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Work in progress - 2 new screenshots

There's still a lot of work to do - details, quests, levels etc. but we're making good overall progress and thought we'd share 2 new screens today. Please note that this is not final -WIP-

We just hit the big red crab with our sword, took 3 damage. Oh the beach is full of them!

Uh oh - where to go now ?

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Nester the Lark on :

This game is looking beautiful. It's like someone's fan art for what an HD Monster World game should look like. I can't wait to see gameplay footage!

Heh, I love that crab's facial expression. It's exactly the kind of personality the other games in the series had.

edu on :

The crab face is like wonder boy the dragons trap this game is based in that adventure for master system.

One of the best games ever.

Rez on :

Wow it's smells like Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Wonder Boy in Monster World! I don't want to be ripetitive,but considerate Ps Vita versions! Vita it's my only console,i don't like to play on home consoles...

jj on :

The screenshots look amazing.

Hamper on :

Dragon Mail confirmed. :-D

Edu on :

Something tells me that this game will be a great success.The classic old games theme rules!.

Btw there is a launch date? this year?next?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Everyone! @Edu We hope to release it in Q4 ^^

BagOfFruit on :

Thanks for the estimated release date. I'm dying to hear some of the new music for the game :-)

aFRo eVaN on :

This game looks absolutely stunning! I have such fond memories of Wonderboy the Dragons Trap and this game evokes all those same emotions already. I actually backed the Flying Hamster 2 kickstarter , but it looks to be coming along better than we could have initially dreamed of! Please please please release on Wii U :-)

LordKaiser on :

I like animated enemies that react to damage and i hope that the playable character also have animations when he gets damaged. Well I din't knew about this game till I saw Happy Console Gamer mention it in youtube but I will get this day 1 for PS4.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much everyone! :-)

Logbomb on :

Awesome, especially the lion man shot!

BagOfFruit on :

THIS LOOKS AMAZING. Seriously looking forward to playing this. I feel like the new graphic style fits perfectly with the series. I hope there is a Platinum trophy for PS4.

Do you have any plans for any sort of multilayer mode in the game? (Maybe a battle area such as the one seen in 'paperbound'). Not that it needs it but it would be a nice touch.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much! Atm we don't have any Multiplayer plans

Darryll McClurg on :

Folks first off I would like to say....I CAN'T WAIT. I have loved this series since my friend showed me his master system when I was 8. This game is an absolute classic and just this weekend I was showing my 7 year old daughter this game on my arcade machine at home. SHE Loves it! By chance today i googled "games like wonderboy" and it led me to this site and I was so happy to see this. You will have a customer for sure in me! All the best folks!!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you! It's very cool to hear that your daughter loves Wonder Boy, too :-) I was also very young when I played the first game of the series and it was fantastic. Feels so great to be part of a new game in the series.

COlin on :

Will the swords and shields and other items that get upgrades look slightly different when you buy/find new ones. That would be great if they are. You will still be able to do that in this game, buy/find items?

My son who is 8 has just got into his first wonderboy game (the dragons trap) and I showed him this, he can't wait either for this game.

FDG, Thomas on :

It's great to hear that you share your childhood games with your son. That's pretty cool :-) Yes, when you find new upgrades like a new sword or shield you'll also see it visually ^^

Thiago de Castro on :

Impressive 2D graphics. How do you plan to distribute the game, Steam? You should try to contact IndieBox to create a physical edition. They will be responsible for the one of Toejam & Earl's kickstarter.

FDG, Thomas on :

Yes, we plan to distribute it on Steam - Indiebox is a nice idea we'll consider it ^^

Colin on :

I got more questions, will there be side quest that aren't compulsory to complete the game. I am thinking replay value once completed.

FDG, Thomas on :

Yes, we planned some side quests.

Adam on :

Omg, those screenshots remind me of the genesis wonder boy. I'm a big fan of the wonder boy series and the work you are doing; will definitely get this for the ps4 on release date. Best of luck!

Maybe Dick on :

I love how this looks, and am really looking forward to playing it! I really hope that you consider a Vita version.

Rez on :

Oh yes!!! Vita version pleaseeeeee

macodeca on :

Great job, but please!, do not forget the penguins and his hypnotic ice stage!


wichates on :

i really want to play this game :-)
but there will be on PS vita?

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