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Let's play the new Monster Boy (2017) demo!

Dear Monster Boy fans and friends,

what an exciting time! We're currently at Gamescom in Cologne, showing our latest demo of Monster Boy on the Nintendo Switch! If you're in Germany and read this post until August 26, please visit us at the Nintendo booth in hall 9.1. We're truly humbled and overwhelmed by the awesome feedback from gamers who played the demo so far. Thank you so much to everyone!

It's a relief to hear you're all enjoying this game which is in production for almost 4 years now. We'll keep pouring all our love into this official sequel to the Wonder Boy in Monster World series as we want to make the best game possible for all of you.

If you can't attend Gamescom or read this post a little late, we've got a treat for you. Our friend BanjoGuyOllie who's also a big fan of the series, got his hands on the demo and recorded his session on video. Please check it out here:

In the video you'll get to see the full length beach section, a short piece of sewers, the village, a whole frog character based section in a segment we call Aztec World AND BanjoGuyOllie as an NPC in the game who even has a quest for players: Find his music sheets!

Some of you may wonder how he got into the game - this goes back to the very first announcement of the game in 2015! He played a wonderful banjo tune based on the Wonder Boy series and got the excitement for Monster Boy started. We didn't have any proper ingame material to show at this time so he was of great help to send out a warm message to the fans. We couldn't think of a better way to announce a new game based on this epic game series. Thank you Ollie, thank you fans and friends! <3

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Joey on :

What a lovely way to honour one of your fans - such a lovely token of appreciation that they, and everyone else, can enjoy!
Eagerly looking forward to a release date!! :-D
Joey :-)

Spidey981 on :

Merci d'avoir partagé cette video et merci à Banjo Guy Ollie d'avoir enregistré sa session. J'ai hâte d'essayer ce jeu, je croise les doigts pour vous voir à la PGW, je prendrai mon billet exclusivement pour pouvoir essayer Monster Boy. La video est incroyable, la plage est absolument paradisiaque hormis les crabes et les piranhas géants :-) . Le village est vraiment accueillant, chaleureux et rempli de détails , quant au monde Aztec la végétation est luxuriante, quand je compare avec les anciennes vidéos je dis : " Wow " ! C'est absolument hallucinant le travail effectué sur les décors et tout les " petits " détails . Bref, encore merci à toutes les équipes de Game Atelier et FDG pour ce travail fabuleux.

Spidey981 on :

Je voulais aussi féliciter les animateurs Ulysse Malassagne, Marco Nguyen et Bertrand Piocelle pour la cutscene. Elle est vraiment cool et ils ont fais un super boulot. Je la regarde en boucle :-)

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981,
Merci beaucoup pour ces commentaires enjoués! Toute l'équipe est vraiment ravie de lire que le travail accompli en valait la peine.
Pour la PGW on vous tiendra au courant dès que possible mais on a hâte de pouvoir vous présenter cette nouvelle version de la démo sur cet énorme salon parisien.
A très bientôt,
Fabien et l'équipe Game Atelier

Alfredo Rodriguez on :

What a glorious masterpiece The wait to play this game is excruciating But I'm hoping you guys have physical copies for everyone not just limited run games Well I'll definitely be picking up a PS4 version of the game anyway Congratulations Thomas and everyone at FDG games I can truly see the love that you put in this game the graphics update is incredible.

Mark Clotworthy on :

Hey, I just saw a little bit of the demo, thank you for that!
I will stopped it after 5 minutes because I don't want to spoil it for me! I cannot WAIT for this game, looks amazing, similar to Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap which is my favorite platform games of all time.
Just one thing I am concerned about.. the saving. I saw some check points in the demo, does that mean that we will not be able to save the game when we want to?
If we can't save when we want to, it's not a game breaker; it will just force me to play more carefully hehe :-P

Mark Clotworthy on :

Just want to make a comment about people asking for physical copies. I have just one question. Why??!?

DVD Rom is the slowest hardware to use now. It takes so long to install; and if there are multiple disks you need to keep waiting and changing discs over and over.

Guys we are living in the digital age now. Cmon, get with the program lol.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot Alfredo! We're still trying to find a good solution for a physical release and hope to be able to announce something soon. Please keep your fingers crossed.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback! I also saw your comment on YouTube - I'll share the same reply here in the blog: The game will automatically save in the village, checkpoints and treasure chests. You won't need to save manually, the game knows the best locations to save and will do so. Worry free.

FDG,Thomas on :

Digital is definitely very convenient, but there's still a lot of passionate collectors out there who prefer a tangible product like a box, disc/cartridge, manual etc. We hope to find some way for both types of gamers.

Alfredo Rodriguez on :

PS4 uses Blu-ray disc I think you're little confused about DVD-ROMs Furthermore I'm a gamer over 30 years and I like to buy physical games – millions of people like me Kills me about your new generation is you don't understand a digital copy es really A glorified long period Rental The game is yours as long as the servers are still available.

Mark Clotworthy on :

But I am 38 years old ~ from the older generation like you bro.

I was once like you; I much preferred physical copies; it felt great to have something in your hand.

But I have moved on. And I have experienced some painful installation processes with DVD; especially when some discs have been corrupted lol.

And Blu Ray is slower than DVD anyway...
But at least with Blu Ray it all fits on one disc, and you can start the install, and come back later to find it done.

But nowadays we have fibre, and if that is the case for someone, they can easily download and install a 50GB+ game much quicker than installing from Blu Ray.

Aidan Clarke on :

Since when is blue ray slower than dvd?
cd @ 1x speed = 0.15 megabytes per second
dvd @ 1x speed = 1.32 megabytes per second
blue ray @ 1x speed = 4.29 megabytes per second

ps4 blue rays do 27megabytes per second
fastest dvd drives on market are 24 speed for pc = same megabytes per second (basically) as the ps4 blue ray
fastest blue ray drives on pc however is 12 speed drives, double the transfer speed of the fastest dvd's

yes digital is faster than all this if you have a good setup, but not by much (at least to download) once you have it on our hdd however a lot of SSD's can move it from one drive to another very very quickly (800MB/sec +)

Fred on :

Bonjour à toute l'équipe, et aux fans qui attendent ce jeu ;-)

Bien sympathique cette nouvelle mise à jour du jeu, on voit bien le travail accompli et la multitude de détails ajoutés dans les stages, les décors etc... Notemment dans celui du village avec ses nombreux Parallax Scrolling superbe !

Merci à tous pour les questions et réponses qui nous font attendre patiemment la sortie du jeu :-)

alemurillo on :

Beautiful, I loved all, I felt nostalgic, this reminds me of my childhood ... the music, the art style and I loved the final anime with the jpop music. I need this game, the perfect wonder boy successor xD

pd. What is the name of the jpop song and the artist?

Alfredo Rodriguez on :

Then that's the problem it sounds like you got crappy InternetI never have to wait long to install any game I have over 200 Internet speed I respect your opinion but Cant talk for everyone else There will always be people who like physical copies of games And does that like digital copies of games That's not gonna change anytime soon as long as there's a market for physical games companies will continue to make them Don't be rude and tell people to get with the program because you may like digital copies of a game What you like is different from what other people like And this is how you spell laugh out loud not like this lol You claim your 38 years old you sound like youre 3 yearsold

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you very much, I'm glad to hear you liked it. The jpop song is composed by Motoi Sakuraba, singer is Haruka Shimotsuki. It's specifically made for Monster Boy.

Spidey981 on :

About this jpop, is it possible to have the lyrics and translation please ? I would like to know what the song tells. Thank you

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Spidey, unfortunately this blog software doesn't support Japanese, I tried to paste the lyrics in here. There's no english translation available yet, but I google translated it for you. You get the idea ;-)

"Wake Up Mind"
Lyrics: Haruka Shimotsuki
Work arranging: Sakuraba
Beyond the horizon far beyond
What kind of road is going on?
In a corner of a wide world
I embrace an endless dream

Friendly knowing my limit
To give up is a thing that a weak adult does

Wake Up! Let's go on a trip
If there is a strong feeling
We can be anything
Even if you can not get over the high wall in front of you
It may be easy to break down

I am waiting for a colorful future
Grab the glow with the heart you believe

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Fred,

Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire, on est vraiment ravis de lire que cette nouvelle version vous plaît.
Et merci pour votre patience car notre équipe met le paquet pour que tout le jeu soit à la hauteur de vos espérances.

A très bientôt !

Spidey981 on :

Thank you so much Thomas. Its just a Google translation but i understand the song. I hope one day a real english translation. I really love this song. Thank you again

alemurillo on :

Really nice, thank you so much xD

matthew barrett on :

hey Mark its nice to have another boy in their 30s but the thing is im not used to digital all the time on games and i have games back to PS2 as there were WAY more games like platformers and action rpgs to buy and play. thats not necessary true though cuz if this game does get physical copies im sure itll be just one cd/dvd anyways no installing required thats only for digital copies.

mdr on :

Wahhouuuuu sorti mondial en 2050 !!!!
Ptdr le j'aurais 100 ans avant que le jeu sort !!!!!

Charlie Ward on :

When is the release date, I simply cannot wait for this game.

Matthew Barrett on :

To mdr no it won't be released in 2050 the reason it's taking a little longer is because they've nearly finished the game then they just need a distributor to bring to all the consoles. It will be released early next year and since thus year is nearly over its not too long to wait. Also FDG I am very impressed with the demo but don't show too much I want it to be a surprise

Azur on :

Magnifique ! :-)

Je voudrais streamer Monster Boy sur Twitch day one. :-)
Il y a une version presse/Twitch prévue ?
Merci pour tout le travail accompli !

James on :

I loved Wonder Boy in Monster World more than anything I've ever played even up to today! The latest Wonder Boy on PS4 looks great but lacks a lot of the style seen in WBiMW whereas this game looks to have translated the look and feel of those games so much better!

I'm so excited to finally play this! It's been a long wait but I know it will be worth it :-) Is it only going to be limited to the Switch though?
The Switch does seem a decent choice, they have many more light hearted games, but personally I would definitely wait for a PS4 port.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi James, I'm happy to read you like the project so far! Don't worry about the PS4, it will lauch on the same day as the Switch version. Also Xbox One.

Spidey981 on :

Salut tout les Monster
Game Atelier recherche un programmeur pour les aider à finir ce petit bijou. Si l'un de vous est intéressé merci de les contacter. Annonce très sérieuse.

Andrew Dewilev on :

I am getting worried you will never publish this game.... Now it is way way too long and you don't have even release date... :-( too bad i was planning to play this game....


I'm predicting the game will be available second quarter of 2018If the game is not released by that period then you might be looking at the holiday of 2018.

Max Team on :

first of all, congratulations for the work done so far.
I have one suggestion since you want to pay a tribute to the classic series of Wonder Boy games.
During the demo it is possibl to see a sort of church which windows have drawing of the heroes from the original series: Tom-Tom (form the original Wonder Boy), Bock Lee Temjin (with his outfit from "The Dradong's Trap Artwork), Shion (from "Wonder Boy in Monster World) and Asha (from "Monster World IV").
What about Leo from Monster's Lair? He is an official part of "Wonder Boy" lore and he should be placed between Bock Lee Temjin and Shion (in order to follow the chronological order of the events told in the game). Monster's Lair hav its own continuity with Monster's Land and the Drag0ns Trap since the final boss was a monster posing as Bock Lee Temjin. It has continuity even with Wonder Boy in Monster WOrd since some enemies "born" with this game where reused again in the following chapters (like the penguins).
I believe you siply forgot: if you can ou should add him along with the others!!!
Then somebody can argue another prolem about Tom-Tom and Bock Lee Temjin being the same character. THis is debatable since the sources are vague or contradoctory and the american version of the games manual addes so much confusion (as it happened in old days). By the way, even if they are the same character or not I agree into portraying him in both his incarnations since they where so different.
I can't wait to play the game!

matthew barrett on :

to Alfredo

the thing is a LOT of people wont want to and shouldnt have to wait that long it was meant to be released this year thats what was meant to happen. i now feel like i have wasted one year of my life waiting for this game. it really should not be taking this long and if developers say a year they need to stick to it. its not fair waiting year after year after year they obviously have forgotten how long year is it feels like several years, on top of that FDG promised us all that would be posting a lot more frequently like every month and its nearly the end of
September an there has been nothing. it almost feels like there pissing us all off on purpose im sick of this when is it out TBD 2017/2018

matthew barrett on :

i mean if it was DEFINITELY without delays released early 2018 so January/ February i would understand instead of having to wait another whole year

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à toute l'équipe.
Je sais que vous travaillez tous d'arrache pied pour finir ce petit joyaux. Je peu encore attendre la date de sortie mais en ce qui me concerne quatre semaines sans news ça fais long. Pouvez-vous poster des nouvelles captures d'écran comparatives, un trailer, une info sur la PGW ou tout autre chose. Mais s'il vous plaît un petit truc à se mettre sous la dent. Il me faut ma dose d'info sur la progression :-) . Un grand merci à vous

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Max, thank you for the kind feedback about the church and it's stained glass hero portraits! Sorry for not including all relevant heroes - we love Monster Lair! There's some additional feature connected to the presented heroes which we don't reveal yet - please look forward to the game :-)

FDG,Thomas on :

Sorry to keep you waiting but rest assured we don't do this to 'piss you off' - it's the opposite and we put a lot of work to meet your rightfully high expectations, especially after the long wait. Time is passing way too fast especially while working on this game project that we love so much. We put all the possible care into it and sometimes we can't keep up with up with our web presence like the blog. Just recently we updated our homepage and we had a lot of additional design work for the game. With the long production time we have to update all graphics to keep up with the expectations of a new 2018 game. I understand that you think this is a small game and we 'just' update the graphics. But this game is huge and you just saw the tip of the iceberg so far.

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour Spidey981,
En effet on travaille vraiment dur pour finir Monster Boy et on comprend combien l'attente peut s'avérer longue pour les fans de la série. Du coup pour optimiser notre temps de travail et se concentrer à 100% au développement du jeu, on préfère mettre de côté les posts sur ce blog et nous ne serons malheureusement pas de la partie pendant la PGW. Ce temps et cette énergie seront certainement mieux utilisés pour vous livrer le "joyau" que vous attendez tant, plutôt qu'une poignée de screenshots ou une énième démo qui seront très vite obsolètes.
Bref merci de votre patience et à bientôt dès qu'on aura des jolies choses à vous montrer.

Spidey981 on :

Merci pour la réponse Fabien. Je suis un peu triste que vous ne serez pas présent à la PGW, j'aurai vraiment aimé discuter du jeu avec vous . Je suis jaloux de nos voisins Allemand qui ont pu tester la dernière version lors de la Gamescom, ils ont beaucoup de chance. Je vais attendre bien sagement le prochain post sur ce blog. Est ce que la prochaine fois il serait possible de poster quelques artwork de Jin, Zeke ou des transformations. Merci, vivement 2018

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous.

Fin août j'avais demandé s'il été possible d'avoir les paroles de la jpop interprétée par Haruka Shimotsuki. Thomas de chez FDG m'avais gentiment répondu en me disant que le blog ne supporte pas les caractères japonais et avais traduit par Google traduction. Évidemment ça reste très approximatif. J'aimerai savoir si il est possible d'avoir un lien avec les lyrics en japonais, l'un de mes anciens collègues le parle couramment et il pourrait me rendre ce service. Je siffle cette musique tout les jours et j'ai vraiment envie de savoir de quoi elle parle. Un grand merci

matthew barrett on :

so do you mean Thomas that even though you said it would wont this game be released in 2018 either? :-(

matthew barrett on :

i want to say this though. you should at least choose a year to release the game and keep your promise. and then you wont have to keep updating the graphics every year. theres some good advice so you told me its definitely next year so just keep your promise to me and everyone else too

Jon on :

Any chance of an update?

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981,

Les paroles de l'intro de Monster Boy en version originale sont disponibles ici:

A bientôt,

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Matthew,
we definitely plan to release the game in 2018. There's currently over 20 people working on Monster Boy and the project would become too expensive if we need more time than that. We don't want to run out of money :p so fingers crossed we finish it soon! Please stay tuned until we can say a definite release window.

all the best

FDG,Thomas on :

There's not many graphics updates going on, just one big real proper rework of the whole game and there's more to it than just the scenes we showed in the demo so far. On top of that we also work on an improved design of the characters. We'll post a preview and additional information on the blog very soon.

FDG,Thomas on :

We'll post a new blog update soon. Please stay tuned!

MENTD on :

WOW! The animation is incredible!
I've been following this since the beginning.
What are the chances that the public might get a demo?
It has been soooooo long! Please throw us a bone!

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