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Revealing hand-drawn transformation #4: Snake form

Dear Monster Boy fans and friends,

it's that day of the week again!
Each Friday we reveal a new transformation form of Monster Boy with the all-new hand-drawn look! This time, it's the snake and there's only the Pig and the Dragon form left! Once we revealed all forms, we're going to give you a sneak peek of the animation. It's a night and day difference to all the old footage of the game and we can't wait to share it with you!

The snake can swallow keys, spit poison and climb walls or move on ceilings. Super cool <3
As always, thank you so much for your feedback, interest and comments! Please look forward to the next reveal. Until then we warmly recommend to play Mario Odyssey which released today - in case you own a Switch! Wahoo!
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Cristian on :

Nooo! You've killed the snake! This is getting worse! My dream has turned to a nightmare...So disappointed! :____(

Siphon on :

Are you joking? In either version it's pretty much the same little red worm, and in the same amazing game we've been getting glimpses of for some time.

FDG, Thomas on :

Don't worry, I understand your reaction because it's quite a change but we're not going to drop the ball on this. Not planning to cause nightmares! :o It may be hard to adopt the new character design after having seen them differently for years but the new ones will grow on you when we whirl our magic staff and breath life into them. They're so much more detailed and fun to play with. I'd be very surprised if you dismiss them when we're finished with the game.

matthew barrett on :

well what do you expect its a snake so its more simple than the other creatures. But thomas has made an amazing game for next year i so cant wait to play it. i also cant wait till he shows us the new dragon form.

Cameron on :

So true! I can't wait for the Dragon form!

Luke on :

Ugh - these new sprites are *so ugly*. Particularly the boy model. What's up with his hair?

The originals were far better - more appealing, painterly and full of character.

I don't understand how a spiritual sequel can have vastly inferior player sprites to those of a Wonderboy remake.

I've been waiting for a game like this for so many years, and it seems like you're messing up the visual style at the last possible minute.

This game has gone from being a "must buy" to being a "shaky maybe" for me. Terribly, terribly disappointed.

Junior lima on :

I dont think they re like that ugly but i do think they could improve those visuals to something better. Those new sprites faces are way too kind and the main character shield actually doesnt really look like a shield. It seems like hes holding an bowl with some kind of powder in, also the way he holds the shield is so weird, too far away from his body. it looks like Frog is getting ready for a loong and relaxing poop. snakes head is too big too. The best of them is the lion, but still he can be improved a lot. Wonderboy dragons trap remakes sprites are looking much better than this, for real.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hey guys,
some comments are quite funny but let's keep the discussion grounded okay? When you compare Dragons Trap sprites with this one you should keep in mind that equipment parts change realtime in Monster Boy so there's various shields, armors and swords. It's not like you equip a sword and still breath fire like the lizard in Dragons Trap. Furthermore, the movements and actions are much more varied as each character has unique abilities that have a lot more animation phases. The proportions have been designed very thorough and carefully so everything snaps into place beautifully. You'll be surprised ;-)

GSandSDS on :

Won't judge the new character designs yet. It really depends on their animation. The animation of the old characters looked a little bit like... well... stiff, like the ones in a flash game. The could be a little bit more fluid and dynamic. (I admid it, the animations in the Wonderboy Dragon's Trap remake really got me). So, I am really curious how the characters will look like, when they are fully animated.

FDG, Thomas on :

Expect nothing less than a beautifully animated game - Bye bye puppets ! :-) Please look forward for the final game and thanks for checking out the blog!

matthew barrett on :

hey thomas since you decided to push back the game till 2018 after youve shown us the remaining 2 characters. would you be able to put up a playable demo of it on PSN and Nintendo Store by any chance???

FDG, Thomas on :

It's a lot of work and preparation (even age rating certificates are required) to put up anything on consoles. If we would work on a demo version and submission now, the game would release at least 2 months later. We prefer to focus on the main game ;-)

matthew barrett on :

i get the hint now i know the game is definitely on the way next year i can wait a little longer :-)

Dieu on :

Bonjour à toute l'équipe,

Je tenais à vous témoigner toute mon admiration et ma gratitude, car vous êtes véritablement le premier studio occidental qui soit parvenu à insuffler à son œuvre ce style si caractéristique des productions nippones des 90's qui nous ont si durablement marqué.
Par le passé, d'autres développeurs ont tenté - vainement - de concevoir des jeux-vidéo à l'esthétique manga/anime, mais sans jamais véritablement en saisir ni maitriser les codes visuels et narratifs.
Contrairement à vous qui avez su brillamment capter l'essence profonde de cette imagerie et la restituer dans votre création et ce sans tomber dans le piège du fanboyisme servile ou de la caricature sans âme.
Vos nouveaux designs pour les différentes transformations de Jin ne dépareilleraient pas dans un vieux numéro de Famitsu Weekly ou les pages d'une notice de jeu PC Engine ou Megadrive ! Vraiment hâte de voir tout cela en mouvements ! ^^

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Dieu,

Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire qui nous touche droit en plein cœur. On essaye au maximum de retranscrire la même ambiance de cette saga qui nous a tellement marquée dans notre enfance, c'est donc vraiment rassurant de lire votre message qui confirme notre intention de départ.
On espère sincèrement que le jeu vous plaira.

Christopher Lane on :

Nice Hand drawn Snake. I can't wait for it to slither around platforms.
Keep doing your best hand drawn animators.

Logbomb on :

Cool, reminds me of the red snakes at the beginning of Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

Looking forward to seeing it all animated.

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous.

Tout d'abord j'aimerai vous dire que j'aime de plus en plus les nouveaux designs. Je n'étais vraiment pas convaincu mais maintenant j'adhère vraiment . J'ai hâte de voir ça en mouvement. Autre point, il y'a pas mal de mois j'avais demandé s'il serait possible d'avoir des avatars pour les comptes PSN et Xbox. Je sais qu'en ce moment vous avez d'autres choses plus urgentes à traiter mais j'aimerai beaucoup que vous vous penchez sur la question. J'adorerais des avatars Jin , Dragon Man, Lion Man, Zeke etc... Merci

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Spidey981,
Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire. On est ravis d'entendre que les nouveaux designs vous plaisent et on espère que vous serez agréablement surpris quand vous les verrez animés.
Pour les avatars c'est tout à fait envisageable mais ce sera un sujet que nous aborderons après que le jeu soit sorti.
A très bientôt!


Tomorrow I'll be playing super Mario odyssey My first Nintendo switch game This month I'm going to buy the legend of Zelda breath of the wild.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Alfredo, Super Mario Odyssey is crazy good! Have fun! :-)


Thanks I'm a big Mario fan I played almost all his games I want to congratulate you on announcing that zelda like game with the female character I can't remember the name of the game But I will definitely get it for the switch

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! Oh yes it's a great time to be a Mario fan! :-)

John Pikatii on :

Hey guys, i'm sure some of you guys will definetely own a playstation. have a look at the site in my description to get all of these gift cards for free!

Christoffel de Gruyter on :

I'm a little dissapointed with this redesign. Not because of quality but because you're listening too much to a minority of people that wants this.

Please don't let yourself get distracted, just focus on what you want to do yourself without the whining of some minority. You had a great game when you showed it a long time ago, and this redesign seems more like a distraction then that it will actually help improve the game's gameplay.

Focus on your own vision and ideas. If others don't agree that's tough luck for them. Good games are authentic games.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Christoffel, thanks for your feedback! Don't worry, we only do things that we love to do. We're filtering all the feedback, try many things and if we come closer to our vision we perfect it. The new sprite quality was overdue after we improved the background graphics. The old sprites didn't fit anymore so we needed higher res sprites with sharper details. When we decided to update them, we also had a chance to rework our animations. We think that all improvements are still completely in line with our vision of the game which improved and got clearer than ever after a long development cycle.

David on :

Hi Thomas,

Since you were active on Neogaf in the Monster Boy thread and that place has been somewhat abandoned. I've created a thread on Reset Era if you're interested.

Hopefully it gains some traction and generate some more interest in this game.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi David, thanks for creating a thread on Reset Era. I'll check it out! Crazy what happened with NeoGaf, it went downhill really fast. :o

jako on :

date de sortie 2050 mdr les années passent et le jeu qui ne sortira probablement jamais je pense une vie entière sa leur suffira pas dommage cté marrant

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