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Creating Worlds

Dear lovely followers and friends,
wow - it was great to see so much support on our last post including the first entry in the official Sony blog.
That's it - we have the worlds best fans and community. Together we're strong! :-)

Today we'd like to give you a little update on our progress. Lots of level design was done and while the team is still working on the map, puzzles and enemies, the artists are also fine tuning the games artwork including new iterations of existing level graphics so we get a nice world that fits together properly. Many worlds are finished, but some are not - like our so called 'Maze Cave' level.

Straight from the level editor we're already having neat graphics for this area which will be explored with the Snake form.

The snake is exploring a dark area inside the cave, light source are just some small crystals

The atmosphere is great with limited light sources but the cave is big and we also have brighter areas that should support a magical and also colorful experience. The first thing to do is always to create a rough concept artwork of it which looks like this:

3rd iteration of an art concept for the brighter areas in the cave. We like this one!

You'll experience the final version of the cave in the game and we hope you'll like it! We put a lot of love into each area so you have a great time enjoying every aspect of it. Reworking and polishing existing designs is also a reason for the initial delay of the game.

Last but not least - here we have a sample for a final design of the 'West Fields' area of the game. We explore it with the Pig-Man and he just reached a dead-end. The water is poisoned!

Pig-Man reached a dead end here - he has to return later to cross the poisoned water.

We hope you like what you see! :-) Please stay tuned and recommend this blog to your friends. Thanks a lot!

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Delstius on :

Great work as always. The art style is so lovely and I would love to see more concept arts.

Little nit-pick : there's some tearing and apparently two different blur style on the plant in the foreground in the last screen though (due to the effect of either the poisoned water or its surface I presume), which probably shouldn't happen.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! Yep, that's right! It's only one of many smaller and bigger bugs which we need to iron out before final release.

Logbomb on :

Wow these latest images look incredible ;-)

It is great to hear about the "reworking and polishing existing designs", as a consistent art style throughout the game is really important for continuity. I have just been looking at older screenshots and it is fantastic to see how the graphics have progressed. The amount of careful attention this game is getting is very exciting, and of course is what made the original games so good ... you could really feel that they were a labor of love :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! ^^

Spidey981 on :

Thank you very much for the new screenshot. The details are amazing and the pictures are really pretty. Thank you keep us informed of the progress and advancement of the game. I think it is important for all the fans to know where you are in development. Little question. Will there be trophies and especially platinum? Thank you to the team for all the work. Good luck for the work still to do.

Nester the Lark on :

I was going to say this in the last blog post, but I forgot.

Anyway, I totally understand why you're not able to work on a Wii U version at this point, and thanks for addressing that in the last blog post. For now, I plan on getting the game for PC, and if at some time in the future you're able to bring it to a Nintendo platform, I just may have to get it again! ;-)

This is one of my most anticipated games this year (if the PC version makes it out this year), and I can't wait to play it! In the mean time, I have the urge to play through the originals again. ;-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks so much! I'm really glad to hear you're going to support us with your hard earned money. We certainly plan to release for the PC this year, too. Steam and Windows store are planned so far.

rez on :

...hoping for Ps Vita port... This is a dream for Wonder Boy and portale console fan....

Spidey981 on :

We have already seen screenshots with character human, pig, snake, frog and lion but not dragon. For the next news, could we have a screenshot with the dragon? thank you. PS: Thomas, sorry I asked the question twice about trophies, I did not see the answer in the previous news. It's really great to have a platinum trophy in this game.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Spidey, we keep the dragon and his area(s) secret least for now. :-)

macodeca on :

Great job guys!, every screenshot is looking better :-).

I have a question about the game levels. Do you have plans to add an "ice" level, similar to the snowing level of Wonder Boy in Monster World (MegaDrive)?, I would like to see penguins again ;-).


FDG, Thomas on :

Yes, we have Penguins in the game :-)

MENTD on :

These teasers are great but I'm really anxious to play the game! 8-)

Is there any possible ETA for the WINDOWS release date?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! I assume around late Q3

Maybe Dick on :

Lookin' good!

Dwain Bunker on :

I am noticing a lot of Ori & The Blind Forest inspiration here... am I warm?

FDG, Thomas on :

We love Ori! A very ambitious project, high quality, great graphics. The game certainly inspired us too.

Joe E Tata on :

This looks absolutely fantastic! Was (and still is) a huge Wonderboy fan back in the days. Ah, loved as a kid playing and drawing characters from the game.

Just want you to know that I have been waiting for a Wonderboy sequel for over 20 years and now I finally get it. This is probably the most anticipated game for me ever! At least since Monster World;-)

However the outcome of the game I will buy it and support you. We need more games like this.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Gordman on :

Thank you so much for the update!

The game looks better and better, it can only be successful =) Please make the Cave Maze level not too difficult. When I remember of the pyramid in Monster World IV.. no thanks :-D It should be manageable without internet research or anything (some people aren´t puzzle experts^^). Otherwise it looks beautiful, especially all the transformations are cool. The snakes were always the enemies and now you can play as one - I love this idea :-D

All the best,

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot Gordman, don't worry we're working hard to have a nice balance to be fun from start to finish. Attributes fun, having a good time, enjoying the environment. Some enemies can be tough but easy when you have the right strategy.

James Revolti on :

Wow!!! Monster World was my favorite game series when I was a kid. I learned English translating texts from "Wonder Boy in Monster World". lol
The Brazilian versions (like "Mônica no Castelo do Dragão", official hack of "Wonder Boy in Monster Land") were very very popular here in Brazil.
I always waited for a new game of this franchise. It's very very cool. :')
It's a pity I don't have PS 4 or XOne... neither Windows, I have a Mac. lol
But I'll install Windows only for playing this game... and I'll buy an eventual version for Nintendo (Wii U or NX). :-)
Thanks and good luck!

James Revolti on :

3DS too. :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much, James. I've played the Mônica no Castelo do Dragão ROM later with emulation. It's amazing how far-spread the Wonder Boy franchise was released with different names and licenses.

We're happy to come back as close to the original Monster World series as possible.

Lebow on :

Le trailer donne vraiment envie, le jeu semble à la hauteur de Dragon's Curse et Monter World.
J'ai hâte de pouvoir mettre la main dessus (sur PC).
En attendant, avez vous envisagé un version Vita?

MajorWeirdo on :

Great to hear you guys are advancing greatly in this project.

What is the aimed release date for PS4 ? Q3? Q4?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks, man! PS4 and Xbox will launch simultaneously around late Q3. We plan to finish production of the core game in Q2, then it goes into QA/Lotcheck from console partners and a release date will be arranged.

MajorWeirdo on :

Awesome news Thomas!

It would be a nice title to add to the PS4 collection.

I am putting this on my calendar for a fall release ;-)

VR Games on :

Bravo! you just don't know how excited I am to see my most beloved childhood game coming to live again. This is a dream come true for many gamers who played this games when they were young.Looking forward to play it on the PS4, awesome job guys!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much!

Mike on :

Hi, will you possibly consider a Nintendo Nx port? I have heard that the conversion tool is very powerfull so it could reduce the costs.
I understand that a wii u port would be very difficult at this point, but NX base will grow quickly.
Anyway I hope the game will sell much copies.

FDG, Thomas on :

Porting it to Nintendo Console is definitely considered, let's see what hardware is available later this year. NX has our interest!

Spidey981 on :

good evening. is that there will be a demo before the release date? have the pleasure of discovering this wonderful game . Thanks

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Spidey,
there are no plans for a pre-release demo at the moment. Sorry!

Tommy on :

These screenshots make me look forward to this game even more. I'm a huge Wonder Boy fan, and like others here I've been waiting more than 20 years for a new Wonder Boy game, so I couldn't be more thrilled. BTW, is there any chance you could team up with Sega, so that you could use the Wonder Boy name instead of Monster Boy? I like "Monster Boy", but it would feel more proper (official) if it was Wonder Boy instead. I would strongly suggest try contacting Sega and try to make some deal with them.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Tommy,
thanks a lot for the nice feedback! Unfortunately it's unlikely we'll get the original name because even SEGA doesn't have it registered worldwide anymore (especially the Monster World part is lost to another company). Still - let's see what options come up in the future. I believe SEGA could be interested in Monster Boy but surely wants to see if there's still interest on the market for this kind of game. Please keep your fingers crossed for a nice success!

MajorWeirdo on :

Please?! Why wouldn't there be a huge intrest in this game?!

Maybe this title could help Sega get back on top of things ^_^ naughy comment

FDG, Thomas on :

We truly hope so! :-)

Sergio on :

Great work as always!!! Can't wait to play it!!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Sergio!

Wonder Boy Fan on :

Hello everyone. when we have news about the progress of the game? thank you

FDG, Thomas on :

We'll hopefully post something new soon but right now the team is very focused on finishing the game and we don't want to spoil too much before the release ;-)

Wouter D. on :

Instabuy .
Looking forward to it

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot for your support!

Audiojet on :

Can't wait. Day 1 purchase for PS4. Very happy.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot for your support!

Dimitris Zikos on :

Looking forward to play the game! I recently watched two german gameplay videos on youtube and was curious to know how they got their hands on the game.


FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Dimitris, thanks a lot! We sent them an internal demo that we use to show the game to partners like Microsoft or Sony. They asked for a playable preview and are quite popular in Germany so we gave them access to the demo.

Wonder Boy Fan on :

Hi everyone !

Thomas thank you for explaining how the two German have access to the demo. They really lucky. I watched the video and the game really looks amazing, colorful, fun, beautiful. A fitting tribute to Dragon's Trap. Normally you have to announce a release date in late June, I hope that it will not delay and the date will be announced in late June or even earlier. For those who want here is the demo video of two German testers. Warning Warning Warning! We discover some narrative element of the story. For those who want to keep the surprise, DO NOT WATCH.

FDG, Thomas on :

We'll announce the release date after we successfully passed both console QA tests. The production is planned to finish End of July, after this we'll submit to Sony and Microsoft. I assume the release will be sometime end of Q3.

Maybe Dick on :

Looks like Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap is getting a remake.

FDG, Thomas on :

Yes indeed! It seems this year is becoming one hell of a party for us Wonder Boy fans! 20 years of silence was long enough, right ? :-D

Idan on :

Your visuals are much better than the Dragon's trap. Looks much more like the original and less illustrative. You are doing an amazing work!

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