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Snake Peek - working on the FMV Intro

The animation team is working day and night to make a cool FMV intro for us! We believe they do a remarkable job. Thanks @Marco and team! :-)

Oh my - this is one interesting hole in the wall! Want to explore ?

This part of the intro gives us an idea of how the snake mechanics work. Once we obtain the ability to transform to a snake we can check out what's inside. So exciting - and every explorers dream-come-true, right? :-)
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Nester the Lark on :

That looks great! It has a very nostalgic feel to it, like a cartoon from the '80s. I think it fits perfectly!

Will only the intro be FMV, or will there be other cutscenes?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks! Monster Boy will have FMV Intro and Ending :-)

Sean on :

Can't wait. Wonder boy in monster land was the first game that I became obsessed with on the arcade then on master system. Counting down the days.

Eden on :

But...Ps Vita versions??!!

Logbomb on :

Nice! Is he going to be called Shion? It sure looks like him.

sonic2015 on :

Really beautiful ;-)
i just can't wait

Andrea Babich on :

Love it. The snake eyes are so funny!
Also, it makes perfectly sense to have an opening and an ending cutscene and that's it. In the middle I just want to play:)

Dimitris Zikos on :

Excellent video with a nostalgic flavor. Can't want for the release. Is there any approximate release date at the moment?

jj on :

Clip sample looks amazing. Brilliant!

Colin on :

This looks like the snake from Monsterland that you turn into. Has Monster(wonder)boy gained the power of magic from these snake to turn in to one!

Felix MacKay on :

I can't wait for this, I'm so happy !!! :-))

Kabuki on :

Old School style very cool ;-)

Tom on :

I can't tell you how happy, the very production of this game makes me.
Dragon's Trap is my favourite game of all time, so I wish the team incredible success with Monster Boy.

My only grip is that the subtitle, is a very strange choice. Does the team know that "booze" means alcohol for most of the English speaking world?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks for your feedback - I'm glad to hear that you like the Monster Boy project :-) The Booze subtitle will make sense when you actually get to play the game, but we heard enough negative feedback about it ^_^ Time for us to change it, we will announce that soon.


Tom on :

Ah, I see. Today is the first time I'd heard about the project, so wasn't aware there was any controversy over the name, it just seemed strange, to me, to see a colloquialism for alcohol, in the title.

Anyway, send my best of luck to the rest of the team. I'm sure, with such fantastic source material, the game cannot fail to be amazing!

I'll be anticipating the game, with baited breath, in the meantime.

Maybe Dick on :

Looks great! I'm eagerly awaiting this game :-)

Randy O. on :

So cool! Can't wait for more details!

J-1 on :

If there was a playable Monster Girl character in this game she could also transform in to similar monsters & animals from the Monster World IV & WayForward Shantae games (Pepelogoo transformation for example).

She could also buy costumes similar to the characters in Monster World IV & Shantae games (Asha & Shantae costumes for example).

Alan on :

Pretty cute how the snake is an unclothed little guy compared to the other heroes, but by the expression in his eyes, doesn't think of himself as any less powerful. ;-)

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