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Eye Candy! Cranking up the graphics

Dear fellow Monster Boy friends,

it's time for a new update! :-)
We're very sorry about the 2 months of radio silence but it was just because the whole team is working hard on finishing the game. While we're still tuning levels we also put the finishing touches on the graphics. Oh boy - the game is going to look so nice!

Below you'll find two images, old and new.
Monster Boy gets all the treatment of light work and detail now in the final stage of development.

The first version of graphics used during development
The final look of the game with added lighting and detail
As you can see all the pieces fall into place now. Please know that any delay in the past had the sole purpose of improving the game. Thanks for staying around and supporting us !
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Joey Thomas on :

Just when I thought the graphics couldn't get better, you completely raise the bar with this latest post.
It's so exciting to see the game so close to being ready - and as I said last year, don't worry about the delays, the fanbase will hold out for you. :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Joey! I'm glad you like it ^_^

Spidey981 on :

Wow !!! La différence est hallucinante , avant c'était déjà très beau mais là vous avez mis la barre à son maximum. Je comprend que vous ne donnez toujours pas de date car si tout les décors seront aussi poussés ça sera une pure merveille. Un énorme bravo à toute l'équipe. L'attente devient vraiment difficile mais ça vaut largement le coup d'attendre. Je suis impressionné par autant de talent, c'est tout simplement parfait.

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981,
L'exemple de ce post du jour montre exactement ce qu'on est en train de faire au niveau graphique sur Monster Boy. A noter que l'on fait aussi des mises-à-jour majeures sur les niveaux et même le gameplay. Autant dire que ce que vous voyez n'est que la partie émergée de l'iceberg!
Puisqu'on vous disait que c'était pour la bonne cause ;-)
Bon weekend!

Spidey981 on :

C'est vrai que c'est pour la bonne cause, et j'ai hâte de mettre les mains dessus. Je sais que le développement vous prend énormément de temps mais est il possible d'avoir une petite news dans environ un mois? Car deux mois sans nouvelles c'est une vraie torture :-) Je vous souhaite également un bon weekend

Oldos on :

It's a dream for Playstation Vita?!

FDG, Thomas on :

So far the game is planned to release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Other platforms are not decided yet.

Logbomb on :

Wow looks fantastic. It has been a joy to follow the evolution of the art in this game, the attention to detail is amazing. If only we could actually get to play the game one day, it's been a long wait since 2015 ;-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Hey Logbomb, hope you're doing great! It's crazy to think about all the time that passed since we first announced it and how the game evolved since then. It's not just the graphics; the gameplay and level design also got better now. Looking forward to the day we share the game with everyone. cheers!

Onimusha on :

Again nothing 2018

James on :

Merci les gars,

Wonder Boy Dragon's trap just gave me more appetite for this.
I hope both games will do extremely well.

Again, I want the game to come out as soon as possible but I totally understand you taking your time to improve it. So please release it when you think it's ready. :-)

Thanks for the update and can't wait to play it.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you James! Glad you enjoyed Dragon's Trap. I'm sure you'll love Monster Boy, too ^_^

jj on :

New screen is beautiful.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! It's even better in motion! :-)

meh on :

That's not Wonderboy anymore, that's more targeted to younger audience who never played the original and instead want graphics.
Rest of us, Wonder boy 3 - sorry.
One of the trademark of Wonderboy, was very raw and not polished


Joey Thomas on :

I'd take improved graphics and forward-thinking over shoddy graphics purely for the sake of nostalgia, any day!

Tom on :

Just because this is your opinion, don't assume you speak for other people.

Personally, (as a professional Graphic Designer for nearly two decades, now) I think that the graphic style(s) of the WB3 remake are a complete mess.

Choosing to completely ignore the entire art direction of not just the original game but also the entire series and to then replace them with several different graphic styles which not only don't match with the old series but also often going in a completely different direction even within the remake itself, shows what a poor job has been done by the artist in question.

Monster Boy not only takes the same aesthetic as the series has always had and modernises it, it also looks like it has been made with a team that has had proper creative management, enuring that the entire game has a consistent look throughout. The same cannot be said of the WB3 remake, which unfortunately shows what a difference there can be between a fan remake, (which is what it originally was) and a game made by a team of professionals who know what they're doing.

Lollie on :

Tom, not sure what you're talking about in regards to Dragon's Trap "ignoring" the original artstyle (especially considering that the original art and level design is present in the remake). There's no need to attack the other game or its creators.

I must admit, I have a larger appreciation for the frame-by-frame animation seen in Dragon's Trap, VS the smooth puppet animation shown in this Monster Boy sequel. I believe DT's manga-ish style gave their game some much-needed character, and I would actually prefer to see Monster Boy adopt an artstyle closer to the background image on this very website, with its expressively fluid lines and imperfect details.

But these are all just personal tastes. There are valid merits to the visual approaches seen in both Dragon's Trap and Monster Boy, and there's no denying that the Monster Boy team are dedicated to making sure that their game looks and feels as great as they can make it. I'm interested in seeing how Monster Boy continues to evolve right up to its release.



FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot Alfredo! Who knows maybe we'll even have Monster Boy 2 when the PlayStation 5 is out ;-)



Colin on :

Looking very good but don't delay too much longer. People will lose interest.
I am trying hard to keep interest and dragons trap has continued that interest.

FDG, Thomas on :

We do our best! I truly hope all the extra work re-ignites any interested in the game because it will be much better now :-)

csb on :

Just wondering if you ever honoured the Kickstarter backers with a free copy as mentioned in update 12?

FDG, Thomas on :

Sure, you're still in for a free Steam copy when its available and when you did all that was written in update 12 before we announced Monster Boy.

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour !

Comme dans The Dragon's Trap y aura t'il dans le menu une option " Galerie" pour pouvoir regarder les artworks et autre coulisse du jeu ? Merci

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981,

Pour l'instant, aucune galerie n'est prévue dans Monster Boy. Là encore on préfère se focaliser uniquement sur le contenu du jeu qui s'améliore de jour en jour.

Allez j'y retourne ;-)


Mike on :

I can only echo what Colin said. I was super excited for the game 1 year ago but infrequent updates and multiple month long delays seem to have diminished my interest and the interest of a lot of other people as you can see by the number of posts you got to your recent updates.
You got the benefit of having dragons trap released just now but if you keep delaying you will not do yourself any favours. Rather patch it and dlc whatever isnt ready.

Just my opinion :-)

iamerror on :

Looks great!
Are you planning a physical release on Switch?

Onimusha on :

2018 jan

Slayer82 on :

I echo some of the other comments when I state the wait is a bit too long.
You should never release an incomplete game, but this is taking too long.
It's not my business, but surely you could release weekly updates. Simply post a few screens or very short video with an explanation. That would take a few minutes to do.
The update doesn't contain anything new or exciting. I'm not trying to be negative, however I feel you need to complete this by year's end.

Pantera68 on :

Will there be a physical release and an actual release date soon?

Three years is a long time to wait, but I'm happy to wait until the end of this year. 2018 would be too long and I'd probably give the game a miss if that's the time frame.

i was pumped for this game last year, but the latest inept update kind of deflated me a bit; it's just another screen comparison.

Good luck in the future, people. :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Pantera, Slayer and Mike,

thanks for your feedback! Yes we know it's frustrating to wait such a long time with little news. We made some mistakes in the past, for example we released gameplay and screenshot material too early when we didn't know that we can do better. New ingame visuals are much improved now, we also got much better in everything else like level design and gameplay. Other publishers would have thrown out the game in any state just to meet the date but we have a different ethos with FDG and Game Atelier. We want to take this chance of a lifetime and release something truly great. A classic that has the chance to revive the whole series. We take our learnings and polish the game to highest heavens so you get the most for your hard earned dollars!cheers!

Logbomb on :

"We want to take this chance of a lifetime and release something truly great. A classic that has the chance to revive the whole series"

Yes, fantastic! The Dragon's Trap release was nice, but there really doesn't seem to be a plan there to revive the series, which is what long term fans like me have been wanting for over 20 years. Dragon's Trap releasing first works out well, as it introduces many new players to the series and leaves them wanting more. Then later this year Monster Boy launches with a plan to actually revive the series, and clearly the opportunity is being taken very seriously by all involved. At first I was disappointed that the Wonder Boy name wasn't being used, particularly as Dragon's Trap managed to get the name. But then I thought about it, the Wonder Boy series is an IP/Trademark mess and it makes far more sense to launch a new series with a new name officially licensed from the old IP that can be carefully looked after an managed long into the future without additional complications. So I completely understand that you want to get that right and release something of high quality that can actually get the sales needed for the continued series to be a reality. This is very exciting :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks Logbomb - yep, you completely got it right! That's our plan :-)

Spidey981 on :

Merci à vous et Thomas de prendre le temps de répondre aux fans . Dans le dernier post il est indiqué que vous êtes dans la phase finale de développement. Pouvez-vous être un peu plus précis? Peut on savoir quelles sont les étapes restantes ? Nous attendons tous une date de sortie, savoir à peu près le travail qu'ils vous reste pourrait apaiser notre attente. Merci

Zeo on :

Really excited for this :-)

Louie on :

The game is looking fantastic! I have to admit that the original art style did not really grab me. The game is looking much sharper now and as a result will have a greater chance of success.

I understand that many people are getting impatient for the game. Kick starter projects always seem to take a long time due to small teams and no hard deadlines set by sales departments. However, I stand by developers who refuse to release a game before it is actually ready. Give developers the time that they actually need and you get gems like Owlboy and Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero. I hope that someday people will remember Monsterboy as a true classic of side scrolling adventure games.

On a side note, I am still hoping for a Vita port if the game does well on other platforms!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot Louie! We sure hope so too. ^_^
I'm very confident that players will be very pleased with the final game. The polishing phase is very satisfying as we're reaching new heights every day! :-)

Shion on :

Yes! Also for me! I want a Vita port!

Onimusha on :


Zell on :

Hello everyone,

the number of comments has dramatically decreased, & I myself might have stopped commenting for a while, but I do come in from time to time to read comments.

that does not mean I have stopped supporting this game/team. and I hope that the decreased number of comments does not reflect the decreased number of interest in this game.

actually maybe comments in the old days were more or common questions which now most people are aware of the game and not in need to ask for question.

the reason I am commenting now is for this, it might be my own feeling... but It might be true for many...

while I feel a little down is that this game has not yet released, hummm... no no no, I am alway excited:p ..... well, to at least to re-enthusiasm my friends about this game, where they heard about it way long back, is to try to tease a bit more about this game (without spoiling as much as possible) before releasing this game while ensuring that the release date is confirmed. (so that we don't re-discourage the gamers again)

At least that would revive the discussion about this game and encourage the gamers to talk about this game and recall the nice memories of these previous games in the past.

I believe that is a critical way to ensure that people can get excited, maybe via news or new trailers.

that's all, And special thanks for the developers of this game.

all the way to finishing this game and to the upcoming series as well :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Zell, no worries about the amount of comments. We just spread our news and feedback over time, became active on Reddit, Neogaf, Facebook and Twitter. I can say the feedback and inquiries are not slowing down but we slowly reach a point where all is said and done and we just need to get our game ready! Working hard on that! ^_^

J dawg on :

Is this coming out in 2017?

dragovius on :

I am sure the polishingstage is going well, but i am wondering if there is an estimate on the actual release, it has been a full month without any update on the matter besides screenshots and the news about a delay which was a month ago, me and quite a few others are getting quite anctious on weither it will still come out

FDG, Thomas on :

We currently completely rewrite 2 bigger areas of the game and changed a sizeable bit of the story which we didn't like anymore. We certainly move forward very well but can't announce any dates yet. Sorry for our continued stretch here but we spent too much time on the game to tolerate imperfect parts in it. We want to finish it properly. ^_^ Hopefully our efforts pay off and we can reboot the series with Monster Boy. Quality is sooo good ..really

Spidey981 on :

It's really cool, but when a new update on blog ? I need some fresh news please.....

FDG,Thomas on :

Finally updated the blog - damn it took us 2 months again. :o We'll post more frequently from now on. Please stay tuned!

Jayson on :

Man I'm so excited for this game! I only recently discovered it, when I was a kid WonderBoy in MonsterWorld was my literal favourite game and until recently, when I bought it on Steam, I played it on emulators regularly, and before that (before my SEGA died) I played it regularly on console. the dragons trap was my second fav, and that's recently had a remake due to release on the 8th of this month. What an awesome time for fans of the series! This LOOKS amazing and the core gameplay (from what I can tell) retains the charm and fun of the originals! I don't buy many games these days, but will definitely make room in my wallet for this one.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you so much for your interest and support, Jayson. I'm glad you like what you've seen so far and we're tirelessly working on creating the best possible experience. Please stay tuned for more frequent updates on this blog.

locomotive on :


is the game getting a physicsl ps4 copy

And the difficulty is it cranked up caus the other games they where good but it was easy is there difficulty mode so there are more monsters etc like the old doom games

thank you

FDG,Thomas on :

We're indeed planning to add a hard mode for higher difficulty!

Matthew Barrett on :

Thomas I understand that you need to polish up the graphics and also change or add to the story. But here is the thing you did promise us fans that the game would be released in 2017 and now it is that year so I'm really hoping you keep your word.

FDG,Thomas on :

You're the last person in the world that I would want to disappoint but right now I still can't confirm a firm date. We've posted a new blog entry today to explain our continued delays. We post more frequent updates in the future. Please stay tuned.

Jeff Munger on :

Who all remembers the iconic red night from monster land? I can still see the image in my mind of the master system game case with the blond haired boy and that red knight. I have been following this blog and the advancements since the very start of the project. I'm dying with anticipation for it and every month I get more and more eager.

FDG,Thomas on :

One of so many iconic moments, Jeff! Thank you for following us here and showing your support - cheers!

Jason on :

Hope this game isn't lost in development purgatory. It has been MIA for a while now.

FDG,Thomas on :

Don't worry we are still working on the game and the team is even bigger than ever, helping to finish it as soon as possible.

GSandSDS on :

Nice to see that the graphics are still improving. However, too bad that they are... well... only still images. Because now that the remake of "The Dragon's Trap" is released for PC, I have seen that fluid animations and an organic looking environment can make a big difference. Many of the character and enemy animations, especially the normal walking and climbing animations as shown in the PAX EAST 2017 demo of Monster Boy still look a bit stiff for todays standards.
And about the organic environment: Some thing I've noticed in The Dragon's Trap, even though it is more a thing about athmosphere, is how they used shadow layers in order to darken the hero and other objects in certain areas a little bit. For example near the great pyramid, when the hero is standing on the west side of the pyramid he is a little bit darker than on the east side, as if there was a shadow thrown by the building. The same thing happens near certain trees. This gives a better impression that the protagonist is really standing "in" the environment and not just in front of a scenery. :-)

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