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All OST Talents revealed

Today we would like to reveal all music talents that work on Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom. We are very happy about the incredible talents who joined our project. They are doing an outstanding job to fill your and our hearts with joy while playing the game and listen to its beautiful soundtrack.

BIG THANKS TO: Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi, Takeshi Yanagawa and Haruka Shimotsuki!

Furthermore we would like to take the chance to recommend a recent Interview that was made with the Monster Boy producer on SEGA-16. Please support the site and spread the word! Thank you!


A great site, please support it and check out the Monster Boy Interview

Last but not least: Expect a gameplay video in December - we will post it before leaving for Christmas vacation. Please stay tuned!

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Petter Lindh on :

We are not worthy. :-D Looking forward for the gameplay video. Can't remember that i've been this excited about a game since my childhood. Best of luck to you all.

jj on :

Brilliant! Its very exciting news. Thank you, all.

Psycho Echidna on :

Brilliant Composers all around ... Let's get SEGA onboard and it's a dream coming true !!!!!

Shion Laboeuf on :

No no no no no chap. No disrespect to your good self, but leave SEGA way out of this one. Everything they touch gets sick and dies a terrible, painful death. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE retro SEGA games... I still have a Megadrive / Genesis under my TV downstairs.... but they do have a track record of destroying a perfectly good thing. Anyway, It looks like these guys have got this game well and truly covered on their own. Excellent job guys, thanks for putting so much effort into a franchise I deeply love.

Logbomb on :

The dream would be for Sega to work out a deal with FDG that allows the game to use the Wonder Boy name, then leave the development of the game entirely to Game Atelier and FDG.

Ghost_Messiah on :

This is the dream scenario and I'd absolutely love it if this happens. This game is a real Wonderboy game in everything but name. It deserves to carry the official title.

Shion LaBeouf on :

Ah yes of course, pardon my ignorance. For some reason that didn't even cross my mind!

shai on :

Me too!!!

Ghost_Messiah on :

As I said on NeoGAF it's a ridiculously impressive all-star sound team that is just amazing for such a promising game like this. Many people have fond childhood memories of this series and quality wise every indication we're being given shows that Monster Boy is set to be a truly excellent game that everyone is going to love. Exciting posts on the blog like this simply reinforce that notion and make me and as I'm certain many others look forward to the game even more.

So great work FDG entertainment. Sounds like the soundtrack will be just as amazing as the game itself.

I hope that Sega sees this and ultimately supports you.

John on :

I hope for a Ps Vita version! Vita is my only console! By choice...

Sam on :

I seriously hope you all become stinking rich from this game, because it's all I've wanted for years!

Maybe Dick on :

What a great sound team, and I'm eagerly waiting for the gameplay video!

wichates on :

i don't have ps4 :-( but i have a ps vita :-)

Gordman on :

Hi guys!

First of all, a huge THANK YOU for developing this game. I love Wonder Boy and especially Monster Land on the Master System and Monster World on the Mega Drive.

I hope there will be some role playing elements again =)
You have an outstanding team working on this gem. I am going to buy a Wii U next year and hope that Monster Boy will be released for it. Please guys donĀ“t forget Wii U owners ^,^

Good luck guys and gals!

Kind regards from Germany,

wichates on :

i think there will be a magnificent OST inclued in the older games for the series, i am looking forward to! :-)

MENTD on :

I love the Wonderboy in Monsterland series!
I just finished playing part IV in fact!
I'm so glad it's coming out on PC because I don't own a PS4.
I do own PS3 however and wonder why it's not being released on PS3?
Other retro games such as Mighty Number 9 and Shovel Knight
are released on PS3 and PS4, as well as Linux.
Certainly the game isn't too powerful for a PS3?

Anyhow I am super excited for this game and will gladly
play it on PC but wish it was on Linux & PS3 as well.

Ghost_Messiah on :

Any word on when the trailer is supposed to arrive? Really looking forward to seeing it.

Segamer on :

I love the body of work from the hired team but why wasn't Shinichi Sakamoto hired? It's his music that made Wonder Boy!

Sergio on :

Thanks for using Japanese talents and keep working on a Japanese flavour for this game! I love it!

John Doe on :

Where are Shinichi Sakamoto and Jin Watanabe? u.u

Dross on :

Yay, all of the good composers!!!... And Takeshi Yanagawa.

Just who the **** is that guy and why is he involved in this precious project?

FDG, Thomas on :

He's making some really good re-arranges and if you like tracks like this one from Shenmue Orchestra CD, he's your guy ;-)

Yanagawa-San is part of Yuzo Koshiros team.

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