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Pre-Order Monster Boy Today!

Dear Monster Boy friends and fans,

this is a big moment for us. It's now possible to pre-order Monster Boy physical copies in various online shops!
Pre-Ordering is a great way to secure your physical copy.
It feels so awesome and a bit surreal.. Who of you thought this would never happen? :-) The game will release later This Summer, an exact date is to be announced at a later time. Please note that release dates in online-shops are just placeholders until we officially announced the definite date. Please note that the physical release is USA/Canada only but the game is code-free and we've seen various import shops offering the game for local purchase. Please ask your import dealer to secure a copy for you.


- Switch Cartridge or PS4 Blu-Ray disc
- Printed Manual (full color)
- Stickers

We expect that retail shops will order conservative amounts of packages, so Monster Boy might sell out rather quickly. The only way to receive a physical copy guaranteed, is to pre-order it. The minimum amount of orders from retail will be based on the pre-orders from players.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Switch)
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4)

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Switch)
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4)

EB Games:
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Switch and PS4)

Videogamesplus (VGP):
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Switch)
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4)

Best Buy:
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Switch)
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4)

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Switch)
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4)

We expect to post some new game clips next month.
Thank you everyone for your awesome support! <3
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Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous. Un mois presque jour pour jour après la saison de sortie vous annoncez qu'il est en précommande. Dans un mois environ nous aurons des vidéo de la Pax et je croise les doigts très fort pour que dans deux mois une date officielle sera annoncée. Je vous soutiens depuis le début de ce projet même quand c'était encore Flying Hamster. Il est évident que je vais le précommander malgré les frais de port et de douanes mais quand on aime on ne compte pas. Quand je le tiendrai dans les mains c'est comme si je détenait le Graal. J'espère vraiment de tout coeur qu'il se vend à de très nombreux exemplaires en physique ou démat. Bon courage à tous pour cette dernière ligne droite.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Spidey, thank you very much for being here all the time! We can't wait to share the game with you, finally approaching the release this summer. I'm not sure if Fabien will be able to reply soon as he's currently working overtime with the whole team at Game Atelier to finalize the game.

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Spidey981,

Merci pour le commentaire.
Comme Thomas l'indiquait dans sa réponse précédente, on est vraiment bien chargés pour la fin de production du jeu donc ça nous fait vraiment plaisir de lire vos encouragements en cette période
Monster Boy sera effectivement présent sur la Pax où les joueurs auront l'occasion de jouer avec les dernières animations de Jin en serpent et en cochon au minimum. On espère que ça vous plaira.
Pour la date de sortie précise, elle sera annoncée plus tard, on peut juste vous dire que le le jeu sortira bel et bien cet été.
Et surtout, merci d'avoir pré-commandé Monster Boy!

Spidey981 on :

Merci à vous et Thomas de prendre le temps de répondre à toutes les questions des fans surtout avec cette charge de travail. Ils ont énormément de chance ceux qui pourront le tester à la Pax, j'ai hâte de voir les nouvelles animations je suis persuadé que ça sera merveilleux. Vivement cet été.

Turrican on :

Will a physical copy of the game be available in germany or europe?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for your interest! The physical release is USA/Canada only but the game is codefree. Please consider to import it or ask your local import games dealer for a copy. Remember that pre-ordering is the only way to 100% secure the game on cartridge or disc.

Milan on :

Great ! What about the PC/Steam version ? When will it be available?

MENTD on :

Yeah! I would like to know when the PC version will be released,
considering I'm sure it's being developed on a PC, I don't understand why the PC version wouldn't be released first.

FDG, Thomas on :

Our schedule looks like this: First we finish the Switch and PS4 versions, because they release on physical media and that requires a lot of preparations. Then we finalize Xbox One builds, so the game will release on all consoles at the same time. When that is done we work on the PC release and we don't know the release window yet. While it's correct that we develop on PC's, releasing a game on PC is a whole different story. Ever ran into 'bad PC ports'? This happens when you don't optimize for various hardware, OS, controllers, displays etc. Also let's not forget sale platform specific features, e.g. Steam Achievements. Altogether that's a lot of time and testing and more complicated than to actually release a game on console with only one or two very specific hardware configurations.

MENTD on :

A "pc port" implies the game was created on console first and then "ported" to PC, not developed on PC and ported to consoles,
which is most definitely what this is - it's a PC game you're porting to consoles. You're playing the PC version essentially every day as you build it. The PC really doesn't have the issues you're talking about anymore, most devs don't care about old HW
and if it doesn't work, they just tell people to buy a better card.
I'm sure you aren't making sure it will run on old hardware either.
Nevertheless, this is an old school style retro 2D platformer, it
certainly shouldn't require anything extraordinary to run.
Seems to me this is all just sales and marketing related, you
want to get the most money so you're taking advantage of
"console exclusive" marketing tactics, that kinda sucks for us
PC gamers, I hope it doesn't delay too long. I really don't care
about steam either, I'd prefer a GOG or DRM free release any
day and the achievements and online stuff are gimmicks to
me, all I want is a good Wonderboy sequel, which I'm sure
this will be - just really really sick of waiting. Hope it's soon! 8-)

FDG, Thomas on :

All console games are made on PCs and then optimized for specific console hardware. I quoted 'bad pc ports' on purpose because that's what you read from Steam/PC players. Quotation marks because they are not actual ports but having clear isses on various user configurations. I called it PC release, not port. You have no idea what can all go wrong with PCs that are stuffed with tools, programs and software. Overclocked, tuned, etc. ;-) That's all

MENTD on :

Actually, I understand more than you're giving me credit for.
If a user's installed and running programs and tools and
overclocking interfere with a game running, that's the user's
fault and responsibility to figure out what they have done which
is interfering with the game running. If someone has an
ill-configured system or is so overclocked it's just a hair away
from crashing, nothing you do is going to fix that.
I don't have any troubles running any games and if I do, it's
an issue that's so general everyone is having it and it's either
dealt with by workarounds in forums or bug fix updates.
(It's not an issue caused by having different setups.)
I just have never understood all this what I consider to be nonsense about stuff being so difficult to program for "all configurations". Programs usually don't deal with this
anyhow, the OS does. The OS is what handles how to talk to
all the different, OS friendly hardware, be it graphics cards or
whatever. I program too. I don't make games or anything near
the level of Monster Boy but I do understand how things work.
I know that consoles have only one set of hardware so yes,
if it works then it's almost guaranteed to work on every console
and by that, it is easier to weed out issues but it is really not that difficult to make a PC game work anymore as long as the user
has a standard setup and isn't doing things they shouldn't be
doing in the first place like running other programs in the background, overclocking or other things that obviously they
should just turn off before claiming something "doesn't work".
I still say you're making more money and have bigger contracts
with NINTENDO and SONY and that is why us PC gamers have to wait.

FDG, Thomas on :


as with all questions and comments I'll keep trying to respond properly to give insight to development process, timings etc. I'm not expecting everyone to believe what I'm saying so that's fine but I'm not stretching a discussion because I don't have the time for that.

This response is to a new comment about our priorities. Yes, the priorities are business decisions - never said anything different btw. Switch is most important and the first version we'll finish. Then PS4, then Xbox One. An indie team can only handle that many at the same time. Unfortunately there's no magic 'finish for PC/Steam release button' afterwards. If that would exist we'd do that. ;-) So it will come later, after the console versions already released. If PC would be main priority, it would release first but sadly we'd shoot in our own feet with that decision. We love the PC so we definitely release the game on it, but it's more fan service than anything else.

Rainsday on :

It's crazy I remember when "Flying Hamster 2" was on Kickstarter and felt disappointed when it was pulled.

Though I've been lurking just reading all the posts, hanging back it's been a joy to see this project grow. There's a passion behind this game. Unlike "Zelda BOTW, Sea of Thieves ect.." which are blockbusters with huge production; Monster Boy I believe will be worth playing just as much.

Being the first to comment on the blog back in March of 2015 it's great to see this project coming to life. The results are far greater than expected, props to the FDG team.

This truly brings me back to my childhood, September 25th I'll get on the nostalgic train. I hope the marketing goes well and the sales even better.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Rainsday,
indeed! It's crazy to think how much has changed since the Kickstarter campaign. Thank you for the kind words and checking out the blog from time to time! cheers :-)

Amedeo De Simone on :

Great , I've been waiting for this game since it was announced :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you! :-)


Only one thing : Do NOT forget PC on launch, so we (PC gamers) could play this game on Day One and not a year? later disappointed and left behind... ...again !

Zell on :

To be honest, It's always good to have the game ported to every system available to maximize profit and have it available to all audience.

However, for such case, I was kinda glad it is not on a PC (day one) with the other system; and that is for one thing only. If I really want to see this game to have a sequel and see such studio survive, they need to have a good revenue. they need the people to buy these games.

As for PC, its well know then this can be cracked in Day 0. which mean people might go for a PC to bypass paying for it.

Well, true, I might not know how much that portion of loss might be out of all these systems. but at least leave it for a couple of weeks/months before releasing on a PC. at least most revenue is at the launch of the game release.

See FFXV PC Version, for example, Cracked before the release day.

I am not into PC gaming like you, and I do feel sorry that PC gamer might need to wait for this release.

Olivier VALLEE on :


What about in France please ?
On the PS Store soon please ?


FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Olivier,

the game will release in digital form worldwide and at the same time so yes, it will also arrive on the PS Store in France. Thank you for your interest!


Congratulations Thomas and his team at FDG games I preorder the PS4 version Monster boy The game is gonna look great on my LG Uj7700 4k tv I hope you guys sell a lot of this game So we can get a sequel on PS5 in 3 to 4 years.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much, Alfredo! Fingers crossed for a successful release so we can work on more Monster Boy :-)

Jonas Lönnqvist on :

I think It’s a smart move ,marketing wise ,to release it for Switch first. I’ll definitly get for PC and maybe for Xbox as well if it’s released as a physical copy. Looking very much forward to it!

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Jonas, the game will release same day on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One as digital download version. The physical release is Switch and PS4 but USA/Canada only - same day as digital release. The PC release will come at a later time, though. Thank you for considering to purchase Monster Boy ^_^

Alfredo Rodriguez on :

Hey Thomas do you have any new information on ocean horn 2 I seen the trailer Last year and gameplay game looks great on unreal engine 4?

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Alfredo, for more information about Oceanhorn 2, please visit . We didn't participate in the new game so we have no information about it. Please contact Cornfox & Bros. for that.

Ianuzzo on :

Great news ! Glad to see you're releasing a physical copy of the game ! Awesome you're including a full color manual too!
I just pre-ordered 2 copies of the game.

Ciao !

FDG,Thomas on :

Wow, thank you very much !

Spidey981 on :

Bonsoir à tous,

En attendant le prochain post j'aimerais partager avec vous un petit truc sympa.
Le 24 août dernier FDG à posté une vidéo de BanjoGuyOllie, à 29:38 on peu apercevoir une cinématique d'intro interprétée par Haruka Shimotsuki. Un collègue qui parle japonais m'à gentiment traduit la chanson.

Qu’y a-t-il derrière cet horizon lointain
Dans ce monde immense, je suis emplie de rêves
Je ne me soucie pas de mes limites
Car abandonner ne ferait pas de moi un adulte
Etoile, réveille-toi !
Si on y croit fort, on finit par y arriver
Et même si ce grand mur paraît insurmontable,
Ce n’est peut-être pas si difficile de le briser
Avec un futur plein de couleurs
Je t’attends
En y croyant avec tout son cœur,
On finira par trouver la lumière

For those who do not speak French
DeepL translation

What's behind this distant horizon
In this immense world, I am filled with dreams.
I don't care about my limitations.
Because giving up wouldn't make me an adult.
Star, wake up!
If you believe strongly, you end up doing it.
And even if this big wall seems insurmountable,
Maybe it's not so hard to break it.
With a future full of colors
I'm waiting for you
Believing it with all his heart,
Eventually we'll find the light

Spidey981 on :

Hi, all fans.
FDG confirmed on Twitter that the intro cinematic will be a whole new one compared to the one we can see in the video of BanjoGuyOllie

MajorWeirdo dat on :

Release physical copies in Europe? why should one have to may import taxes etc... Too bad for this décisions, as you are a European company...

I will be getting the digital version for sure, but still would have love boxed version...

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi MW, yes it's very unfortunate that we don't have a European physical version. The reason is that Europe is a very difficult and fragmented market with too many companies taking a cut of the revenues. It would work with an old game that has been out digital already but not for a new game that still needs to recoup the investment.

Spidey981 on :

Can you post a gif of the new cinematic as on June 18, 2015 please? Just to get a glimpse

FDG,Thomas on :

Sorry Spidey, not yet! Please stay tuned ;-)

Streamer2k on :

Congrats to all the team for such beautifull game!!!! I will wait for the pc version because I don't have any console xD But I am sure It will be worth the wait.
Thank you a lot for making a Wonderboy sequel!! ^^

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you very much! Yes, it will be worth the wait! :-)

James on :

It's so sad that the game is being made by a French studio and published by a German but Americans are still the priority.

I really don't understand the decision. If it was about taxes in Europe I'm sure people would still bought it if it was more expensive. Here there is no choice. Europe is still a very big market.

Now it's just frustrating because we've to pay more (on transport and customs) Plus we'll probably have to wait weeks before getting the game. We'll start playing when others will already have finished it and moved on...

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous Game Atelier recherche un assistant animation 2D pour les aider à finir Monster Boy. Merci de partager l'info . En lien l'offre d'emploi.

Zell on :

I was hoping to see a trailer of the game in Nindies Nintendo showcase yesterday so that it can get advertised well enough to be noticed by most of the gamers.

well, hope to see it on the next Nintendo Show / or any other shows.

Christoffel on :

Hey, I would definitely mention in this post that people can also buy on other platforms digitally (not physically).

I was about to complain I was dissapointed to not see PC. But then I realized it was only physical. Can imagine other people are also confused.

Spidey981 on :

Hello everyone, Game Atelier is looking for a 2D animation assistant to help them finish Monster Boy. Thank you for sharing the information. Link to the job offer.

Beorn on :

Finally !!!!!! can't wait to play this game like the old days.

Can i pre-order it on PS Store?

Thx to bring back Wonder Boy on PS4 :-)

Enfin !!!!! j'en peux plus d'attendre pour jouer a ce jeu

Est ce que je peux le precommander sur le PS store?

Merci d'avoir ramene Wonder Boy a la vie sur PS4 :-)

Mark on :

Will this game support 4K resolution for the ps4 pro?

Vy7uuumm , on :


Enrique on :

Any plan to release the physical version in Europe? Thanks from Spain!

Caio on :

Thank you guys for make a physical copy of this game!

Can't wait to pick-up this on my Switch

Jose on :

bonjour avant d'acheter l'édition physique du jeu je voudrais savoir si vous avez la langue espagnole pourriez-vous me dire merci

Adem on :

Are you certain that physical copies will be US only, before I pre-order? There was another Wonder Boy game which was only physical via Limited Run games then found a publisher that released more physical games on the Switch and the rest of the world.

Giovanni De Grande on :

THANK YOU, as usual, for leaving Xbox out of the game for the physical release.

Love the game, but as collector I refuse to follow this logic, with a heavy heart.

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