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A spooky place..

Dear followers, fans and friends,
we've got a new update today! Just in time for Halloween we'd like to share a new screenshot from a really spooky place in the game. Before we enter this ghostly mansion here, we switched to the pig to search the area for secrets.

Woah - entering a ghostly mansion at full moon - right next to the graveyard. What a spooky adventure!
With this image we want to show you how far we've come since the beginning of the project. The graphics are reaching a point where we're really happy with the style, level of detail and depth of the image. We believe - after all the work we put into this, we're getting there! Do you agree?

While the graphics are polished further, we're still working on levels, bosses and animation quality. The extended development time until 2017 allowed us to create what we always intended. The finished game will be a work of art.

And that's not all - the music production is reaching the final stage as well!
Toshiyuki Tanahashi is the man on the bass - just one of many real instruments that have been recorded.
The recording sessions are finished and the music in the game will reach the final quality soon. It sounds so much better to have real instruments playing in background.

Last but not least we'd like to mention Paris Games Week which starts this week! If you get the chance please visit our 'Monster Boy' demo station at the Games Made In France booth. Check Hall 2.2, Booth D020. We're looking forward to see you there!
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pseudokings on :

Looks fantastic. I hope we can get a physical release at launch (or later if necessary, but at least announced by the time the game releases).

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you ! I can't say anything about physical release yet but we're looking into it. One solution could be to cooperate with LimitedRunGames for a limited edition print.

Le Marquis on :

Then only if you can preorder it. If they do a single run and never again, I'll probably never be able to get it since they sell only on fridays and it's often sold out in a couple of hours :-(

Long Jodon on :

WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for keyword|

Dimitris Zikos on :

Exactly, this is what I had in mind and a safe way to satisfy fans who want a physical release. Count me in day one!

Spidey981 on :

Good evening, what an incredible screenshot , detail, scenery, background are amazing. I hope we will have a release date soon. Meanwhile I'll be PGW Saturday morning. At the opening I rush on stand Game Made in France to try Monster Boy.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much! See you at PGW! :-)

Marv9512 on :

So is Monster Boy going to be on the Nintendo Switch?

Zell on :

:-D I would ??? that ALOOOT

for me NX, opps, I meant Nintendo Switch, is my next favorite console/portable gaming device

FDG, Thomas on :

We love the Nintendo Switch! Great console for Monster Boy - it's a natural fit. :-)

Rez on :

Don't forget PS Vita!

fuzzy drainage on :

Absolutely Vita/PSTV or even PS3 would be great. I honestly cannot afford a new console, but I WILL buy this game.

Sergio on :

Can't wait to play!!! Thanks for your great work... And it would be great to have a physical edition with its manual with artwork, great cover illustration and all that :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you, Sergio! We also want a physical release and it may happen in cooperation with LimitedRunGames. Please stay tuned.

Juul de la Toeret on :

Have you considered to add scanlines as an in-game option (that can be turned on/off)
Please add it. The fans need it!

FDG, Thomas on :

Fantastic idea! :-)


Man you guys are really tugging on my heart string this game looks better every update that i see the question that i ask my self what version of monsterboy iam going to buy ps4 version or the nintendo switch which will be the definive version?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Alfredo! All platforms will get the best treatment possible. I think it won't matter on which hardware you're going to play the game.



FDG, Thomas on :

Can't say much about pre-order yet but the game will not have voice-over. However, it has intro and ending FMV animation.

Joey on :

The 'Monster World Complete Collection' soundtrack was released a few years ago to the joy of fans worldwide - in light of your use of real instruments, are there any plans to release the Monster Boy soundtrack, either as an extra or as a separate product?

FDG, Thomas on :

Yes we're considering to release a soundtrack album however nothing to confirm now like price, time etc. ^^

Joey on :

Wow, and just when I thought I'd couldn't possibly be more excited for this game! You've just guaranteed yourself a customer for the soundtrack, too :-D
As a life-long fan of Wonder Boy in Monster World, thank you all so much for picking up that legacy and continuing to make it, like his equipment, legendary.
(Also, thank you for such a quick response! :-) )

Julio Labbadia on :

What's up friends, how is everything, and what you would like to say concerning this paragraph, in my view its in fact remarkable in support of me.|

Serhat on :

can you guys add Tenacious D - Wonderboy to the soundtrack as well? haha


Will there be a new demo trailer released at paris games week?

FDG, Thomas on :

Unfortunately not, sorry! Next time we release a trailer might be New Year.


Then i will wait for newyears then i have a question will monsterboy have max resulutions of 1080 60fps on ps4 and nintendo switch?

Maybe Dick on :

The waiting is the hardest part.....

FDG, Thomas on :

..and someday it will come to an end when the game finally releases! ^^

j dawg on :

Is it bad to say that this is my most hyped game of 2016/17?

The cave soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, I can't stop listening to it.

My only real gripe is that the animations could be a bit smoother, but it looks like they are working on that.

I would buy the switch in a heartbeat if this is a release game.

FDG, Thomas on :

Very honored, J Dawg. Thank you! ^^ Glad you like the Cave soundtrack.

KimTaeJu on :

I really want to play the FDG games for nintendo switch JAPAN
I will buy the nintendo console JAPAN version
nintendo console have the national region
so would you please release the ocean horn and monster boy for nintendo switch to JAPAN

FDG, Thomas on :

No worries, Kim! We're going to partner with a Japanese publisher to bring the game to Japan, too.

Daniel c. on :

I wasn't aware that the game had been delayed (or rather got extended development time) till' 2017.
I was really hoping to get it this year, but alas i can wait a little longer.

My question is this though, do you have a release date for 2017? I may have missed it, because i missed the extension on the development announcement.

Oh and yeah, it's really amazing artwork you guys are making... i am really looking forward to this game, might go and dust off my old sega master system and play some wonder boy 3 while i wait :-D

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Daniel! Well, yes we postponed the release to 2017 and use the additional time to improve the game further. We don't have a firm release date yet. Loading up the good old classic WB3 is a good idea - do that! :-)



FDG, Thomas on :

Ha! That would be quite cool - but I doubt that today people would want such a difficult game :-) Loved it on Mega Drive and Super Grafx though ^^



Spidey981 on :

Hello all, last Saturday I was at the Paris Games Week and I was the first to try Monster Boy. I have only one thing to say: "Wow" the game is really fun to play, reactive, colorful and full of detail. I've tried Jin, Pig Man, Snake and Frog Man, the gameplay is really cool and fun. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. I have an important question. The game is announced on the new Nintendo console Switch and I am happy for the future owner of the Switch. But can you confirm that the game first released on PS4 and Xone then few months later on Switch ? Please please please first on PS4 and Xone. We wait longer than the future owner of Switch. I hope that the release date is still targeted to January. Thank you

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Spidey, thanks for checking out Monster Boy! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :-) We are currently looking into all requirements for Switch which isn't only on technical side but also business relevant. It is possible we need to release the game as sim-ship for all 3 platforms. This isn't a bad thing as we can use the time to keep polishing the game further. In the last weeks we found many things we could tweak further

Angry Man on :

Good evening, I'll be straight with all those reading this message. Do not wait until Q2 2017 and not in January as it was said on the blog or many video game site. I held my sources Phillip Doschl executive producer of FDG. At the end of the video in French

I summarizes all the dates announced on this blog.
Q3 / Q4 2015
Q1 2016
"Do not expect a release in the first half 2016"
Target January 2017
and now in 2017 Q2

and after-Q3 / Q4 2017
2018, 2019 ...

  I know it's long to make a game, but keep your commitment. You take people for idiots. I do not would buy your game. I would buy only the remake of Wonder Boy Lizardcube.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks for sharing your concerns.
Well, we never announced a firm official release date, all we did was answering questions. With this blog we keep you updated about our progress regularly.

I'm inviting you to make videogames yourself and you'll be surprised how difficult it is to guesstimate release dates that's why they're announced very late in production.

Look at how long Owlboy took or the new Final Fantasy (delayed) Shantae (delayed) This is very normal and as long as we don't announce an official release date - everything we say is just a rough indication.

Joey Thomas on :

As someone who only found out about this project recently, I've admittedly not gone through the series of delays that 'Angry Man' had endured, but I'll happily say that I'm willing to wait as long as it takes - four months or four years! - for the high-quality game you're working on, rather than rushing out some slapdash, derivative game because of arbitrary time constraints, or even worse: a remake just trying to cash in on the appeal of the original...
Take as long as you need, the loyal fans will wait. :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot for your understanding and support, Joey! :-)

Matthew Barrett on :

hi Thomas

I would first like to say I think you've done a fantastic job on this game that we can all play next year. I am truly sorry about that rude guy saying you've pushed back the release to 2018/2019 when you never even said that. I am looking forward to this game being released on the Nintendo switch next year and think it will do very well. it is true to say that these types of games are one of a kind and that makes it so special. I will look back on this blog after Christmas and see more information on the release date. it is a shame that it wont be released for pc or ps4 in January now but you did explain that all to me :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Matt,

thank you for the kind words! We'll make sure the game gets done as soon as possible but also in the best quality possible. It will release in 2017 we just can't announce a specific month yet.

all the best


NO worries thomas unfortunetly some gamers are gonna inpatient and rude but i support you and everyone on the fdg games staff take all the time you need on crafting that masterpiece of monsterboy i will buy that and future sequels plus l hope blossom tales is a sucess on pc so we can get a ps4 version in the future by the way i purchased the ps4 version of oceanhorn what a fantastic game loved it so much that i got the platnum trophy keep up the great work on monsterboy takecare thomas.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks so much for your support, Alfredo. Greatly appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed Oceanhorn on PS4 and congrats on getting the Platinum trophy ! ^_^

Matthew Barrett on :

to angry man

can you not be so rude to Thomas please I know more updates about this game than you and if you did youd know itll be on Nintendo switch next year be thankful about that. I understand you've waited a long time but be rest assured it IS coming soon

Matthew Barrett on :

I'm honestly quite upset right now. you see the Nintendo switch is coming out in march and I was thinking very positive that this game would be released the same time. well I saw this site and it says on it that it wont be released until spring 2017 instead of autumn I really hope this is untrue news. as I have been waiting very patiently this year for the game and a year goes by very slowly for me now another year is a very long time :-(

here is the source I read it up on

this is what is said
Spring 2017
Battalion 1944 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Get Even (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Knights and Bikes (PC, PS4)
Mario Sports Superstars (3DS)
Monster Boy (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)
Sonic Mania (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (PC, PS4, Vita)

Matthew Barrett on :

I got it wrong see I live in Australia and I remembered something when its autumn here its spring over there forget what I said

fuzzy drainage on :

can't wait. keep it up, guys. i'm sending my energy for the genki-dama.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you, Fuzzy! :-)

GSandSDS on :

As an old fan of the Wonderboy series (especially the Monster World sub-series) I am really happy to see that after all this time there is some sort of new installment of the series. The level design seems to be excactly that what I was expecting. Well, the graphic is... well... it needs getting used to. It's a little bit too similar to graphics of typical smartphone games. But it's okay, as long as the game is good. What needs to be polished – well, at least in my opinion – is the music. Not necessary the score but the chosen instruments. The instruments that I have heard in the 20 min footage sounded cheap and artificial (in a non-retro meaning), robbing a lot of the athmosphere.

FDG, Thomas on :

Don't worry - Graphics and Music from early presentations/demos are not final and subject to change in the release version. The music you heard was synth based and got improved with real instruments already. We just didn't share these final versions of the tracks with you as we don't want to spoil the final experience - be prepared for a treat ^_^

Ghost_Messiah on :

Still excited and hyped for the game as always but I'm a little confused here. Has the game officially slipped from its projected release date in January? Posts here on the blog seem to indicate so. I was really looking forward to playing this potentially amazing game come January - is the game now projected to release later than that? Your input Thomas would be deeply appreciated!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks so much for your continued interest! I was planning to do a blog update about the release date soon but I can confirm the game will not release in Q1 2017. I'm sorry but there are several reasons including quality control and another launch platform that we want to support. Please stay tuned!

Ghost_Messiah on :

Thank you for the fast and very graceful insightful reply Thomas! Monster Boy has been on my radar ever since the announcement and remains my most anticipated game right now. Wonderboy was my childhood and this game looks set to be an amazing continuation of the original games. It's just looking so fantastic so far. I'm a little disheartened that the game is missing January but if the reasons are quality related and targeting another platform then that's understandable - this game needs to shift as many units as possible to hopefully ensure a sequel! Looking forward to your release date post. Thanks again.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for your understanding, GM! Our main reason is not only the business side - we also use our time to polish the game as much as possible. Monster Boy is a very special project for us and we don't want to fail on fans of the Monster World series. In our playtests we identified various issues we need to fix to make the best and most enjoyable game possible here.

Matthew barrett on :

Hi Thomas you said the game won't release in Q1 due to quality. Control what Is that? And is the launch platform the Nintendo switch? well im certain it'll be between April to late may and can you do a release blog the minute you know thanks :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Quality Control is a stage every game enters when it's close to be finished. Various detailed playtests are done and if needed the game gets more polishing. We don't release games that are not fun for the full length of the game - that's a pretty high standard but absolutely necessary in our books ^^

Fred on :

Bonjour à toute l'équipe, dans la vidéo de l'émission Mornnig JVTV j'ai reconnu le thème du début du 1er stage de WB in monster world sur MD, avez-vous repris également le superbe thème du 2ème village celui de (Lilypad) ? Les musiques des deux premiers niveaux de Monster Boy sont elles définitives au niveau de leurs sonorités ou sont elles amener à changer durant la fin de développement du jeu? Une version collector est elle à l'étude? Les scrollings et couleurs utilisées pour Monster Boy sont superbes, bravo pour ce nouveau projet!

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Fred,
Effectivement il s'agit bien du thème de la plage de Wonderboy in Monster World sur Megadrive, la moitié de la BO de Monster Boy étant composée d'arrangements des plus grands thèmes des anciens jeux. Malheureusement Lilypad ne fera pas partie du voyage. Pour info le mixage des pistes dans la version présentée sur JVTV n'est pas définitif.
Conernant une éventuelle version collector je vous invite à rester branché sur ce blog et suivre FDG Entertainment sur Twitter/Facebook car c'est ici que tout sera annoncé officiellement.
Merci pour ce retour super positif, on espère vraiment que le jeu vous plaira!

JJ on :

Just watched the JVTV play-through and was absolutely amazed by how incredible a job you guys have done on the game. The improvements are brilliant. Its a true Monster World title. Keep polishing. Its brilliant.

FDG, Thomas on :

Happy to hear you liked the play-through! Thanks a lot JJ! ^^

Fred on :

Bonjour Fabien,
merci pour ces infos et précisions, nous sommes plusieurs de ma génération qui avons connu à leur époque les consoles 8-16 bits et l'arcade à attendre votre jeu qui va être un succès, pour l'anecdote je suis passé à la next-gen quasiment exprès pour votre jeu...
Bonne continuation pour l'optimisation et la fin de son développement.
ps: excellente! la musique de fin style jazz funk du dernier trailer (Gamescom 2016).

Fabien Gaillard on :

Je n'en peux plus, ça fait 4 mois que j'ai acheteé une Ps4 uniquement pour jouer à Monster Boy ou dragon's trap ne te generation et aucun ne donne encore de date de sortie, c'est pas cool????????????

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Fabien,
On est d'accord: c'est toujours très long l'attente d'un jeu, surtout pour une licence que l'on n'a pas revu depuis plus de 20 ans.
Mais le bon côté de la chose c'est que la production de Monster Boy se porte bien et c'est une véritable chance d'avoir les moyens de nos ambitions pour ce formidable projet. On vous promet que ça vaut le coup d'attendre encore un petit peu, juste le temps de profiter des autres titres géniaux déjà disponibles sur PS4 :-)
Encore merci pour votre soutien, on vous tient au courant très prochainement via ce dev blog!

Mw3 fan on :

Any updates? Its been a while

Fabien Gaillard on :

Je crois que vous ne comprenez pas, y'a des titres géniaux sur Ps4, mais aucun ne pourra m'émerveiller comme Wonder boy m'a émerveiller dans mon enfance. Je devais avoir 10 ans quand mes petits yeux ont découvert Monster Land et ses petits champignons tous mignons attaquer L'enfant merveilleux dans le village du 2eme niveau, c'est petites échoppes aux commerçants "bizarre", cette musique, ce labyrinthe de dingue,ses boss et surtout la sorcière du 1er niveau, etc.... Quand j'ai le cafard je sifflote la musique du 1er niveau pour me donner un peu de joie, j'ai meme mis la musique du 1er wonder boy en sonnerie de mon gsm. j'ai vécu avec mes tripes le dragon's trap et le Monster World. Mes garçons de 11et 7 ans connaissent la legende de Wonder boy et attendent aussi la suite. Pour moi cette franchise est aussi culte que Star wars ou Game of trône ( toutes proportions gardées). J'attands donc ce jeux comme un enfant attend Noël. Alors s'il vous plait, vous ne savez pas me dire si le jeux va sortir dans 2, 4 ou 6 mois? Je sens que mon corp est à bout et qu'il va lâcher à force d'attendre????????????
Je tenais en tout cas à vous féliciter de l'initiative de relancer les périples de Wonder Boy, mais aussi du professionnalisme et de la magie que vous avez deja réussis à mettre à ce nouvel opus, tout ca transpire à travers votre blog et vous avez réussis à faire revivre le petit garcon en moi. Vous êtes dans mon cœur à jamais????

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Hello Fabien,
Alors face à une telle déclaration d'amour pour Wonder Boy j'avoue que ça nous met encore plus la pression!
Pour la date de sortie: je rappelle combien il est important qu'un jeu sorte sans bug et autre problème qui viendrait gâcher le plaisir de la découverte. C'est pourquoi on ne préfère pas s'avancer sur une date avant d'être complètement certains que le jeu soit parfait. Promis, on vous tiendra informés dès que possible.
Merci beaucoup pour ces encouragements vraiment touchants, on retourne bûcher pour vous comme des dingues sur Monster Boy.

Fred on :

Bonjour tout le monde, prenez le temps pour qu'il soit nickel ;-)
une petites news pour noël serait sympa...
Une petite musique?
Bonne continuation.

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Fred,
Merci pour les encouragements!
On bosse à fond sur le jeu en ce moment et bien sûr on vous prépare un nouveau post qui arrivera prochainement sur ce devblog. Cette fois ça ne parlera pas de musique mais de refonte graphique avec une jolie surprise dedans ;-)

Copeau on :

This project is really exciting ! :-) It looks like a dream... I'm still playing on the ol' Master System & Megadrive games. I beg you to release this game on PC.

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous !
Je n'ai pas écrit de petit mot depuis la PGW ou j'ai pu tester Monster Boy. J'étais même le premier sur le stand dès l'ouverture des portes et pour récompenser notre engouement, Fabien de Game Atelier nous avais offert un badge collector à l'effigie de Jin à un ami et moi. Avant de commencer le jeu il y avait une cinématique animée vraiment cool d'une ou deux minutes. S'il vous plaît , pouvez vous la mettre en ligne? Ça serai un super cadeau quelques jours après Noël et nous permettrai d'attendre une date de sortie officielle. Merci

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981, alias l'un des plus grands fans de WB en France.
Merci pour le petit message.
Pour l'animation elle est effectivement visible pour tous les visiteurs de salons qui ont l'occasion d'essayer Monster Boy, comme à la Pax South qui aura lieu fin janvier. Pour les autres il faudra attendre la sortie du jeu pour pouvoir en profiter.
Promis il y aura quand même d'autres infos et belles surprises sur ce blog pour vous faire patienter.
Joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année à tous!

Spidey981 on :

Merci Fabien d'avoir répondu si vite. Le titre de plus grands fans de WB en France ( après Omar Cornut ) :-) est un honneur, surtout venant de vous. Et quel plaisir de vous avoir rencontré vous et David à la PGW. Dommage qu'il faut encore attendre pour revoir l'animation mais je comprend. J'ai hâte d'avoir des news et des surprises sur ce blog ou twitter. Je souhaite de tout coeur bon courage à toute l'équipe pour la fin du développement.

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous ! J'espère sincèrement que le développement arrive bientôt à son terme et qu'on va bientôt pouvoir profiter de ce petit bijoux. Je comprend que vous n'annoncez pas de date tant qu'il n'est pas fini et testé à 100%. Mais peut être pouvez vous nous dire dans combien de temps environ la date sera annoncée. Merci

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981,
Si j'ai bien suivi on devrait annoncer une date d'annonce de date sortie? :-)
Je comprends bien l'intention mais on va s'en tenir à une seule annonce quand on sera parfaitement au point, c'est déjà pas mal!

Slayer on :

I've been following this game for awhile now, but was wondering when the next update will be.

I'd also like to know whether you'll be releasing the PC version on Good Old Games (GOG). Looks good, anyway.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks for checking in! We just posted a new blog update minutes ago, please have a look. We are considering a launch on GOG, too but PC version is coming with a delay, after console release. We just can't handle more than 3 platforms at launch.

Ghost_Messiah on :

I'd also like to know when we can expect the next update. Checking this development blog on a daily basis ardently waiting for news! I believe Thomas said the next update will be focused on the release date so it sounds like it's an important one. Any idea when we'll be hearing more? Good luck on finishing this amazing looking game.

FDG, Thomas on :

Sorry, yes we've been overdue with an update! But we just posted one :-)

Neddy on :

Hello all, I've been following this game for a while and I have also been wondering when the next update is coming?
Anyway keep up the good work guys.

FDG, Thomas on :

Next update...JUST IN! :-D

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