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Oops we did it again!

Dear Monster Boy fans and friends,

while working on the new animation, we had to adjust the frog and dragon design once more for best results. We already updated the character graphics on our homepage but didn't post the new look in our blog yet. Please check it out:

The frog and dragon proportions received an update and while at it, we gave the dragon cooler horns.
Please stay tuned for more info during this winter.
We're going to announce the 2018 release season of Monster Boy and some additional news.
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tageneislover on :

Oh boy, this game looks really good! I've always wanted a new Wonderboy game and this seems to be it!

I'm literally hyped for over a year now. Mark my words, this will be one of the best games of 2018!

matthew barrett on :

i totally agree nothing will come close

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you so much!

Spidey981 on :

Merci d'avoir partagé les nouveaux designs sur le blog. J'adore vraiment le nouveau dragon, il est mieux proportionné, ses nouvelles cornes lui donne un vrai côté dur à cuire. Quand à la grenouille on a vraiment la sensation que Jin est prisonnier dans ce corps. En plus j'aime son apparence plus fine et ses jambes moins arquées. Puis je émettre une petite remarque? Il manque la langue au serpent par rapport à l'ancien sprite mais ce n'est qu'un petit détail. Vivement une petite vidéo de tout ça et plein d'autre news. Bon courage à toute l'équipe . Tout les fans vous soutiennent .

Spidey981 on :

Il manque aussi le pommeau sur l'épée du nouveau dragon, mais ce n'est qu'un détail. J'adore vraiment sa nouvelle forme, il est trop cool.

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Merci beaucoup pour les remarques et suggestions sur les nouveaux designs, on est vraiment ravis de voir qu'ils vous plaisent autant qu'à nous!

Matthew Barrett on :

This is awesome news and I know its now winter in America so the release date will be announced later this month or January or February :-) unfortunately here in Australia were in for a hot summer most days. BTW the new dragon looks fantastic

Chap Mei on :

I'm not sure to understand your comment, Matthew because it has nothing to do with Americans!
The development studio, Game Atelier, is French while the publisher, FDG, is German.
Not to mention Ryuichi Nishizawa who is obviously Japanese. ^^

Junior lima on :

Great job! the dragon is looking way better than before! keep it up guys!

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Junior lima!

Cameron on :

Oh wow, the Dragon actually looks even better!

I can't wait for this game's releease!

jj on :

I like these new ones better also

Miguel on :

I dont know, frog is taller and thinner when is supposed to be a little smaller, and the dragon is skinnier too compared with the old one who looked bigger and more badass.

Frog should be smaller than Jin, at least have the Pig´s size, its a frog, too much torso.

João Carlos on :

The game is looking better everytime I return here to see what's new! I have only question: is there going to be any public demos of the game? I know you guys display some here and there but I would love to be able to test the game upfront.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you, João! Unfortunately we're not going to release a demo before finishing the main game. It's simply, because we need all our resources to finish the actual game first.

Junior lima on :

I particularly think thats the best thing you can do. it has been shown enough gameplay already, if we get to know more of whats about to come, that ll probably get peoples hope down. I m strongly believing this game will be great! that having said, i have not even seen the gameplays thats been uploaded on youtube and stuff. I want nothing but the raw game with not even a tiny spoil, just like the old times


Hey that's wonderful can't wait for the release date to be announce I'm enjoying super Mario odyssey What a great game Already have 840 moons Best 3D Mario game of all time I also picked up the legend of Zelda explores edition I will be playing that very soon Merry Christmas everyone.

FDG,Thomas on :

Fantastic choice, Alfredo! Mario Odyssey is currently the best possible game to play and with Zelda you have another wonderful title to play during Christmas. I completed Mario Odyssey 100%, even beat the last that was super hard.

I was happy to see that even after playing Mario Odyssey, it's still a lot of fun to play Monster Boy. It shows that our game holds up really well with what to expect these days.

FDG,Thomas on :

Big thanks to everyone! This reply goes to all our blog readers who're still here after such a long development time and cheer for us. Love y'all!

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à toute l'équipe.
Il y a environ un an, il était mentionné qu'il fallait compter environ 10 à 12 heures de jeu pour le finir en ligne droite et une heure ou deux de plus pour le 100%. Aujourd'hui sur le site de FDG il est indiqué plus de 15 heures d'aventure épique. Est-ce en ligne droite ou en faisant le 100% ? Autre question, maintenant que la saison de sortie sera bientôt annoncée, avez-vous plus de détails sur le temps qu'il faut pour la chasse aux trophées/ succès ? Merci encore de prendre le temps de répondre à toutes les questions.

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Spidey981,
Oui, 15 heures c'est environ le temps qu'il faudra pour venir à bout de Monster Boy en ligne droite.
Pour atteindre le 100% et obtenir tous les trophées c'est très variable d'un joueur à un autre donc très difficile à estimer à l'heure actuelle.

Spidey981 on :

Wow ! 15 heures de jeux en ligne droite c'est énorme. Si je ne m'abuse vous avez augmenté la durée d'environ 3 heures par rapport à une ancienne version du jeu, je suis bluffé ! Finir le 100% , plus tout les trophées à collecter ça va faire une sacrée aventure et nous prendre pas loin de 20 heures. On en aura vraiment pour notre argent, j'ai hâte de poser mes mains sur ce petit bijou . Bravo à toute l'équipe.

Bruno on :

Will the different gear (armor, weapons) change how the character looks?

FDG,Thomas on :

Yes, you'll see armor, weapon and boots changing its look on the animated hand-drawn sprites. It looks gorgeous.

Vincent on :

Très bon travail, j'adore le nouveau les nouveau designs des tranformations grenouille et dragon :-) .

Juste un petit regret pour le changement de proportion du corps de ce dernier, comme cité plus haut, qui est peut être un peu brutal, vu que ça le rend aussi fluet que le batracien.

Le diable est dans les détails me direz vous, mais bon on va pas trop chipoter non plus.

Bonne continuation, toujours impatient de lire de connaître les prochaines nouvelles.

Anderson do Patrocinio on :

Comme beaucoup de brésiliens, je suis passionné par cette franchise! Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour traduire ce jeu pour les fans brésiliens, j'aimerais aider!

Nordak on :

Amazing news! Can't wait.

Gordman on :

Wow, what an amazing quality. To be honest, the frog now remembers me of the Frog from Chrono Trigger. They look almost the same.

Monster Boy will be outstanding; it´s the same huge quality like the remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon´s Trap has. I wish all games would have this kind of quality nowadays, it´s artful.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks so much, Gordman!

LordKaiser on :

Happy New Year for all Eurasians. Hopefully the development of Monster Boy is on track. I like how much things had changed and improved from a game that looked like a mobile or early PSP game to what it is now.

FDG,Thomas on :

Happy New Year, LordKaiser! The development of Monster Boy is now in crunching phase which is the final development stage before preparing the submissions. The team is at maximum skill level now, as we learned a lot during the 4 years of development. All the finishing touches are very effective. We can't wait to share it with all of you. Please hang in there a little while longer before we can make an announcement.

Jose on :

Bonjour, je voudrais juste savoir et ce morceau de jeu que vous faites sera publié sur consoles et en format physique. Si ce n'est pas trop demander, tu auras la langue espagnole Merci d'avoir apporté ce genre de jeux et bonne chance avec les ventes Je sortirai dans la console qui sortira Je l'achèterai.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Jose, please hang in there a little longer until we can make a proper announcement. Yes, the game will support spanish language. Thank you for your patience. ^_^

Zell on :

I hope we get some news tomorrow...
It has been more than a month with no news.

FDG,Thomas on :

We had a recent news post on Facebook and Twitter - as for this blog please hang in there a little while longer. The whole team is crunching now and working hard on finalizing the game.

Jonas Lönnqvist on :

You should consider an Ios/Android release as well. Not main good plattform games in those plattforms, competition might not be as hard on those plattforms as on the console market. Really looking forward for this game!

Darryll McClurg on :

This was my all time favorite game on the old Sega systems as a kid. I grew up playing these games. I AM SO EXCITED to share this game with my daughter. I hope this turns out to be a new series for this franchise. It deserves multiple titles!!!!


Ghost_Messiah on :

Hey Thomas! Just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I'm super excited for your game. It's looking like it's going to be amazing, a truly wonderful experience for long time Wonderboy fans at heart and with the team putting the energy and effort in to making it perfect I'm beyond excited for your game. I'm sure the extra work will be worth it, to make the game truly great, and I hope Monster Boy sells millions of copies and that ensures a Monster Boy series.

You definitely have one sale here. Awesome to see you on ResetERA too!


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