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Hello (Monster) World! :)

Welcome to the Monster Boy Development Blog

We're excited about the opportunity to be part of a legendary game series and to work with Ryuichi Nishizawa, the creator who started it all. From time to time we'll share news and insight about the development of Monster Boy - And The Wizard Of Booze! We enabled comments on this blog so feel free to share your thoughts with us. Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned.

Monsterboy - And The Wizard Of Booze - 2015 - Artwork
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Rainsday on :

Was glad to hear "Flying Hamster 2" was picked up by FDG and revamped. this is definitely on my list of most anticipated games this year.

Keep us updated, hopefully monthly with as much information as possible!

Grats Game Atelier & FDG and good luck and to you too Mr. Nishizawa :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much @Rainsday - on behalf of the team! We'll post many more updates while working in the game. Please stay tuned..^_^

seb on :

awesome,i can't wait.
good luck to all the team for the development.
the wonderboy serie is one of my best gamer's memories.
So thanks to Mr Nishizawa too for making the dream come true (i've been waiting for this for 20 years).

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks, seb - it means a lot to us to hear back from players of the original series. Welcome to the family :-)

seb on :

it's a pleasure ;-)
I'll keep a really close eye on this project which means a lot for the gamer i am.

JasonRPG on :

I have been waiting too! Hopefully there will be more revisions of old school games.

Adam on :

Cant wait! My brother and I have loved the entire series since we were kids. (Now both in our 30's :-D)Always dreamed of finding enough time for the two of us to get together and develop a follow-up to the series. Now we won't have to and we can just enjoy the time together playing! Again, can't wait looks terrific!

FDG, Thomas on :

Woohoo, thanks Adam - in my 30's too! :-)

Felix MacKay on :

I just lost my mind today as I discovered this project existed. WONDER BOY IN MONSTER WORLD is one of the biggest pieces of my early teens... The good ol' Genesis days. I've been holding back on getting a PS4... No more ! I'm now getting one next paycheck just in anticipation of this game !!

THANKS ALL OF YOU BEHIND THIS ! YOU GUYS ROCK !! I'll get to be young again for a few hours... :-)

Jeffrey on :

Will this be digital only or will it also get a physical release. Call me old fashioned but Ive always preferred a copy that I can see. I can't wait to see the finished product, Wonder Boy 3 would have be one of my all time favourite games next to sonic 3 & knuckles. I first played it when I was 11 and it blew my mind then. I'm 36 now and would love to get back into some golden era gaming.

FDG, Thomas on :

We'd love to have a physical release but it all depends on the success of the game. Keeping fingers crossed :-)

marko on :

I'm noticing online this is being listed as coming to PS4/PC. Will this be available for Xbox One at some point??

FDG,Thomas on :

Yes, we also plan to support Xbox One ^_^

Jim on :

This is great news. Will it come out in 3DS as well? I miss the old games for Sega Master System! Great memories playing them as a kid. I am hoping for 3DS to come out with the older games.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks Jim! Unfortunately we're currently not planning a port to 3DS. At this time I'm not sure if the hardware is powerful enough to handle Monster Boy because it needs a good amount of RAM for all the hi-res animation.

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