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Monster Boy Q&A - What is Monster Boy?

Dear fellow Monster Boy friends,

it's time for another blog update! Today we'd like to take the time to answer some questions we've received in the past. We also would like to clarify what exactly is Monster Boy in the context of the original Wonder Boy in Monster World series. But before we provide answers, have a look at a recent screenshot!

Misty Woods:
We explore the forest area with Lion-Man. Beware of the poisoned water!

Is Monster Boy a remake or an all new game ?
Monster Boy is an all new game based on the Wonder Boy in Monster World series. You'll explore 'Monster World Kingdom' that contains various references to Monster World II-IV but in its core offers a completely fresh experience.

Does it play like the old games?
We updated the core mechanics to offer a more dynamic and modern experience but this doesn't mean we made it more complicated to play. Fans of the classic series will feel at home but enjoy increased pacing and a wider range of combat moves, level and puzzle designs. You'll even be able to turn whole rooms upside down and shake them up for some puzzle solving.

What can you tell us about the animal transformations ?
There's Human, Pig, Snake, Frog, Lion and Dragon form. Monster Boy allows to instantly switch to any form once you unlocked it. Each form has advantages but also comes with drawbacks. The level design invites you to switch your form often and find the best strategies. You can even switch your form while jumping to reach certain places and secrets. This makes for some very dynamic gameplay.

Is the game level based ?
You'll explore a completely interconnected open world that allows you to go everywhere based on your abilities. You may find a path locked for a while but it opens up once you found new equipment or a new animal form. Make sure to remember previously closed pathways so you can return later and explore every corner in the game.

Is this an official successor ?
Yes, Monster Boy is an official successor in the series. We cooperate with the original series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa (former WESTONE) and licensed all assets from LAT corporation. Monster Boy continues the tradition of the last two Genesis games which offered a wide range of locations, many NPCs to help and various puzzles to solve. You'll even meet Pepelogoo!

Then why don't you name it Wonder Boy in Monster World V?
The Wonder Boy series has an extreme title fragmentation depending on which country it was released. In Japan it was called Monster World, in Brazil they named it Turma da Mônica em o Resgate, based on a comic book series character. The IP for the title Monster World isn't owned by SEGA anymore and that made it difficult to bring all together again. Monster Boy is mostly based on the Sega Genesis series which means it's closest to the original and wide spread Monster World naming of the series. In the end, Monster Boy was the most elegant solution for us. We could secure this IP for worldwide use now and it's the next best thing to the original name.

On which platforms do you release Monster Boy?
The game will release on Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. We plan to support more platforms later but that depends on the sales of the game and players feedback.

How long is the game?
It will take around 10 hours to finish the game.

Physical Copy??
We are currently looking into several options. Please stay tuned for an announcement at a later time.

I've seen reviews of the game. Can you send me a review copy?
At this point, there is no way any press member could've made a review of Monster Boy. All we showed so far is a relatively short demo that was made for 10 minute sessions on show floors like PAX.

WHEN ???
We can't believe that we already spent 3 years on making the game. Time goes by so fast! When we started the project, we imagined a very small action adventure to enjoy in between other games. Now it became a huge game with a high variety of gameplay, locations and features. We will announce the release date at a later point. Please know that every delay means you get a better game, because we tirelessly work on improving it.

Why don't you release the demo ?
We don't want to spoil your experience with a demo that we made specifically for the show floor. The demo is made for very short plays and to show off the idea behind the game. It doesn't depict the final experience.

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Zell on :

Loved the poster.

Any possible DLCs later (maybe 2 player mode or secret dungeon :-))?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks Zell! Indeed we're considering a 2 Player Mode DLC but right now we're fully focused on completing the main game which is a single player experience.

jj on :

Love the look of the game, the colors + armour styling.

Rez on :

Still hoping for Playstation Vita...

Spidey981 on :

C'est une très bonne chose d'avoir fait le point . J'espère que tout comme Lizardcube, une fenêtre de sortie sera bientôt annoncée . Bon courage pour la fin, cela devient très très dur d'attendre. Je croise les doigts pour une sortie au printemps 2017.

Matthew Barrett on :

Thomas you really need to STOP delaying this game its NOT fair on all of us. First it was meant to come out last year and then January this year and now youre saying it will be delayed AGAIN. Ive seen the trailer many times and it really does almost look completed to me. Plus the Switch is almost out now and I CANT believe that you STILL don't have a release date not even a month. It says 2017 but that's not good enough we want a release date so everyone can look forward to it. Every month I check this blog its always the same NO release date and its really starting to drive me crazy.

Matthew Barrett on :

hey everyone if Thomas is not allowed to tell us all the release date yet then I have some better news and it is very recent from February 17th. it was on a site called

here is the exciting news

A game that features classic controls is not complete without the fantastic classic artwork of a 2D game. Although the scenes and characters are rendered in 3D, the game keeps to a traditional platformer style. Look for the game to be released in June of 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 4, and iOS.

this is the link

Jarppinen on :

Are there any plans to release this masterpiece on GOG?

FDG, Thomas on :

That's likely to happen one day, yes

Spidey981 on :

Hello Matthew. Thank you for the news and the link, I hope that the site says true and that the game will be released in June. Just like you waiting long

Umaro on :

Pepe is in the game? Now I'm really hyped!

Please delay the game as much as you need. Even if it comes out in 2020, just make sure it's polished and bug-free.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for your understanding, Umaru. Polishing is very important so the game is fun at all times.

jj on :

I do have one q. Will you include an option to turn off the 'jumping' treasure chests?


FDG, Thomas on :

The jumping treasure chests are important/epic chests. There's also other chests that don't move. We thought it's a nice touch! Don't you like them? Come on - it's fun! :-)

JJ on :

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the response. I like everything I have seen of Monster Boy and am greatly looking forward to it. And yes I do like the jumping chests too.

But hope if you include a 'hard mode', these chests will be less a little less noticeable, perhaps more hidden.

Either way, excellent. Please take all the time you need to perfect your masterpiece that is The Cursed Kingdom.

Matthew Barrett on :

to Spidey981 thanks for your kind words and yes I do hope so too. FDG entertainment did make a promise to release it this year. and as for you Umaro keep your comments to your self theres no way in hell I'm waiting until 2020 ive already waited three years as it is!!!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Don't worry, the game production will finish this year! Up until then make sure to enjoy the remake project of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap which will release next month on April 18th!

Matthew Barrett on :

Thomas do you remember this recent message? This is the year in which we finally finish the production of Monster Boy and release the game. So much has been going on in a development cycle that clocks in ~3 years ! The game isn't gold yet but we're progressing nicely with polishing and fine details.

See you said this is the year 2017 when you receive this game so what is going on I don't understand. its March now yet you still wont give us a release date not even in a month we deserve at least that



Spidey981 on :

Please quote your sources. FDG and Game Atelier do not know them.

Spidey981 on :

Sorry, problem with translation

Matthew Barrett on :

no problem spidey981 check out this site the dragons trap blog type it in google. the latest update says this and its official for sure and is on the developments website. The game will launch in Spring 2017 on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The PC version should come shortly after (in the best case scenario we may be able to release it on the same date, but it may need to be delayed because PC compatibility is really tough to get right).

Spidey981 on :

Hi Matthew, I spoke to Alfredo to quote his sources. But I had not seen that it was a joke for the PS5. In any case thanks for the info. Tonight Fabien Demeulnaere of Game Atelier on Tonight 9pm in #PasseLeStick: La Switch
Test: Zelda
Fabien Demeulenaere from @GameAtelier for Monster Boy! Maybe new info. Audio in French

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour Fabien!

Dans l'émission PasseLeStick du lundi 6 mars , la question "d'une annonce de date de sortie " a été évoquée et vous avez dis que la question avait déjà été posée. Vous n'avez pas pu répondre durant l'interview car ils n'ont pas arrêté de vous interrompre. Peut on espérer une annonce de date de sortie bientôt?
Autre question : aurons nous prochainement une vidéo de Gameplay avec le nouveau visage de Jin ? Merci pour tout , je croise les doigts très fort pour une sortie en juin.

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981,
Merci de m'avoir suivi sur le podcast de PasseLeStick!
Ce n'était pas les premiers à me poser cette question et la réponse est toujours la même: désolé mais la date de sortie ne sera dévoilée en une seule fois uniquement quand on sera 100% sûrs que tout est prêt et complètement génial.
Je rappelle que sortir Monster Boy sur PS4, Xbox One, et Switch est un travail colossal et on ne fera aucune concession sur le contenu et la qualité. Merci encore pour votre formidable soutien!

Spidey981 on :

Merci de prendre le temps de répondre aux fans malgré tout le travail qu'il reste à faire. Je vais attendre la date de sortie mais plus les jours passent et plus ça devient dur. Je sais que vous allez nous préparer un vrai petit joyaux . En attendant je vais rejouer à Wonder Boy in Monster World sur ma Megadrive.

TouchingEvil on :

This looks amazing.

Please! Release it on game cart, not only digital download.

Serkun on :

I use to access your blog for news on this game. You wouldn't believe how many times I have gone into the PSN Store to see if it has been finally released! You have a first-day purchaser.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Serkun! I'm glad you like the Monster Boy project. ^_^

Ghost_Messiah on :

Such a great post for the development blog! Super interesting and fascinating reading. Wonderboy was my childhood so I remain forever obsessed with this fantastic looking game. Thomas, you noted that a release date post is coming soon a while back - is that still happening? Whilst we're all extremely excited for the game a release date or even release window would be amazing to see in the near future as I think many of us really want to experience the game now. Any idea when we'll hear more news?

Outside of that keep up the amazing work on the game and development insight here on this blog. You definitely have one sale here from me. Looking forward to Monster Boy immensely.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi GM, thanks a lot! About the release date: There's really no further information I can give now. I understand that some are eagerly waiting for an announcement or even disappointed that there's no firm release date available. Sorry about that! I admit that we underestimated the game production time early on which gave a wrong impression. 'See you in 2016' became 2017. The thing is - while making games many surprising things can happen, sometimes we can share those details, sometimes it's under NDA. Please stay tuned!

Matthew Barrett on :

Yeah Thomas its true that Ghost_Messiah has a point you were saying that awhile ago that youd be doing a release date post. Furthermore you said it will be released in 2017 but it IS 2017 and we haven't even heard a season even yet its just not fair it really isn't. we have to wait while you just keep polishing the game when I don't think there are glitches. you need to be thinking of what people want and keep your promises

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Matthew,

polishing is essential as the quality standards in games is going through the roof! We like this development as we all like to play good games :-) Please know that any delay has a reason. We don't do that to disappoint fans, it's quite the opposite. We respect the fans so we try to deliver the best possible experience. The trailers you see don't depict the game in its entirety. Monster Boy has many things and content we didn't reveal yet.

Matthew Barrett on :

everyone I know exactly what Thomas will do. he says that the game is releasing sometime this year. then towards the end of the year hell say its been delayed till 2018 and that's wrong doing that. getting everyone excited and not keeping their promise

Matthew Barrett on :

to Thomas. I am truly sorry for having a go at you my impatience certainly got the best of me. ignore what I said I know exactly why it never got released last year. because you wanted to release it on the switch. now since you need to do a little more polishing and because of NDA you cant say much right now. Ill go back on this blog in late May and by then giving you more time to finalise the game I'm sure they'll be some great news on release date as you did say stay tuned :-)

TK Yang on :

Damn it take my money already!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Sauldo on :

Yay, it's the final stretch. The game looks really polished and the announced longevity left me really dreamy (usually, Monster World games are far shorter than 10 hours to finish).
It has sure been a long way for you, devs, but I'm more than happy that after more than 20 years fans will finally be able to put their hands on a true successor to the Monster World franchise.
I'll definitely make an exception to my 'no preorder' rule for that one.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you, Sauldo! The game is really big, many places to visit. Can't wait to hear your feedback when you're playing the final game!

Shion on :

Please don't forget PlayStation Vita! I want to love this game,but i don't want to buy a Ps4 or Nintendo switch to play that!!

FDG, Thomas on :

We love the Vita too, but Monster Boy has really been growing to a big game which also requires quite some power, especially RAM. The Vita port would be challenging to do and certainly have a couple restrictions compared to Nintendo Switch and others. That doesn't rule out a port - just needs extra care and that can be considered if the game sells well on the other platforms.

Louie on :

Thanks for the honest assessment. Hopefully the game will sell well and the technical hurdles for a Vita port will be overcome. I think the game would be a great fit for the Vita!

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous,

L'attente devient un vrai supplice. Nous comprenons que le jeu doit être encore polit mais pouvez-vous nous donner des infos sur l’évolution du développement environ une fois par mois ? Car parfois il à fallu attendre presque trois mois pour avoir des news . Cela pourrais nous permettre d'attendre plus facilement la date de sortie. Merci beaucoup

Jeff on :

Can you please let us know if the intro to the game is keeping with the tradition of wonder boy? In previous ones he would start in his home and then the first few screens were always the same, you go to the right and enter the witches home who tells you you must save monster world and then only after talking to her will a ramp appear for you to continue on...The first enemies you encounter were those snakes...Ect.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Jeff,

we're having the elevating block appear right at the beginning after the first dialogue which is a nod to Wonder Boy (e.g. Monster Land). There's more similarities you'll hopefully enjoy but also a lot of variation and new ideas. cheers!

Matthew Barrett on :

Hi Thomas

Do you remember this message you said to everyone not all that long ago? Dear followers, fans and friends - welcome to 2017!
This is the year in which we finally finish the production of Monster Boy and release the game.

Well it Is 2017 so I have one question for everyone whos been waiting for a long time. Will this game at least still definitely be released this year? as its only March so there are still 9 months before the end of the year to polish the game and get it on the Switch.......... and I keep hearing itll be released mid year. cmon Thomas at least tell us all the season please :((((((((

Spidey981 on :

Hi all fans

While waiting for a release date, here is a 25 min gameplay video of the Pax East where we can see the new face of Jin. here is the link


JJ on :

Thanks, just watched the clip. I actually do prefer the new hairstyle now, you were right, it does work. The animations are awesome. I can't believe how amazing the game is looking.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks JJ, glad you like it now!

wout on :

What do you guys think about the dragons trap remake?

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Wout,

that's a great project and gives us perfect reason to play an all-time classic again! :-)

wout on :

Thanks for your reply!
Anyway Monster Boy is an instant buy.
I support your game so much.
When the launch trailer appeared with the banjo guy i was
instantly convinced.Really looking forward to it's release!

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