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Behind the scenes: FMV cutscenes

While Game Atelier works on the game, there's also an external animation team preparing cool FMV cutscenes for Monster Boy.
Marco Nguyen at work with his colleague Bertrand Piocelle

The first work process is to create a rough animatic (b/w preview animation) to define the tempo of the movie. It allows the audio team to start working on the music and more. It also gives a great impression of all scenes so we can discuss details and approve them right away before production. The production time of the cutscenes alone is almost half a year.
One frame of the intro animatic - something surprises our hero...

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Nester the Lark on :

Fully animated cutscenes? In a Monster World game? This just keeps getting better and better! I really like the art style, too!

These will be traditional hand-drawn animation?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks! Yes it will be traditional hand-drawn animation ^_^

Colin on :

I hope the cut scenes don't look at of place from the gamplay. Hopefully it is seamless between game-play animation to the cut scene. Love the old wonder boy series, can't wait to play this.

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