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Wonder Banjo Boy

Today we'd like to introduce you the guy with magical banjo skills: Banjo Guy Ollie!

When we began to think about how we could properly introduce Monster Boy to the public, we didn't even know this amazing person yet. One day, we browsed the various YouTube retro channels and stumbled across his banjo arrange of the Wonder Boy 3 town music. It was beautiful! Hand-made from a great fan of the legendary series and executed like the track was always meant to be played on a banjo.

We contacted him about our project and he immediately agreed to join us. We are very happy about how it turned out - announcing a game without talking a lot and just enjoying some music to rekindle the golden age of videogames. The video expresses exactly how we feel about the chance of reviving a legendary game series. It's so much fun!


Ollie just uploaded a new track for everyone to enjoy! It's an arrange of 'The Last Dungeon' track of Dragon's Trap. We know it's one of the most popular Wonder Boy III tracks and you'll hear it in one way or another in Monster Boy too. ;-)

Please check out his YouTube channel: Banjo Guy Ollie YouTube Channel
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Logbomb on :

Looking forward to a new version of 'The Last Dungeon' in a new installment of the series! Thoroughly enjoyed each rendition of the song from Monster Land to Monster World IV.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks, Logbomb! Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the soundtrack when the game is out. I think you'll like it :-)

Patrick on :

It's awesome to have such great people in our team! Excellent arrange ;-)

GengizMuc on :

Thumbs up! :-)

Patrick on :

Glad about the positive feedback!

LordKaiser on :

Will his music be on the game itself?

FDG, Thomas on :

Maybe yes ;-)

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