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Welcome to the new Monster World Village

Dear lovely Monster Boy family members,

just as promised we're increasing the blog post frequency and today we prove it! :-) Last time we gave insight to a completely remade Volcano area, this time we get to a more cozy place: Monster World Village. We completely reworked the graphics, please check out this before/after comparison screen:

The Inn is a truly cozy place - the first place to visit after a tough time in dangerous places.

On the left is the old Inn, which looks nice but not refined enough to meet todays standards. The right side shows the new quality level which we aim to reach in all areas of the game. With 4 years in production, we don't want to have any drawbacks and finish the game properly so it can shine and impress.

Here's the old village screenshot in full size:
The amount of details isn't up to our new standards

This is the new village screenshot in full size:
So beautiful, we just want to stand here and enjoy the atmosphere. So much depth and many details!

Will you take the time to stroll through the whole village when you visit it the first time? Please do so and enjoy every inch of the artwork we make for you, dearest friends! Please stay tuned for more news in the future :-)
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Deric Torres on :

It have a deep looking and more dimentional feeling, great job!

Chris Dwyer on :

Beautiful, awesome work! I can't wait for the game to come out on Switch. :-)

Régis on :

Bonjour votre jeu à l'air vraiment génial il me tarde de pouvoir l'essayer !!!!

Logbomb on :

Wow, looks amazing. Real depth for a 2D game.

Miguel Vidaure on :

As someone who has played the old builds and the revamped version, I can say that the visual improvements are worth the extra wait for this game! The new level of detail is much more apparent while you're exploring the town, making it a very charming place. : )

Shion on :

Don't forget Ps Vita!!! Thanks

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! :-)

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you! It looks stunning on the Switch Display. Must have on Switch :-)

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! Very proud of the artists who're doing a great job refining the whole game. Glad y'all like it.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Miguel! @All: This is our writer so if you read any NPC dialogues, Miguel wrote them. Fun stuff Miguel :-)

FDG,Thomas on :

Unfortunately I highly doubt the game will release on Vita, with the ongoing delay and the rise of Nintendo Switch. The market for Vita is very tiny now and it would be a huge effort to get it working on Vita because the game requires a lot of memory.

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour, c'est une pure merveille ! On a l'impression de passer d'une version 16 bit à une version HD. Le retard pris vaut largement l'attente, bravo à tous. Dans combien de temps environ allez-vous présenter la dernière version pour la presse ? Merci



Shion on :

Then farewell Monster boy for me!

Fabien @ Game Atelier on :

Merci pour le commentaire!
La presse pourra mettre les mains sur la nouvelle démo de Monster Boy cet été lors des prochaines Gaming Expo et Gamescom.

Spidey981 on :

Merci Fabien pour votre réponse, j'ai hâte de voir des vidéos de la dernière version. Thomas disait que des infos tomberont plus souvent , peut on espérer environ tout les huit jours ou était ce exceptionnel deux news coup sur coup?

jako on :

à quand une sortie sur consoles ? c'est trop loooong après 4 ans développement

vlzvl on :

Great job, you effectively getting more and more deattached from what made Wonderboy great, which is shown in the first image.
Buy who am it... please continue, you'd find out really quickly how's gonna be to mess with a franchise instead of sticking in to it

FDG, Thomas on :

How about contributing examples and more detailed feedback ? The blogs purpose is to give insight into development and share it. No reason to be salty and on the contrary - a great opportunity to post constructive feedback.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you Alfredo! ^_^

João Carlos on :

I have been following the development of the game from the day it was announced and the improvements in the lastest screenshots has been amazing! You guys plan on do that improvements on the characters as well? I am really looking forward to play it on my Xbox One day one! :-)

Miguel on :

Hi guys, great job! Its ok to spend a little more time in a game if the result is a much better experience, now 2d games looks and feel like real cartoons, I bet you saw WonderBoy III The Dragon´s Trap remake and felt inspired to add more, Its amazing what they did with the graphics considering they used the same hit boxes and everything.
I´ve been following your game since it was announced because Im a huge Monster Land fan, but also Im a musician so I know time justifies the waiting to make a better product, anyway best of luck to you guys.
P.D.:Please add a Hard Mode if you can.

Isaac Vazquez III on :

Wonderful aesthetic graphics changes, a sea change in quality! After the release of the WonderBoy remake this game seems to surpass in all possible aspects. In reference to your last post please add as many secrets and hidden places as possible. Keep up the wonderful work.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Joäo! Thank you very much! We already improved some animations of the characters but overall they blend well already. We're planning to improve the details of the carried equipment (shield, armor, etc.).


FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot Miguel! Yes of course we also tremendously enjoyed playing the remake of The Dragon's Trap and felt that we should crank our graphics some more too. I'd like to add that it's actually a more difficult process in Monster Boy because the game is multiple times bigger and the interactions with level and enemies is more dynamic than in the remake of Wonder Boy III. This requires us to use other technique that's very time consuming while still being able to create dynamic levels.


FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks so much, Isaac! Yes promised, we'll add a nice amount of secrets to discover in the game.

Wonder Boy Fan on :

Hello everyone, in the previous post it is announced that we will have info more often and you have not lied because there are only 8 days between two news. Can we hope for development info about every week? thank you

long on :


long on :


João Carlos on :

That's nice to hear! The game will turn out to be better than I expected if you guys keep up like this. Another quickly question: do you guys have any Alpha/Beta testers? I have a YouTube channel that is focused on Retro and Indie games, so I wonder if you guys are accepting this in exchange of some videos on the channel. We really love the Wonder Boy series here in Brazil but not many people heard about Monster Boy yet.

locomotive on :

About the difficulty
is it that you get more damage when you got hit
or are there more monsters added to defeat
And when is there a release date this year or the next
and are there physical copies planned and if yes for what systems
Great to see a complete new game instead of a remake that was also great but not new anymore

Justine on :

Hallo zusammen :-)

da ich kein Englisch kann schreibe ich Deutsch, ich muss ein riesen Dankeschön an die Entwickler aussprechen, ein Traum wird wahr ,mein letztes Wonderboy war auf den Sega mein lieblings RPG .. da war ich damals noch sehr jung ^^

es freut mich dass endlich ich und all die fans die Wonderboy so lieben sich wieder in die Welt begeben können,

die Artworks sind mit viel liebe zum Detail gestaltet worden,

(ich hoffe das Spiel ist nicht all zu kurz wird )

und wenn es dann mal heraus kommt die Fanbase so riesig sein wird, dass es nicht das letzte Wonderboy sein wird.. vielleicht in 3D ? :-)

denn diese reihe darf nicht sterben, damit verbinde ich meine kindheit und die schönsten Erinnerungen trotz dass ich im Spiel kein Wort verstanden hatte..

den mich hat mich die Welt, die Figuren die Musik und Das Gameplay mit den geheimen Türen dazu animiert in jeden sprite nach einer türe zu suchen und das spiel zu lieben ^^

ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg und viel Freude und Herzblut ich bin mir sicher ihr werdet später belohnt werden, ich wünsche euch nur das beste für dieses spiel, und das Team

viele Grüße aus Stuttgart


Neddy on :

Can't wait to play this with my son, I'll play the ps4 version and he can play the switch version. I see fun times ahead, oh and I'll definately pick up a physical copy if you guys are keen. Keep up the good work

FDG, Thomas on :

Yes, the game will also have Simplified Chinese language option!

FDG, Thomas on :

That's right, we'll have more news very soon. Please stay tuned.

FDG, Thomas on :

To be honest, we can't spend a lot of time with Hard Mode development so we decided to crank up Hard-Mode difficulty by getting more damage. This allows us to spend the most time on making an interesting game for everyone.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hallo Justine, vielen Dank für deine Begeisterung rund um unser Monster Boy Projekt und die Monster World Serie. Das Spiel wird ganz sicher nicht zu kurz. Es wird ein richtig episches Spielerlebnis mit vielen Ideen und sehr viel Abwechslung. Wir sind da ganz bei dir: Monster World darf als Serie nicht sterben und deshalb geben wir alles um jeden Spieler, sowohl Kenner als auch Neulinge zu begeistern. Monster Boy ist aufjedenfalls so ausgelegt dass es fortgeführt werden kann wenn sich das Spiel einer gewissen Beliebtheit erfreuen sollte. Daumen drücken! Liebe Grüße nach Stuttgart!

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Neddy, thank you very much! That's going to be a great experience with you and your son playing together. It will be interesting to see who solves certain areas first. :-) cheers!

Miguel on :

It can be more damage or the sand clock like the WB Dragon´s Trap remake, that would be more than fine.
The sand clock makes everything more precise and puts pressure on the player, like the movie Crank, I like that one but thats my 2 cents.

David H on :

Just curious, is this game coming out by the end of the year, or is that not known yet?

Matthew Barrett on :

To David. Very early this year Thomas did make a promise to release this game sometime this year. So yes I have faith in him that he can release it before the end of the year as there is still 6 months to go. A lot of sites are saying it will be released between the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year. Now that hes updating the blog each month I think well get updated news on this towards the end of the year so October....

FDG, Thomas on :

Sorry but we don't have a release window to announce yet.

Joshua Smythe on :

Monsterworld is my favourite series and despite my good will I was a little worried about the aesthetic. I'm happy to say that this looks gorgeous. Your experience here has been so valuable and I'm glad what you have learned from this project... has made it into this project! Monsterboy looks lush, I'm anticipating it all the more!

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you Joshua! I'm glad to hear you enjoy the new look of the game ^_^

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