems with the US physically Edition we in Europe have to wait another full month? In which universe does this makes sense?

We will never get a physically Edition so why do we have to wait?

What Bonus does the European People get? Discounts? Extra Content? I am sure you're planing something to keep us satisfied...

Best regards


39Ruriko on :

Why do you think they owe you anything? Just because the game is late and Europe isn't getting a physical? If you want physical so bad then just import it instead of whining about it.

Vanni Romuald on :

Well his point and mine too btw is the fact that in europe , we'll have to wait 1 month without much reason BECAUSE of a physical realase . I actually prebought my physical copy long time ago but well i also wanted to do a day1 let's play so i'll have a second copy of the game for my ps4 .
And so yeah waiting another month is a total pain in the ass .

Anantha on :

Hey FDG, do I have to pre-order to get the physical version with the booklet and stickers or will all physical versions contain the booklet and stickers?

Junior lima on :

I was real upset cuz of these bad news , another delay, another.... But i been watching you all closely and after all the attention you all gave to the fans, the patience and stuff, I understand now why you decided to release the digital along with the physical game. Its not just a game, is it? I understand. Anyways, i ll be waiting for it too . Make sure you deliver us a masterpiece!

Wonderboy fan on :

Took some months off looking on the site for this very reason.

Can you get some gameplay videos up? It seems all we have to go by is the demo which must be 2-3 years old now.

Dim Zik on :

Maybe it is better this way. Close to the holiday break and more quality time to enjoy the game. Personally, professionally, November is a hectic month for me.

I understand that the game is complete and that it is made with tons of love and care put by the developers. Really excited for this. Maybe one of the highly anticipated titles of the past couple years in my book.

Olivier on :


Selon moi, la vraie raison, c'est que vous vous êtes dit que la sortie du RED DEAD REVOLVER 2 (le 26.10.18) allait vous faire mal et vous avez raison.
Le décaler d'un mois vous laisse potentiellement des ventes en plus.

Gérard on :

Heu non, puisque le mois où est reporté le jeu, sort Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

GriffDeLaGriff on :

Im playing dragons trap remake over again 100% everyrhing in the meantime.

FF on :

It's only one month and that is totally understandable. I have one question though: will the console and PC versions both be released at the same time?

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi FF, thank you for your understanding! The PC version is currently slated for Q1/19.

Unoqueva on :

So... EU needs to wait another month, because the physical copies that we will never get are not ready.

Sorry, but this is bullshit and offensive. I was already angry for being excluded from having a physical copy, and now you are pissing on the wound.

I am not buying a game from a company that treats us as a second class.

chris m on :

will the game really come out next week ??? I been waiting like 3 years almost now and I notice this blog hasn't been updated in a while.. seems like you would post something about the big release

Sauldo on :

Voilà plus de vingt ans que j'attends ça. C'est presque surréaliste de penser qu'il ne reste plus que quelques jours avant de voir enfin arriver une vraie suite à la série des Wonder Boy. Courage à toute l'équipe pour la release, et vous laissez pas démonter par les rageux.

Blagojce on :

I wonder when do the physical copy launch in Europe? I live in Sweden and have pre-ordered one physical copy.
You are the best/

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