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Monster Boy has finally released!!

Dear lovely friends, fans and followers,

what an epic launch! After almost 5 years of development we finally released the game. Yes!! We're so happy and relieved about the tremendously positive feedback of players who got the chance to enjoy Monster Boy on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One already.

OMG! We got a Metascore of 88 so far :o
It feels so great! ^_^
It was a big relief to see the awesome review scores from worldwide press members. All the time and the numerous delays helped us to make a great game and it was a confirmation that hard work pays off. We're incredibly thankful for everyone who believed in us and stayed around until we finally finished the game. We made it for you! <3

Launch Party!
Both teams from FDG and Game Atelier got together and celebrated the launch on Dec.4 in Paris. It was a BIG day for us!
Both teams got together and Banjo Guy Ollie joined us, too! Awesome!
The party was packed with lovely people celebrating Monster Boy launch!
Monster Boy is out in the wild!
It was so cool and amazing to find many beautiful physical edition pictures on social media. We're really happy you're enjoying it to the fullest. <3
Photo from Twitter user Cathouette ^_^ (@madcathou)
Last but not least we'd like to invite you to party with us right now! Please enjoy this beautiful Monster Boy cover from Banjo Guy Ollie

Please recommend Monster Boy to your friends so we can send 'love and joy' to all the players around the world :-)

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Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à toute l'équipe de Game Atelier et FDG. Par où commencer ? Il y a environ 5 ans j'ai découvert ce projet qui été un simple hommage à Wonder Boy avec un petit hamster et des décors tout simple. Puis au fil du temps le projet à été modifié, de nombreuses fois avec de nombreux report. Mais après cette attente interminable je découvre un jeu somptueux, des décors et des animations absolument magnifiques. En ce moment je suis à environ à 60% de la carte . Mais je veux le finir à 100%, découvrir chaqued recoins, chaques coffres, améliorer tout les équipements. Lorsque je joue, je n'arrive pas à lâcher ma manette, c'est tellement agréable, tellement prenant. Je ne trouverai jamais assez de mots pour exprimer ce que je ressens. Vous avez rendu bien plus qu'un simple hommage à la licence Wonder Boy, c'est une véritable lettre d'amour. Il a 5 ans c'était une chenille plutôt mignonne, mais aujourd'hui elle c'est transformée en un magnifique papillon.

Spidey981 on :

Hello to the whole Game Atelier and FDG team. Where to start? About 5 years ago I discovered this project which was a simple tribute to Wonder Boy with a small hamster and very simple sets. Then over time the project was modified, many times with many postponements. But after this endless wait I discover a sumptuous game, absolutely magnificent scenery and animations. Right now I'm about 60% of the card. But I want to finish it 100%, discover every nook and cranny, every chest, improve all the equipment. When I play, I can't let go of my controller, it's so pleasant, so exciting. I can never find enough words to express what I feel. You have paid much more than just a tribute to the Wonder Boy license, it is a true love letter. He was 5 years old it was a pretty cute caterpillar, but today it has turned into a beautiful butterfly.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much, Spidey! It fills us with great joy to hear you're having a lot of fun with the game. We can all celebrate together the existence of this game, which would've never happened without the many fans and friends like you who stayed around and pushed us to the very end of the production. cheers!

Junior on :

Well, I just like to thank you for all the effort. The time was worth by far! this game is what I was waiting for since back then when I was still a little child. I got a question for you tho, is there going to be updates with new content ahead? and also any plans for monsterboy 2? thank you !

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for playing and enjoying Monster Boy together with us! Right now we don't have additional content planned but we'll see. ^_^ For now we're working on a patch that fixes some things which have been discovered since the launch of the game. We want to support the game at the highest possible level

Joe E Tata on :

I just want to say Thanks. Back in the 80 - early 90s I was a Sega kid and the Wonderboy games were my favorite. I have been waiting for over 25 years for a sequel and now it is finally here. And not only that, it’s awesome, this could be the best and most ultimate Wonderboy game! So thank you for making a childhood dream come true!

FDG, Thomas on :

..and we thank *you*! Thank you for supporting us and playing this all-new adventure. Please enjoy it to the fullest! :-)

JJ on :

Congratulations and thank you to FDG, Game Atelier, Ryuichi Nishizawa-San & anyone else involved in making our Monster World dreams come true.

Brilliant game.


FDG, Thomas on :

So happy to hear you're enjoying it JJ. cheers!

Ed Mace on :

I am so very happy for the developers of this amazing game that has brought endless joy to a gaming planet.The astounding reviews continue to come in for this game at an alarming rate. The sales of this product will, if not already, be off the charts. Literally years in the making by hard working professionals, it’s no surprise that the game is such a success. Compared to the tireless efforts of these talented developers, I can only smile at the fact of actually being involved, although in such a minuscule way, in providing a teeny,tiny portion of the game’s audio fun. Here’s to continued success and lots of game purchases over the holidays!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for being part of the team, Ed! The game has so many components in it and each one is very important for the complete experience and to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. We're very happy that the game fills many hearts with joy!

Ed Mace on :

I agree Thomas! The joy has only just begun and hasn’t even started to break the surface and simply WOW everyone! It is rapidly making its mark in fun gaming history. I’m so proud of you all!

Dimitri Zikos on :

I know that childhood is a thing that can be reimagined but not truly revived. There is something magic in the kids eyes and point of view that makes memories become golden ones. There are very few things that can revive those feelings and excitement, and you have succeeded to make the game one of these. Monster boy and the cursed kingdom is not just a new entry to the monster land series, but a true love letter to the series that does not only honor them, but manages to better them. Most of the retro based revivals are seen by the critique as good efforts but...there is always a but... Reading reviews for monster boy, I realize that the press, while acknowledging its roots, sees the game as a standalone winner. New players and metroidvania, 2d platforming fans of all ages will enjoy the game. Those younger audiences would never appreciate the 8/16bit titles the way that us older caravans do. They need something like monster boy to connect: And you gave to them this game. My instagram page is prospectively_retro.spective . Looking at the old memorable titles but at the same time looking into the future. This is exactly what you have achieved with the game, and I love you!

FDG, Thomas on :

It fills me with great joy to read your feedback about Monster Boy. I'm so happy that you're enjoying it and that you experience a real throwback into your childhood. Thank you for supporting us and for playing the game. We hope you'll remember this game forever! :-)

ZhadoTom on :

I missed out on the launch as I was hoping for the PC release too, feels bad, been waiting for a real return since monster world 3! I am glad it is reviewing well however, the few reviews I've watched have been extremely positive and some were not familiar with the wonder boy franchise prior.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you ZhadoTom, we gave our best! We'll make a great PC release next year so please look forward to that!

Ryu on :

Please, don't forget to support 21:9 resolutions!

abe on :

Love the game so far

also love how that opening movie is basically a 90s cartoon opening

Herald on :

Thank you for this amazing game!
I've waited 25 years for another game in the Wonder boy series and Monster boy is perfect!

I wanted Monster Boy more then any other game this year and that includes RDR2(!)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much!!! Please enjoy it to the fullest!

Jorge Cabral on :

So the game starts. Coming out of the house. I’m looking around and instantly recognize wonderboy 2 starting area. Even with its secret door. Already playing with a smile on my face at this point. And when you reach the first area and are hit with the music from wonderboy 3. At this point. It’s a no doubt that this is like a love letter to the wonderboy series. A series I hold and love dearly since a child. I keep playing. And this is the sequel I’ve been wanting and hoping for years. Thank you guys for making this game. It’s quickly becoming one of my favourites.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much for playing Monster Boy! We're very happy to hear back from fellow Wonder Boy fans who enjoy this all-new adventure ! ^_^

Clint on :

I love that this game exists and I really hope it does well. While I believe it deserves the $40 price tag, I believe in our day we're frankly a bit spoiled with many good games at better prices. The most popular indie games such as Celeste, Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, and Dead Cells to name a few all started at $20 or less. I can't help but worry that there are many like me who, despite a huge interest in the game, can't justify the current price due to so much other content I have yet to play. I just hope that when a sale goes live the general hype will still be high enough for people to get the game. (I'm clearly no expert, but) I believe the best long-term strategy would be to get this game in as many hands as possible. The quality and enjoyment of the game appears to be outstanding and it would make a statement for what your team is capable of.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Clint,
thank you for your kind words. We're aware that players wish the game would be cheaper, but the production value of Monster Boy is too high to sell it at $20. It would give the wrong signal to the industry. Of course we could've made a cheaper game by making simpler graphics, shorter levels and less high profile music tracks but we aimed for maximum quality with a playtime of 20 hours of highly varied gameplay, highest quality graphics +cutscenes and an intense soundtrack from well known artists. We're happy with the initial sales and we made this product for a long lifecycle. We may release a free demo in the future. ;-)

Clint on :

I'm happy to hear that you've had good initial sales, and I understand your perspective. Thanks for the reply, and for the great game!

nickarino on :

pc version date?

FDG, Thomas on :

We don't have an exact PC release date yet, we currently plan to release it sometime in Q1/19

nickarino on :

thanks a lot

JMJ on :

Not sure where to report bugs, but I have an issue with the music sheet Its a Treasure Box III. I don't have credit for collecting it and there is a ? over its location on the map, however the button that needs to be pushed down in order to start the time event for it is pushed down already and I cannot reactivate it. So I have no way of collecting it again.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi JM, you can report Bugs to If possible please send a screenshot. About the Question mark: This glitch will be fixed with the next patch coming soon. Do you have the music sheet in your inventory?

Alan on :

Hi Monster Boy team,
Enjoying the game...already at "The Volcano" where the timed platforming sure is tough! Just a quick question: do you plan to release the soundtrack to the game?

Leonardo Ritter Tusi on :

sorry for bad english

just got an strange glitch , 3 quest marks remains in my map even after opend the chest (2 in volcano and 1 in haunted mansion), that is taking me away from 100% completation!!!
well this is just to notice you, maybe is just me or maybe is happening to more people!!

The real motive im here is just to congrat you people for this epic game! by far the best metroidvania (even better than iconoclasts !!!!!) Play masterpieces like this one i just one of the better things in life! you guys have my respect now and I will suport your next projects for sure!

(just waiting for the speedruns on youtube to have more fun!!)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for reporting this, Leonardo. We actually found a glitch in the game that must've caused your issue too. It will be fixed in the upcoming patch and it won't take a long time. They're already sent to console platform holders for checks.

shaun gilchrist on :

This game is incredible! The wait was absolutely worth it. When is the next one coming out?

Sameer on :

Hi team, thanks so much for the wonderful (pun intended) game!

I'm not sure whether this has been asked before, so apologies if so: will you be releasing the soundtrack? The music is phenomenal, and I would love to have the mp3s to listen to while I'm driving or doing work :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

So happy to hear you're enjoying the soundtrack! ^_^ We currently don't have concrete plans to release the OST on its own but we're looking into it after all the fantastic feedback on it.

Ianuzzo on :

My copies arrived today. I've played it for about half an hour now and it's brilliant. The graphics , sound and gameplay is perfect. The amount of detail on every little thing is absolutely incredible. I'm playing it on a beamer with a 123 inch projection and it still looks stunning. This is , for me, the game of the year !

FDG, Thomas on :

Wow it must be awesome to play on such a big screen, please enjoy it to the fullest! Thank you for the kind feedback ^_^

nickarino on :

I would like to play it on my pc connected to an 80-inch uhd, could you give me more precise news for the release? Thanks, best wishes and congratulations !!!

Matthew Storm on :

Can you play this game without having played previous games in the series?

FDG, Thomas on :

Yes, absolutely! You can fully enjoy and understand this game without knowing the prequels.

abraham on :

Just finished the game, it was just wonderful. Once I started playing I could NOT put it down. It was just pure fun. Some of the puzzles made me Seethe in rage but thats a good thing. And that ending was just amazing. Out of curiosity from that last pic (won't say what it is for spoilers). Are you guys hoping to do a sequel?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much, Abraham! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game and played it to the end! Yes, the last pic may be relevant for a sequel (if that happens). ;-)

rez on :

But you have forgetted Ps Vita users... :-(

Dimitri Zikos on :

PS Vita is a neglected system by sony itself and will soon have no online support. Releasing a game for the psvita at this point is completely pointless. You will be able to enjoy the game on your pc in a few months if you do not own any of the three main consoles.

D2 on :

I would love this on Vita too, but it wouldn’t be viable for them to spend time porting the game on that platform. If you have a PS4 it should be possible to stream it to Vita using remote-play. Not the same as a native version, but a nice option none the less. If I didn’t have a Switch! I’d likely play it like this myself.

Gordman on :

Thank you guys and girls for that amazing release!
I´m going to wait until a physical release is comng to Europe. Looking forward to it ^.^

Marcus Lange on :

I just want to thank you for making this great game. I was a Sega kid and Wonder Boy / Monsterworld was one of my favorite series. So I’ve been looking forward to this ever since you announced it! And since you announced it I’ve had 2 kids of my own, the oldest is 3 years and she loves watching me play Monster Boy, she says it’s the best and most exciting game! It’s great to be able to share something from my childhood with her like that.
Having kids severely limits the time I have to dedicate to gaming, Monster Boy is actually the only game I purchased this year, and I did it on release day!
I hope you make a sequel, because you guys are good at this, and I hope this franchise lives on!
Again, thank you!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much, Marcus. It fills me with great joy to read your positive feedback and it's a great honor to hear that Monster Boy was your choice in 2018. We hope you enjoy it to the fullest, together with your kids


Thank you! Merci! Parabéns!
This game is a masterpiece! Congratulations!
Thanks for the brazilian version!
Keep going, we'll support you!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much for the great feedback Rafael!! ^_^

Stephen on :

Will there be a digital or physical release of the soundtrack? The game's soundtrack is awesome!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much, Stephen. A separate Soundtrack release is currently not planned because of additional licensing, but we receive a lot of positive feedback on it so we hope to find a solution in the future. cheers!!

Stephen on :

Thanks for the reply! It is disappointing to hear that licensing prevents any digital or physical soundtrack from being released currently. I hope some type of licensing can be agreed upon in the future.

GSandSDS on :

Congratulations! I am still waiting for the PC release in Q1 2019 and full of anticipation.

Btw.: The windows with the four heroes in the first village; aren't the first two heroes from the left supposed to be the same person (Tom-Tom from WB1, 2 and 3)? Or is the second hero supposed to be from Monster Lair?

abraham schneider on :

I think that was an American translation error of the first two heroes being the same guy

GSandSDS on :

Maybe... Interestingly, in Lizard Cube's remake of "The Dragon's Trap", when you choose the male hero, it says that the hero has "traded his skateboard for a sword and chield". The skateboard was one of Tom-Tom's iconic items in WB1. Of course nobody says that two different people cannot have their own skateboards, but I still think it's at least a reference to WB1 and the english handbook's claims that both heroes are the same.

Nester the Lark on :

Actually, according to an old interview with Nishizawa at HG101, it's the other way around.
(The formatting is messed up since it hasn't been converted to the new site, so it's hard to read.)

Here's the part I'm referring to:
"[HG101] Is the character from Wonder Boy (Tom Tom), supposed to be the same character from Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Bocke)?

[Nishizawa] I'll leave it your imagination whether they are the same character.

By the way, TomTom and Tanya are not the names that I originally gave them. They were initially called Bocke and Tina. Tom Tom may be the name given by Sega for the overseas editions."

So, yeah, they can be interpreted as the same character (which I personally prefer), but hey, there's no rule that says the same guy can't have two windows. ;-)

FDG, Thomas on :

We took a bit of artistic freedom to make the story more accessible for a new generation of players. :-)

Christopher Lane on :

Congratulations to all of you on your game successfully coming out. I been waiting for it to come out eversince I first came here and saw all your news and change ups making the game. I can't wait till I can finally get the game myself and play it. It looks fun.
From what I seen on Twitch Streams. People are enjoying it and solving its challenges, and I really like the music and sights of the Monster World you all put together. Thank you.
Keep doing your best everyone. 0.0/

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you very much, Christopher. We're so happy about the positive feedback, it's great to hear from players who enjoy Monster Boy.

D2 on :

I just want to congratulate the team on this wonderful game. I grew up playing the Wonder Boy games so you can imagine how excited I was to first hear about this game when it was first announced. The end product is nothing short of incredible! Everything from the artwork, animation, music, level design etc etc are all incredible. This is simply one of the best Metroidvania games I have ever played and I sincerely hope it is a massive financial success! I love this project so much I purchased it for Switch!, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. I will also eventually buy it for PC to show my support! I hope this team will be making other games in the future! Bravo!

FDG, Thomas on :

Wow, thank you so much for your incredible support!!

Mattias on :

Best game ever!

Thomas Kern on :

Thank you!! ^_^

Joshua Copeland on :

This looks like a great mixture of The Dragon's Trap (SMS), Wonderboy in Monster World (Genesis), and new stuff. Looks *awesome*! I don't have any of the current consoles so I have to wait for the PC release. I am hoping your estimation of Q1 2019 comes true, that is not too long to wait. Wooohooooo! :-) :) :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you! We're looking forward to welcome you as a new player in 2019 when Monster Boy releases on PC. ^_^

JJ on :

So far ive played MB and am currently up to the volcano and will not give up until i beat it.
My sentiments echo others in that MBATCKingdom is the best game ive played in years. Hoping so much for sequels.
Very good game but lord almighy some difficult sections can be demonic lol.
The upgradability of gear is very fun. Volcano music is my fav so far.
Will buy on PC also.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Yes, the volcano is challenging but sooo rewarding when you beat it! Please enjoy the rest of the game ^_^

LordKaiser on :

Please fix this bug/glitch, I took a video capture of it with my PS4. Apart from this the game is fantastic and it's the best in the Wonder Boy series so far.

BTW It's nice that you got a good score but please try to not pay so much attention to journalist scores as they're becoming irrelevant with the time.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi LordKaiser,
thank you for reporting this bug! We'll keep improving the game and I forwarded it to the team. Thank you for playing Monster Boy!

Antony on :

Hi, will you release a phisical box for european market? The game is selling well and it is difficult to find , also import, so would be the case to print more copies and also for the european market? thank you (i refer to nintendo switch edition)

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Antony, thank you for your message! Unfortunately the physical release is USA only but there are some import shops in Europe that sell the game so you don't have to worry about customs or anything. For example this shop in Germany has the game available on Switch:

Víctor on :

I'm a big Metroidvania fan. I had just played Hollow Knight and Guacamelee 2 before this game caught my interest- I had enjoyed The Dragon's Trap last year and hey, it wasn't the same devs but it was the same series so it had to be good, right? Only one thing ticked me off the wrong way- at 40€, it was double the price as the otehr games I had mentioned, so it better be good enough to warrant it.

Well, it has met my expectations. I have just 100%ed it and boy was it enjoyable. It's long enough to have variety without dragging on, all the challenges are reasonable (glares at Hollow Knight), the art is super nice, the bosses have entertaining puzzle patterns without being "just use weapon to win" and my god the music is gorgeous. I hope you solve the licensing issues to release it as the Dragon's Trap team did, it's just that good. I almost cried when listening to Sakuraba's incredible final boss theme.

I have to compliment you on the final dunegon, especially- every challenge seemed intractable at first until something clicked and suddenly it all amde sense and I could beat the room in question without getting hurt. That's the difficulty I was looking for. The game is great. Thank you for making it.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Victor, thank you very much for sharing your positive impressions! We're very happy to hear that you enjoyed Monster Boy and also finished it already! Congratulations and Happy New Year 2019!

James Dba on :


first I got to say merci beaucoup for the wonderful game. It was a really long wait but it was well worth it.
I just finished it at 100% and I can't actually find anything wrong with the game. I spent hours and hours trying to find every treasures and now that it's over I just can't wait for more...

I played major games like spider-man, or red dead redemption 2 but for me this has just become my game of the year.
Congrats for a great game and I hope it sells well... :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Congratulations on 100% and thank you very much for your positive feedback. We're overjoyed to hear from your great experience with Monster Boy. ^_^

Timo Schmidt on :

Thank you for this great game!

I preordered it from germany at in August and now I played it for hours.
This is more than a Tribute to Wonderboy, for me its the best title from the series!

Hope, you can reach your own high level and ideas in a maybe sequel!
Do not experiment in 3D, the 2D Artwork is perfect!

My game of the year 2018!

Best wishes for 2019!

Greetings from germany!


FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Timo, many thanks for your amazing feedback. It feels really great to get the positive feedback from veteran players who also know the Wonder Boy series. It means a lot to us, thank you for playing! ^_^

Vein on :


also i have play the Game, but I'm not happy about the Glitches! I have no Internet on my PS4 and a lame Connection here, too. Now i have a physical Copy with all the Glitches. Thank you! :-(

It's a good Game, yes. But my Motivation for the Game sinks massive. I can now not 100% arrived because a Glitch with a music sheet in the haunted Manor that i can't collected ( for example Piano Puzzle).

I hope that you will bring a fixed Version of the Game on Disc!

I was very happy as the Game finally released and now a Disc Version full of Glitches.

It's pity. I was hopefully that the late Disc Release a unglitched Version release to us.

Greets from Germany

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Vein, sorry to hear about your trouble with the updating process. The update on PS4 is about 200MB so maybe now after the holidays, your Internet is faster? Please try to load the patch again.

nickarino on :

pc version? quick quick please

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Nickarino, thank you for your interest in Monster Boy PC edition. We're working on it^^

shion on :

There is no hope for PlayStation Vita? It's my only console,i don't like to play with home consoles. Excuse for my English.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Shion ( I see what you did there ;-)),
unfortunately the game will not release on the PS Vita. We hope you'll eventually get the amazing Nintendo Switch next. :-)

blade on :

way to go guys for killing wonderboy the insane difficulty after the volcano makes this game unbearable to play this is not how a wonderboy game should be. it should be mellow and fun to play this is nothing like dragons trap.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Blade, can you specify the volcano room in which you have trouble? In general we recommend to equip the ice equipment for a reduced damage against lava. Also notice the ceramic pots with magic symbols on it, they exchange magic bullets with life hearts and you can also use the town portal staff from within the volcano which generates a portal anywhere between volcano and town.

Vein on :


no i have no Internet on my Console. And the Connection is after holidays lame, too. I hope that you released a Disc Version with all Patches include. German Version (i have see it that in the 1.Quartal the German Disc Version?) Maybe here all Patches include?


FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Vein,
every version was tested with a completion of 100% before submitting it to Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft. However, not patching the game increases the risk that you run into a bug or glitch. One major bug that was fixed after release was a quest progress bug that could occur after Haunted Mansion (in the case of not following the quest markers). The physical release is limited to the Day1 edition and right now there are no plans of reprinting it. If we work on a new physical release (currently we don't have anything to announce), it would be always based on the latest version available, which means patches are included.

JJ on :

Hello. I have one question, what happened to helmets/headgear? In early screenshots there was some great looking helms. Not a nitpick, just a curiosity :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

We didn't like the helmets as they covered the face/head too much and transforming between characters was less satisfying because the visual change was less apparent. Also we liked the hair-play animation which made the character look more dynamic (e.g. lion/human). Another reason was that we didn't see a big benefit of another defense related stats upgrade so we changed the helmets to bracelets which had a more universal magical stat upgrade. That made the gear more fun to buy, use and combine.

Michael Keramea on :

would be awesome if you remake the very first wonderboy.

Timo Schmidt on :

There was allready a remake called "Wonderboy Returns".

Deef on :

Avant toute chose 10000 mercis pour cet extraordinaire hommage que j’ai adoré, je le trouve même encore meilleur que le remake du wonder 3 qui était déjà grandiose.
J’essaie de faire les 100% mais en ayant terminé le jeu et tout exploré il me reste une partition de Ollie impossible à récupérer sur la baie des pirate car l’activateur reste enfoncé (j’etais Certain d’ailleurs de l’avokrnprise Pendant ma partie..).
Et dans le manoir hanté, étant donné que le pingouin n’est plus disponible pour nous accompagner après avoir fini le jeu, deux coffres accessibles uniquement avec l’aide du pingouin ne peuvent plus être récupérés, frustrant :-(

N.b: Dommage que l’on ne puisse pas sauvegarder différentes parties, une nouvelle partie écraserait l’ancienne sauvegarde :-(

Fabien - Game Atelier on :


Merci pour votre message, on est vraiment ravis de lire que vous appréciez Monster Boy!

Pour la partition de Ollie chez les pirates: cela sera corrigé dans un patch qui arrivera très prochainement.

Pour le manoir hanté: avez-vous regardé le miroir qui se trouve au RDC à gauche du hall d'entrée?

Enfin, le système de multi-sauvegardes sera également ajouté dans le prochain patch.

Merci pour votre patience et bon jeu!

Deef on :

Oops honte à moi je n’avais pas vu la possibilité d’interagir avec le miroir pour le faire revenir, donc il ne me manque plus que le patch pour la partition d’ollie et la le multi-save merci beaucoup pour le support et le suivi des correctifs du jeu !

Ayou on :


Est-ce que vous allez sortir des versions physiques en europe? et specialement en france?


Fabien - Game Atelier on :


Non pas de version boîte européenne prévue. Pour rappel la version boîte US est compatible sur toutes les PS4 et Switch et contient la langue française. On vous conseille de la prendre chez Trader Games, Amazon US ou PlayAsia.

Theo Lopes Varaschin on :

Hey, Michael Keramea! There already is a remake of the very first Wonder Boy game. It’s made by South Korean company CFK and it’s available via PSN (PS4) and Steam (PC). The name of this game is “Wonder Boy Returns”.


Just finished the game Fantastic What a great game I definitely got the platnum trophy I'll see you guys in 2023 hopefully with the sequel to monsterboy

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Alfredo,

congratulations and thank you for playing Monster Boy! You've been with us on this blog for a long time now and it makes me happy that you're also among the first to finish it :-)

David on :

I have finished the game couple of days ago and it has exceed my expectacions, thank you very much for creating such an amazing game!! Wonder Boy is my favourite saga and this game is a dream come true that I was waiting for so long, I hope you can continue working on this saga and keep it alive!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much, David! It's awesome to hear about your positive experience with Monster Boy, especially as Wonder Boy veteran! ^_^

BFK on :

Hello, I had sent a list of bugs and feedback to the support team about last week. Could you confirm if it has been received? (# Issue: 0022229)

Thank you!

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi BFK, thank you very much for sending feedback to our support. They all got forwarded to the dev team and you'll soon also receive a response (the support team is working through all communication that stacked during holidays).

colruyt55000 on :

Epic launch yes , but what about the pc gamers ?

There is no anymore info at al about the pc version except a vague Q1 2019 release date on steam .

Please give more info to the pc community cause many pc gamers also waiting your game . There is plenty people who are not playing on console also .

Thank you for your understanding .

FDG, Thomas on :

We're working on the PC Version but first we need to improve the code base. Here's an excerpt from what I posted on ResetEra boards:

Right now we're still working on improving the first time experience for many console users and some bugs and glitches came up that we want to fix before taking the code and building the PC version based on that. We also plan to add more savegame slots for Switch players first. In the near future we plan to release 1.0.4 to all consoles with many bugs/glitches fixed that came up during Christmas/New Year player feedback and reports. Then we add saveslots and an anti-flashing light option for players with epilepsy/sensitivity to light flashes. Finally, when we finish the PC port we'll try to add 120Hz and 21:9 support. It will take some time and we'll announce an exact date for PC later. Thank you for your patience!

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