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First Gameplay Video - Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Followers, we're so happy to finally present you the first official Gameplay Video of Monster Boy! Thank you for all your patience while we're still working on the game. Oh what a year it was! We've made a lot of progress on the game but as you know we couldn't make it in 2015 as we want the best possible quality for you. We hope you enjoy the gameplay snippets that you can see in the video and we're so looking forward to 2016! The year in which we can finally release the game to you and have fun together!

We're planning to begin our marketing activities early 2016 - any help and support is greatly appreciated and needed! Please recommend it to your friends and make some noise! Thank you so much!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and A Healthy Happy New Year 2016. #Love
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All OST Talents revealed

Today we would like to reveal all music talents that work on Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom. We are very happy about the incredible talents who joined our project. They are doing an outstanding job to fill your and our hearts with joy while playing the game and listen to its beautiful soundtrack.

BIG THANKS TO: Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi, Takeshi Yanagawa and Haruka Shimotsuki!

Furthermore we would like to take the chance to recommend a recent Interview that was made with the Monster Boy producer on SEGA-16. Please support the site and spread the word! Thank you!


A great site, please support it and check out the Monster Boy Interview

Last but not least: Expect a gameplay video in December - we will post it before leaving for Christmas vacation. Please stay tuned!

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Oh boy...that door. Must enter!

What a beautiful day to explore temples! We can't reveal what's inside..but how about listening to a music preview of this area ? :-)

The game is really shaping up but there's so much work left to do. We hope to show you a gameplay video the next time. pressing up to enter for now - it's just a screenshot ^^

OST Sample
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Holy smokes, he's doing it again!

The team is working on many details which also includes improving the animation of the characters. We heard some people ask to let the pig-man IDLE smoke so here we are, he's doing it again ! :-)

ESRB rating category just went up..

You certainly remember where it all started :-)

be careful...smoking changes your skin tone
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Monster Boy arrives 2016, new subtitle, new screen!

Sorry friends, we won't make it in 2015. :/ Monster Boy needs more time and we agreed to give it the polishing it deserves. This means the release has to move to 2016.

Here's a new screenshot from the game. What a spooky place!

Woah - that skeleton looks dangerous. Let's go slowly from here...

We target Q1 2016 now and the team is working hard on creating the game we all want to play so badly. It will be great!

We also changed the subtitle. After much criticism on our previous choice 'Wizard of Booze'. The games subtitle is now 'Cursed Kingdom'. It fits nicely and we hope this is something more convenient for everybody :-)

What do you think?
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Snake Peek - working on the FMV Intro

The animation team is working day and night to make a cool FMV intro for us! We believe they do a remarkable job. Thanks @Marco and team! :-)

Oh my - this is one interesting hole in the wall! Want to explore ?

This part of the intro gives us an idea of how the snake mechanics work. Once we obtain the ability to transform to a snake we can check out what's inside. So exciting - and every explorers dream-come-true, right? :-)
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Yuzo Koshiro joins the team!

We're so happy to be able to work on a cool project like Monster Boy but things are getting surreal now: Yuzo Koshiro and two of his friends (to be revealed later) have joined the team and will contribute music to it! Wow...O.o - We always wanted to work with great musicians from Japan and we couldn't be more proud and happy about it.

Yuzo Koshiro is famous for his awesome soundtracks in many videogame classics like the Ys Series, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Actraiser and many more.

Yuzo Koshiro photo - grabbed from a great documentary about Japanese Musicians. Click image to watch.

We highly recommend watching this fantastic documentary about the history of Japanese Videogame Music:
Diggin' in the Carts - The Rise of Videogame Music

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Work in progress - 2 new screenshots

There's still a lot of work to do - details, quests, levels etc. but we're making good overall progress and thought we'd share 2 new screens today. Please note that this is not final -WIP-

We just hit the big red crab with our sword, took 3 damage. Oh the beach is full of them!

Uh oh - where to go now ?

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New Look: Human form gets an update

We've updated the main character sprite (human form). While working on the game we always try to improve things and we received several opinions about the human form of Monster Boy. We believe this new design looks better so we updated our game assets accordingly.

new version with updated eyes and hair

the old sprite

Do you like it ?

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Behind the scenes: FMV cutscenes

While Game Atelier works on the game, there's also an external animation team preparing cool FMV cutscenes for Monster Boy.
Marco Nguyen at work with his colleague Bertrand Piocelle

The first work process is to create a rough animatic (b/w preview animation) to define the tempo of the movie. It allows the audio team to start working on the music and more. It also gives a great impression of all scenes so we can discuss details and approve them right away before production. The production time of the cutscenes alone is almost half a year.
One frame of the intro animatic - something surprises our hero...

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Wonder Banjo Boy

Today we'd like to introduce you the guy with magical banjo skills: Banjo Guy Ollie!

When we began to think about how we could properly introduce Monster Boy to the public, we didn't even know this amazing person yet. One day, we browsed the various YouTube retro channels and stumbled across his banjo arrange of the Wonder Boy 3 town music. It was beautiful! Hand-made from a great fan of the legendary series and executed like the track was always meant to be played on a banjo.

We contacted him about our project and he immediately agreed to join us. We are very happy about how it turned out - announcing a game without talking a lot and just enjoying some music to rekindle the golden age of videogames. The video expresses exactly how we feel about the chance of reviving a legendary game series. It's so much fun!


Ollie just uploaded a new track for everyone to enjoy! It's an arrange of 'The Last Dungeon' track of Dragon's Trap. We know it's one of the most popular Wonder Boy III tracks and you'll hear it in one way or another in Monster Boy too. ;-)

Please check out his YouTube channel: Banjo Guy Ollie YouTube Channel
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New Screenshot - Frog-man with nice equipment

The frog transformation allowed us to reach this special place in the game and we found a chest!

frog with a nice view

Another detail you can see in this image is that the equipment is visible right on the character sprite and it will change in realtime. It will be really cool when you discover a new weapon, armor or shield.

As for the game progress: we're planning to finish the game towards Q3/Q4 of this year and the team is working hard to make it an amazing experience for fans of the legendary series and new players who never got the chance to try a classic Wonder Boy in Monster World game.
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Hello (Monster) World! :)

Welcome to the Monster Boy Development Blog

We're excited about the opportunity to be part of a legendary game series and to work with Ryuichi Nishizawa, the creator who started it all. From time to time we'll share news and insight about the development of Monster Boy - And The Wizard Of Booze! We enabled comments on this blog so feel free to share your thoughts with us. Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned.

Monsterboy - And The Wizard Of Booze - 2015 - Artwork
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