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First Gameplay Video - Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Followers, we're so happy to finally present you the first official Gameplay Video of Monster Boy! Thank you for all your patience while we're still working on the game. Oh what a year it was! We've made a lot of progress on the game but as you know we couldn't make it in 2015 as we want the best possible quality for you. We hope you enjoy the gameplay snippets that you can see in the video and we're so looking forward to 2016! The year in which we can finally release the game to you and have fun together!

We're planning to begin our marketing activities early 2016 - any help and support is greatly appreciated and needed! Please recommend it to your friends and make some noise! Thank you so much!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and A Healthy Happy New Year 2016. #Love
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CaptainK923 on :

This game looks like so much fun!
I'm sad this doesn't seem to be hitting any Nintendo platforms. I discovered Wonder Boy 3 through the Wii Virtual Console, and I don't have a PS4 or Xbox One. So I'm pretty bummed I won't get to play this game. But I'm glad other people will, because it looks and sounds spectacular!

Ghost_Messiah on :

It looks amazing! Thank you for the early Christmas present!

Nester the Lark on :

This looks amazing! So excited for it!

More importantly, I hope everyone at Game Atelier is safe after the Paris attacks.

Like CaptainK923, I discovered Wonder Boy through the Wii Virtual Console, so I'm sad about no Wii U support. But I'm glad Wonder Boy/Monster World lives on!

LOuie on :

The game looks awesome. However, since there is no Vita version planned I will not be playing it. Perhaps that situation will change in the future. I still think this game would be a great fit for the Vita and cross-buy with the PS4 would have been a great value.

jj on :

Omg this looks and sounds absolutely incredible. Thank you

Player on :

For "portable players",please Ps Vita version!!! Thanks

Stormwatch on :

The video has a very silly mistake in the end:

K.K.Afterbrun on :

It makes me want to dig up my old copies of Wonderboy in Monster World and Dragon's Trap and play them again.


Petter Lindh on :

Watching this gives me a warm feeling inside... This is going to be really good. A physical release for 3DS, or even better PS Vita will bring ji** to my boxers. :-) Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year. I know I will have, thanks to you.

Nick on :

The trailer was amazing, thanks guys for a nice Christmas present. The trailer has got some amazing surprises with past enemies returning like the giant mushroom boss! Watching it reminds me of my youth growing up with Wonderboy. It's great that there are nods to not only Dragons Trap but also the Monster Land game from the Sega Master System.

Maybe Dick on :

Looks great...but it's not being released on anything I have. No Vita version makes me sad.

Armen on :

This looks promising. I really like the ingame art and the music. Good luck. :-)

Dan on :

Astonishing! Can't wait for this game!

Icetoff on :

On le veux sur Wii U!!!!! Ou au pire sur 3DS s'il vous plait,sinon
arrangez vous pour que les sticks des bornes d'arcades soit compatible!!!! Merci à vous et bravo pour ce magnifique travail. Depuis le temps que j'attend un nouveau Wonderboy...
Mon rêve bientôt réalisé grâce à vous ;-)

Chris Hunta on :

Omg, omg, omg!
Do you know, guys, that Wonderboy in Monster World was one of my most favorite games of 16 bit era? And my good memories of that time) Your game looks so much legacy of that, amazing, i'm gonna buy it for my ps4 on day one!
Thank you for making it, really, i love it, it's just so great.

kyonizuka on :

Thank you very much! I had almost lost faith that I'll ever see a new Wonderboy (Monster World) again.
I was sad when SEGA didn't make a new one after releasing the compilation on the PSN and the XBOX Live (but they gave us Monster World 4 so that was good).
It was sadder when Flying Hamster 2 didn't make it through its Kickstarter campaign.
I felt despair when Westone closed its doors for good.

By the way, there is a remix of the Dragon's Trap village theme. Will there be remixes of musics from other episodes?

You already have my thanks, this is truly a miracle to see a new Wonderboy game in 2016, but if you manage to make it a memorable game, you'll have my eternal thanks AND respect! ;-)

SEGA, please, let them use the licensed name.

Merry christmas to you all. :-)

John_AMG on :

Amazing!! Looking forward to it!!

Loic Daneels on :

Thank you so very much for making this game. I am extremely excited to play it, no matter which support it ends on. Of course I would love to play it on a portable console, but beggars can't be choosers.
Cheers for having the most exciting project of the year (screw GTA, Bloodborne, Witcher...)

8Mike8 on :

Screw Bloodborne?! I think you know not what you say sir! Sacrilege!

Simone Ciliberti on :

The Trailer looks Awesome! I can't wait to play this wonderful game, soo many memories for me and for all players who loved the Wonderboy series!!!! Have a great Christmas and Splendid New Year 2016! You Rock My Friend!!! :-)

Shahid on :

I can't wait for it!

Please bring it out for Wii U.

Thanks for your nice work! Wonder Boy will be back at 2016!

Logbomb on :

Fantastic video! It is so amazing to see how far the graphics in this game have come since the early screenshots. I am really enjoying the art style.

Please, please, no singing in the actual game itself though.

MENTD on :

Yeah the music for this video is awful, I hope they have proper
in-game music but with all the musicians on board, I'm sure they will!

Streamer2k on :

As a Wonderboy fan I've to say that this trailer is awesomeeee! Can't wait to play it!

Linus on :

Oh make a gift for PlayStation Vita owners! We want Vita version!!!!!

io on :

Ok,I officially apologize that i had my doubts about the last artwork u guys showed !
This still looks as colorful and playful as it should be !
Thank you,just love it !
Really for a moment there i thought u get to realistic,shame on me !
Want it !

Dave on :

Please have some non-facebook ways to connect and like and stuff! There are heaps of people in China that would love to be a part of your beautiful creation!

Me on :

Ho sempre amato la saga Wonder Boy!!! Please I want it for PlayStation Vita!
Saluti from Italy

Dan on :

Oh my God !!! You did it !!!! The dream comes true ... I was waiting new adventures of the most beautiful and succesfull game of my childhood, since the last two decades ... These few seconds of gameplay and graphics are so beautiful... MANY MANY MANY THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS OF THOUSANDS OF BILLIONS THANKS to all the TEAM which took part of this INCREDIBLE PROJECT... I love you them all ! Have all a nice 2015 fall !!!!

Jonas on :

Looks amazing, can't wait. Will definitly buy it.

MENTD on :

AWESOME!!! This looks so amazing!
Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift, can't wait to play this!
I hope the music is not the in-game music though.

Why not release it on PS3 and WII-U?
Nintendo systems have more players who would be into this
type of game, PS4 users are into FPS and high end graphics.
This game does not require the power of a PS4, many games
like Mighty Number 9 and Shovel Knight have been released
on both PS3 and PS4, not to mention WII-U and Linux.

Really would like to see this on PS3, WII-U and Linux,
there's no reason why this can't be done.

Der Unhold on :

Will find a way into the game, the music of Banjo Guy Ollie?

Pezito on :

You guys don't know how great a Christmas present this trailer is to me! I'm sooooo excited right now!!! :-D

I've been following Game Atelier since the release of Flying Hamster, which I bought and played on iPad and PSP/PS3 (yeah I bought it twice -_-). I backed Flying Hamster II when the Kickstarter campagin started; too bad we couldn't get the word out! But the partnership with FDG came as a really good news. ^^

This trailer really impressed me. I mean, the couple of screenshots released some months ago were cool, but the game looked somewhat "plain" or rigid even though the graphics were gorgeous... Now, with lots of gameplay and animations in many different environments, very nice looking cinematic parts, AND a catchy Jpop song to go with it?? All I can say is NATSUKASHII~! :-D

You guys really did it! The game looks awesome, a true homage to the Wonder Boy series with a great old-school feel, but in a brilliant modern technique! Should comparisons be done, I'd say your game now looks no less impressive than the next Shantae (another personal favorite). Can't wait to play it!!! ^^

PS : If you ever plan on moving to the South of France, I'd be glad to apply for any graphist position at Game Atelier. ;-)

wichates on :

yeah! finaly! he is on ps vita??

Shion on :

Hi guys! Why don't make a Ps Vita petition??!! I want this great title for my Vita!!!!! I don't love home consoles!

MD on :

Almost every post here is people asking for ports to more
reasonable systems. DEVS: Please take note of this!

PS4 is too expensive and many people who love Wonderboy
do not like the type of games which are typically released on
PS4 and Xbox One. (First Person Shooters and a reliance on
graphics and cut scenes instead of gameplay!)
I would never buy a PS4 or an Xbox One.

The PS3, WII-U and both Vita and 3DS are far more logical
platforms for this type of game. Please take heed!

Omnibot2000 on :

Bitte noch einmal über eine Vita-Version nachdenken. Nachdem ich ursprünglich sogar auf einen Release auf card gehofft hatte, wäre ich jetzt einfach froh, wenn es überhaupt dafür kommt. Ich besitze keine der geplanten Plattformen, bin aber großer WB-Fan.
Die Ingame-Szenen im Trailer sehen großartig aus!

syed on :

I loke it so far but i feel the background graphics feels too complicated n cramped try simplifying. Also wonderboys outfit should be armour. Trailer needs game music n not jap pop music. The Game still i feel will be great n looking forward to it.

Wonderboy Fan on :

This game is a dream come true for me. I am a huge Wonderboy fan and the fact that this game is modelled after my favourite Wonder Boy game of all time makes me as giddy as a child. Thank you for making this game! I will buy every version for every platform you release on!

shelcoof on :

Grew up playing all the Wonder Boy games on my Master System.

Love Wonder Boy III on the Master System and Monster World for the Genesis/Mega Drive the most out of the series.

The Soundtrack for Wonder Boy III is my favorite followed by Monster World :-). I still listen to the tracks every now and again on my music player.

I still own most of the original carts and even the Sega Ages Collection for the PS2!!!

Really love how this new game is shaping up! It looks absolutely Beautiful! Love the backgrounds they are very lively reminds me of Monster World artwork. Looks very animated and alive.

Music and sound effects is awesome. When I heard the door open in the trailer you already knew this is a Wonder Boy game. I really hope more original sound effects and music make it into the game along with new music and sound effects as well.

For an old gamer like myself this is a dream come true that one of my most favorite series ever is getting another entry into the series!

The only request I have is please make available a physical copy of the game as well. Owning a physical copy of the game so I can cherish and treasure would be awesome. My Sega Ages Collection for the PS2 is a disc I break out once in a blue moon.

A Vita Port would be awesome if possible too!

Classic Wonder Boy games still hold up very well even till this day. They are Master Pieces!

Keep up the great work guys!!

WonderboyIII on :

You remind me of myself. Played this on the master system 1 that I owned with that little 2 button joypad. W3's OST is unmatched even today. Too bad Nintendo kids missed out on this. You are right about the physical copy. I used hold the game manual and dream about it when I was not playing. I miss the good old cartridge days. Wish it would come back.

shelcoof on :

lol @holding the manual and dreaming about the game

Your right we are quit similar.. I actually use to take my video game carts with me to bed and lined them up side by side where I would sleep.

Of course Wonder Boy III was always first in line :-)

As a gamer growing up you hear so many good things about Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night but rarely do you hear anything about the Wonder Boy Series.

I'm looking forward to seeing how big of a slash this new game makes. Hopefully new gamers will play this and get the same experience old gamers got back when we first played the original Wonder Boy games.

Furanku on :

Sad that the game is not on Android or Mobile

Fernando Carvalho on :

Please, bring this to WiiU, this kind of game will certainly have a big audience among Nintendo players, they love the classics.

WonderboyIII on :

Been waiting all my life for a real sequel to the Wonderboy series. Wonderboy 3 was one of the best RPGs I have ever played. Not in any way less than Zelda in its importance. Its OST is legendary and its gameplay design where each animal has special stages due to its special abilities just showed some great level design not seen in an age where linear platforming was the norm. What can I say, I can not wait.

shelcoof on :

Wonder Boy III was the Symphony of the Night back in the 8 Bit days. The game was truly an epic adventure.

Monster World was also great as well I couldn't believe how amazing the game looked at such an early age of the Genesis's/Mega Drive's life.

Stefano on :

Well, this is an excellent project, the game is growing in a perfect way! Just... I hope you'll take in consideration the idea to develop even a PS Vita version.
I played the previous episoded of this this saga on PS3, but an old-school Platform game like this would be awesome on Vita, yours especially!
I hope you'll make this wish of mine a reality.
Thank you and... I am really happy for this new Monster Boy, and I thank you really much!
Whatever you decide, I'll buy it: it's magnificent!

Rez on :

If you want my money,make a Ps Vita version! I'll purchase it at day one!
I've purchased Flying Hamster for Vita at d one. Now why you forget our console?!

Maksim83 on :

for Wii U, pleeeease!!!!

Luke on :

I hope that Game Atelier release for PC a playable DEMO to discover this game and eventually bugs and problems..


wichates on :

:-) ps vita plz :-)

jj on :

Was exciting to see 'Pirhana Man' statue in one background :-D
The excitement is growing.

shelcoof on :

Yhaa there are a ton of references back to the classic Wonder Boy titles in this one. I'm loving it!

Frank Leone on :

Android and Apple version please

Flash Gordon on :

The game looks amazing!!! Clearly a lot of effort and love have gone into it so far, well done :-)

From a business perspective, it's critical that you release it on iOS and android. I'm sure you're aware that times have moved on and those platforms are essential for success. It doesn't matter how good the game is if you don't give it enough exposure, it will fail.

I'd suggest you promote it on touch arcade and android forums by being active and taking feedback from users on their sites. They have large followings that can potentially really help with marketing the game. I'm happy to help you because I really want you to succeed.

Wonder boy in monsterland is a game I hold dear to my heart and I wish you every success in replicating the feeling of playing the wonder boy series.

Good luck!!! ????

18 on :

Will there also be a Monster Girl character that will be eventually be playable in this game?

I think you should make a DLC after the game is released, that introduces a playble female character with her owns moves, weapons & transformations (Fusion between SEGA Monster World IV: Asha & WayForward half genie: Shantae).

Hopfully any future Monster Boy/ Monster Girl games might have a mixture of Wonder Boy, Monster World & Monster World IV (Asha & Pepelogoo)?

It would be cool if this game could get ported on Xbox 360 to go with the Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World.

The game looks cool.
I would purchase a physical collecters edition of this on Xbox 360, PS4 &/or PC, if it was made.

Massimo on :

As one of the creator of the fan-game "Monster World RPG" I can only praise Game Atelier and FDG for their effort intto bringing to us a spiritual successor to Wonder Boy. This trailer gave me both the chills and a warm feeling togheter! Exceptional OST, lots of references to the original series, beautiful graphics and a demonstration of a brilliant gameplay. I'm following this project since it started with an "hamster" and now finally seein this trailer a tear came down my cheek. The ony sad thing about this is it required something like fuc***g 20 years to have a sequel!!! Well it seems the final product will be worth the time it needed. I will try to write a trailer analysis sooner or later.

Lomi on :

Hi :-)
I can't wait anymore, I search on the psstore every week to see if I can find this marvellous game. This is the great error by industry to forget old school game like Wonderboy, bombjack, skweek, and many many others.
I hope the best for your work, great thanks for this beautiful Monsterboy ;-)

wichates on :

:-) i can't wait, I CAN'T WAIT :-)

Old Player on :

Ps Vita Ps Vita Ps Vita Ps Vita Ps Vita Ps Vita version!!!!!!!

Dannagar on :

Please consider a Physical/Disc/retail release.

Retrogamer on :

Hi, I hope it will come also on nintendo wii u, I have all the wonder boy on virtual console, it is in nintendo style, game like showel knight sold well on wii u so I don't understand why this will not arrive on wii u.
About the game, I prefer the old transformations, piranha man, mouse man etc. I don't like very much toad and snake, also the animations, where on the old wonder boy the body was without animations, anyway the graphic is good, if it will come on wii u then i will buy for sure.
I hope there will be improvements also on puzzles and world dimensions.
I appreciate the idea to bring back this great classic, thank you very much

napoleonblownaparte on :

When this game comes out , I'll buy it the first day.
Really nice what you guys (fdg games ) have done with this wonderboy hommage. I like the banjo song too :-)
thumbs up!

koga on :

i can't wait!!! when the game come out? please!!! and this game come in france? i am french and i expect this game a long time!!! and (final question) you intend do after a version ps vita? i think people wants one!!!

please respond to my issue :-)

(sorry my english is bad!:-)

wichates on :

I'll do the video on youtube :-) surely a let's play :-)
my chanel: MERCURY PLANET ADC :-) :-)

Sergio on :

Can't wait to play it! Thanks for this great game!

Le Marquis on :

Super ! Cela ressemble vraiment à une version modernisée de Monsterworld.
Mais faites un portage Vita !!!

Logbomb on :

I have watched the video quite a few times now and I notice that when a monster is hit with a sword, there is quite a large star shaped flash. This is a good effect the first few times you see it, but it started to annoy me while I watched the video. I can imagine it getting very annoying if it happens throughout the whole game. I would suggest removing it, there is no need for a big flash when you hit a monster, even though it does look cool the first few times you see it.

Aside from this, everything looks fantastic :-)

JasonRPG on :

I am so excited for this, if it was physical I would buy at least 3 copies. I mean it! I Love Wonderboy/MonsterWorld and I can't believe it is really happening! Can't wait!!!!

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