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Final pass for background graphics

Dear followers and fans,

today I want to give you some more insight on our final pass of background graphics work. See - you're never finished when working on a game. We learn and keep pushing ourselves to get the best possible experience. Sure, the most important job is to get the gameplay and levels right, but we also want to have a nice visual experience.

Here are 3 samples of new background graphics intentions fresh from the 'factory' :-)
Don't mind the sketchy UI elements or character placement. These are not screenshots from the game, but montages for concept approval.

The top image shows the old version, below is the new graphics intention for more depth and vibrance.

Sky Village:
Same order, top image is the old background. We believe the new version below adds more depth and magic.

West Fields:
Did you spot the difference here? :-)

We hope you agree that these changes add to the overall visual appeal and are worth the effort. We'll keep you posted with more development insight while we work towards finishing the game production. Thank you for your continued support and great feedback! The whole team really appreciates all the kind words and great comments here on the blog.

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GordoFlash on :

I love how crisp the backgrounds are. The art style is amazing. Can't wait for the release. I will be streaming this game the minute it is released and I hope we can bring a whole new generation into the Monster Boy fold.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot - we hope so too! :-)

Spidey981 on :

Wow wow wow, les nouveaux arrières plans sont magnifiques, en ce qui me concerne pour le Sky village je préfère l'ancien arrière plan car on voit mieux les escaliers, mais ce n'est que mon opinion. Vivement que le jeu soit fini à 100 %. Continuez comme ça vous faites un travail magique.


Wow wow wow, new backgrounds are beautiful, in my case to the Sky Village I prefer the former background as best seen stairs, but that's only my opinion. Strongly that the game is over 100%. Keep it up you do a magical work.

FDG, Thomas on :

The former background of Sky Village also showed a treasure chest, did you notice? We'll have a big variety of backgrounds the new design is just mockup stage and will be tuned further for the final game and to fit levels.

John Willaford on :

I am confused. Like, the last picture pair goes for a lowered contrast on the new image where the first two increased contrast in the image... I like them all (I have a calibrated monitor too). I recommend you run everything on Old CRTs, and LCD in Vivid Mode and one in Standard (and a Plasma if you got it around, but the CRT could suffice for the Plasma).
Just get a feel for how it's going to look in some default settings.
I'm sure your running on some good pro Dell or NEC monitors (or something else very good).
It all looks great though, the old ones aren't rejectable by me anyway, just look great.
I've never made a game but want to start working on Unity next year for an old school game I wanna make. It's 'inspired' by the names of some games that weren't what I first thought they were going to be, lol! Hopefully I can get it up to speed in a year. You guys and the rest of the lesser than you experienced
indies are inspiring.

FDG, Thomas on :

We're testing on a variety of screens and usually the biggest surprise happens on TV sets with out-of-the-box settings which many people have in the household. The color settings are often over-saturated. Ultimately we try to make it look good everywhere :-) You're right about the West Field mockup, on first sight it shows seemingly less contrast but the aim here was to give it a specific sunset lighting for a nice atmo. When you get closer to the ground some higher contrast objects will re-appear and give the whole image a nice touch.

jj on :

New versions look great with sky city pillars disappearing into cloud layer & minute changes.
Also, very pleased to learn of the harder difficulty mode.
It was a pleasure watching a recent MB demo...the music is SO good.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot JJ! Glad to hear you also enjoyed the music so far ^^ For us the music is a very important motivation factor while enjoying some oldschool platforming action :-)

Rez on :

On my Ps Vita's screen...i'll see this masterpiece!!! ;-)

LEO on :

Bonjour à toutes et à tous ... Vous avez redonné vie et de très belle manière, à ce jeu légendaire. Au vu de ces nouvelles images, je suis persuadé que chacune des secondes qui passe, à travailler sur la réalisation de ce jeu sont, pour toute votre TEAM, des moments très forts. Et que par conséquent que ce sera aussi le cas, pour les millions de fans qui vont acheter ce jeu ... (pour moi ce sera en 10 exemplaires) ... Les mondes de ce nouveau Monster World sont très beaux et nous montre l'application et le sérieux de votre travail et de votre précieux temps dépensé.
Deux questions tout de même ...
1 - Le Héros s'appelle-t-il Sion ? C'est le même personnage que dans Wonderboy in Monsterworld sur SEGA MEGADRIVE ?
2 - Y aura-t-il un monde ressemblant au Japon, avec foret de bambous, samourai, ninjas, dojos ... Comme dans le Dragon's Trap ?

Bonne continuation à toute votre TEAM, et restez en bonne santé pour une TRILOGIE ! ^^

Game Atelier, Fabien on :

Bonjour Leo,

Merci beaucoup pour les encouragements! Oui je confirme que notre équipe est très appliquée afin que ce nouvel épisode soit à la hauteur pour tous les fans de Monster World.
1- Le héros de Monster Boy s'appelle Jin. Sa couleur de cheveux donne bien un indice sur sa filiation avec Shion!
2- Non, pas de monde aux influences japonaises pour cet épisode. Jin explorera beaucoup d'environnements inédits allant des temples aztèques à la maison hantée, sans oublier les classiques îles aux pirates, forêts, châteaux et bien d'autres.


Hi Leo,

Thanks a lot for encouraging us! Yes I confirm that all our team is very involved for making this new episode a real blast for any Monster World fan.
1- Monster Boy hero is named Jin. His hair color gives a clue about his kinship with Shion!
2- No, there is no world with japanese influences in this episode. Jin will explore many new environments from the aztec temples to the haunted house, and of course the classic pirate islands, forests, castles and many more.

Citronvand on :

Explore castles you say? You better have some Last Dungeon remix saved for it :-)

Leo on :

Merci pour votre réponse.

Le jeu est déjà très beau et varié avec ou sans JAPON WORLD.
De plus, j'essaie de créer des extensions de monde à WBMW. Et voici une partie de mon monde consacré au JAPON.

Faut juste maintenant que je trouve un programmateur compétent lol.

Alfredo on :

This game looks spectacular i hope you can release physical disc version iam confident this game will be very sucessful reminds me of the old adventure island game by hudson soft.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks so much, Alfredo and MD.
Ah the memories (HUDSON! ^^)- would love to release a physical disc. We're considering it and currently talk to possible partners.

Alfredo on :

I Can proudly say that you guys are really talented devs i can imagine what this game will look like if you add hdr 10 ps lam not sure who owns the right to bonks adventure but i would recomend that you guys try to buy the rights to bonks adventure and create a new bonks game think of the possibilities take care keep up the great work on monsterboy.

Maybe Dick on :

Simply beautiful.

JohnnyD on :

Looking lovely! I thought the earlier art style was great, but the new ones are even better!

Will there be much animation/layers of parallax for the backgrounds? Both can really help make a game environment feel alive!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Johnny! We definitely have parallax layers and also add some animation to a variety of backgrounds where they fit and work.

Junior on :

Wow, what a great job! Thats the only game i m waiting for this year. Thats sad how games have deceased lately. Hopefully, it seems like you guys got the guts to make something worth playing. Thank you for your effort on this game!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for believing in us! I think we've got a really nice game here that will shine by gameplay above all else. It feels awesome to control the various characters. My favorite is the frog! Love the tongue feature a lot :-D

Alfredo on :

ATTENTION GAMERS do you think that fdg should buy the rights to bonks adventure and develop a new bonks adventure this question goes out to oldschool gamers and devs who played bonks adventure l personally love the bonks series i have the 3 original turbo graphics version on wii vertual console please respond if any gamer wants to see bonks brought back from 8bit extinction.

FDG, Thomas on :

LOVING the Bonk Series - how long since the last release? Same age as Wonder Boy I guess. ?

Oliver on :

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww....what a great job !!
Amazing and lovely graphics !!
Can't wait anymore !!
With Wonder Boy the Dragon's trap, it's the only game I'm waiting for this year !!
Keep going, you're doing very well !!

I've got few questions please...

- Still no delivery ? ^^
- Is there any "hidding door" like on the other Wonder Boy please ? (WB II in Monster Land or WBIII The Dragon's Trap)
- Can we improve our skills and our shield,, armor and Sword ?

At last, I prefer the new graphics intentions ;-)

Many many thanks again for your work !!

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Oliver, thank you very much! We are not going to release Monster Boy this year - we posted some info about this recently. We currently plan to release in January and it was mainly because the Xmas time is too difficult for indie developers with many AAA games coming out. The news coverage goes to EA & other big guys in that time.

Anyway - we're using this time to polish it more. It's fascinating how we can still see major improvements with every iteration of graphics and I think we could develop another 2 years on the game. But that's no option because we'd run out of money before! :-D

Dedg on :

Superbes ces améliorations ! Vous faites vraiment du super boulot, on a tous hâte de pouvoir parcourir tous ces niveaux !
Est-ce que le jeu sortira en 2016, ou bien 2017 ?
Continuez comme ça, on vous soutient à fond !

eleftherios on :

final release date for ps4?

FDG, Thomas on :

We didn't announce a release date yet.

Manu on :

Will this only be on Xbox and PlayStation?
No pc version?

FDG, Thomas on :

The game will also release for the PC but consoles first. One port after another beginning with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We also want to release on a Nintendo console.

Alfredo on :

Thats great that you guys want to release monsterboy on a nintendo console because on september 21 or the first week of october the world will finally witness the reveal of nintendos next console the nintendo focus.

MENTD on :

OKAY so when is it coming out already? 8-)


The nintendo focus will release march 2017 with zelda btw and supersmash brothers wii u version with every dlc character and ice climbers character the price of the console will be 249.99 or 299 along with f zero 2 by retro studies preorders will go live on amazon and gamestop once the console is revealed happy gaming everyone.

Gordman on :

Hi dear FDG and Game Atelier!

The new backgrounds look just beautiful. I am one of these people who enjoys backgrounds (and graphics in general) like these, it´s just a kind of art. You improved them very well, I love it! I wish I could help you with anything, but I am just a consumer, not a developer. With the exception of english-to-german translations, I couldn´t help.

By the way: When I played Wonder Boy as a kid, I was always fascinated by the potions. Everytime when Wonder Boy used a potion the get healthy again, it was a ´WOW!´ effect for me. On the first concept art you´ve posted here, there is a shelf with potions in front of the shop. It looks sooooo cool! =D It would be super nice to see that kind of shelves inside of the house as well.

You already heard about CyberFront Korea? Maybe you can talk with them to acquire the rights of the Wonder Boy brand. Maybe they are open to hold talks, otherwise than Sega.

Good luck with the next development level, you rock!

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Gordman,

thank you so much for your positive feedback on the new background arts! Yes, the potions are super cool! I loved the mechanics of the game pausing and filling up energy with a very satisfying sound.

We heard about CyberFront Korea and that they registered the name 'Wonder Boy' in various countries. This was possible because SEGA didn't extend the registration of this IP worldwide. It would be possible to obtain the rights with an additional license agreement but we like our name 'Monster Boy' - this is now our own IP and we're very happy about the blessing to use original Wonder Boy and Monster World assets from the glorious WESTONE / LAT and Nishizawa-san. It really is an official sequel just with a slightly different name. The name Monster Boy is really growing on us - it combines Wonder Boy and Monster World so nicely ;-)

Logbomb on :

So essentially the licensing agreement FDG has with LAT is very similar to the Licensing agreement Hudson had with Westone, which of course resulted in the very successful Adventure Island series (among other individual titles). We are all hoping Monster Boy has even greater success as a series :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

That's right the agreement is very similar. Fingers crossed Monster Boy will be successful - truly hope so ;-)

wouter on :

The original wonder boy the blonde one was called Tom Tom

Spidey981 on :

In 1 month there will be the Paris Games Week. There will be t-shirt for sale with the Monster Boy logo? Thank you

FDG, Thomas on :

I don't know yet - we're currently very focused on preparing the presentation of the actual game there and if it's possible we'd do a limited amount of goodies..stay tuned ;-)

Spidey981 on :

Thank you. I'm looking forward to the PGW the opportunity to meet the team and test the game. And buy all goodies :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Only 2 more weeks left! ^^

Jason on :

Is Monsterboy coming out in 2016 or 2017? I read this year, but also read maybe January.

FDG, Thomas on :

Monster Boy is coming in 2017. January is not confirmed yet.

Spidey981 on :

Hi Jason
I allow myself to answer you.Thomas FDG gave us the answers, so my sources are safe. Monster Boy will be released in January 2017, precise date is not yet announced but will be Q4.

Jason on :

...thanks. ????

Oliver on :


Hummmmmmmmmm...January's been 27 years that we are waiting for a "Wonder Boy Game" so we can wait few weeks more ^^
Keep doing your best, you will be reward with lots of sells !!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot for your patience, Oliver! We promise to use our time the best way possible to deliver a great game.

Nicola on :

Hi folks, really great news, the game will released on Jan 2017! Will the release be contemporary on Consoles and PC? And what about the promise you made to backers long time ago to Flying Hamster II on Kickstarer? Is it still valid? ;-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Nicola, happy about your excitement :-) Well..The January 2017 date is not a confirmed release month yet, it was only communicated as 'target'.

About the offer: Yes, every backer who made the support tweet is still up for a free Steam key when it comes to PC. But it's only valid when you tweeted then and not like this or last year ;-)

Spidey981 on :

Hello, for Gamescom we got a new trailer. In two weeks this is the PGW, can we have a new trailer, screenshot or a release date ? ???? Thank you

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Spidey,

I think we're going to post a new screen this week.
For Halloween!^^

all the best

Serhat on :

hey guys,

Will Monster Boy take any advantage of the extra power of the PS4 Pro, or even have support for PlayStation VR?


FDG, Thomas on :

The first release of the game will have no difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro but we're planning a Pro-specific update coming later after the release. Unfortunately I can't reveal details yet.

Julio on :

A physical copy of the game would be awesome!! Any plans for the Nintendo Switch? Thanksss

FDG, Thomas on :

Nintendo Switch ? Of course! We love it and support it ^_^

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